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Dr Vie Joelle Numainville Linda Jackson Team TIBCO Montreal USA 2011

28 Jan 2011 Team TIBCO/To the Top will be joining forces with Dr. Vie Superfoods for the 2011 season. The Montreal, Quebec-based Dr. Vie Superfoods is a family corporation started in 2005 following the recovery of Mother Vie (Chair Woman) from breast cancer. The Corporation’s research and development facility, manufacturing plant, wellness and community programs are focused on health and happiness around the planet. The company’s full product line is all natural and made from vegan recipes.

“I am thrilled to be working with Dr. Vie Superfoods,” said Team TIBCO Founder and Director Linda Jackson. “Dr. Vie bars are the perfect energy food – before, during and after training and racing. But just as important as the nutritional quality of the products is our shared mission: to encourage the youth of today to achieve their full potential in life. Our new junior team is a perfect fit with Dr. Vie’s program. By sharing nutritional guidance with this generation, we hope to make a dent in the frightening trend towards obesity in North America.”  Ms. Jackson is a former Canadian Investment banker and former Canadian olympian who resides in San Francisco where she founded the Womens Cycling Team.

For company founder and namesake, Dr. Vie, the relationship with Team TIBCO is a natural extension of her own philosophy.

“Our Corporate mission is simple – to optimize sustainable health and happiness on our planet. Our focus on children and women is at the core of our mission. When I met Linda, I immediately realized that our values were closely interwoven. Together we can come closer to our common hope for health and happiness, one powerful step at a time.”

Two of Team TIBCO’s incoming riders already have relationships with Dr. Vie Superfoods: former U.S. Time Trial Champion Alison Powers and 2010 Commonwealth Games Time Trial and track World Champion Tara Whitten (gold medal win 22 Jan 2011 in Beijing).  “We are thrilled that three of the women are Canadian. Tara Whitten from Calgary, Erinne Willock from Vancouver and of course Joelle Numainville (Canadian road cycling champion 2010) right here in Montreal,” says Dr. Vie.

“I am honoured to participate in the lives of our amazing athletes, coaches and role models,” Dr. Vie said. “The Team TIBCO riders are excellent. On behalf of Mother Vie and Dr. Vie Superfoods, I wish our new team the very best in all that they do.”

Dr. Vie will have the opportunity to work with nearly 50 women among the three-team TIBCO family: Team TIBCO, the UCI racing team; Team TIBCO II, the San Francisco-based racing team; and the Team TIBCO Juniors.

“We know that every one of them will serve as fantastic ambassadors of health and fitness,” Jackson said.

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