If you missed out on all the adventures thus far, then click here and access the three adventures in the Book Adventure now.

Now worries, we will be waiting for you right here. So let your fingers do the clicking.


Now, for those Adventurers who have been on track, and successfully gone through the three adventures, and retrieved the three Gifts, bravo.

For you have also been entered into the luck pot, where each week, one lucky adventurer will win the book Taming The Female Impostor.

Only because you have become a great Adventurer, a secret door has opened to reveal a hidden Gift. Exclusively for you,  Key To The Book of Secrets- read by Dr. Vie herself .

The time as come for your to enter the most secret of all rooms, in the Early Bird Book Adventure, for the shocking book- Taming the Female Impostor- Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity.

Get ready to take your mind to the next level!



As we patiently await the launch of the shocking book, let dabble with a few more adventures.

What’s the use of delving into your Life Profile and knowing your Life Scale if you cannot use it on the world right!

Ready to use the Life Scale for real life stories?


Get ready to share some stories for the WHO, DoYou Think You Are?  show or pose a question?

Your story will be shared and all fellow adventurers will rank the situation on the Life Scale!

If your special story is selected, you get a chance to be interviewed live on the show, and you get another Special Gift!



What other adventurers do we have while we patiently wait on the release of the shocking book Taming The Female Impostor?

Learn more about the three levels of training that we have for the great adventure of life.

Click here to learn more about the Beginning the Adventure of Life, Intermediary Exploration of Life, andAdvanced Uncovering of Life.


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