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Happy New Year! Holiday time can be hectic. How do we survive emotionally & physically and spiritually amid pressure to please loved ones & desire to fulfill personal needs? How do we set our 2013 goals? What can we do to achieve great levels of energy, enthusiasm & activity in 2013?

 2012 has come and gone and 2013 is now here. Do you realize that you will never ever experience the year 2012 again? Do you realize that only a handful of people around our planet will experience another year 12 in their lifetime (when they live beyond a 100 years into 2112)? Yes, hard reality that many of us do not consider. Every moment of our lives is important – and creates memories for our aging years.

During the holiday period especially at the end of a year we typically take time off our routine work to spend with family, friends or loved ones.  For many folks it is also a stressful period as there is the additional stress of socializing with people whom they have not spent much time with during the year. So how do you emerge from the holidays feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and highly motivated about the new year?

Mmmm… does take some additional strategies – making time for your loved ones while enjoying the activities that you want to partake in is crucial for survival during the festive season.  For me, being in South Africa – I have enjoyed time with my loved ones, reached compromises with with friends & managed to revel in the activities that I cherish, like rain forest runs, mountain adventures and new discoveries.

So what do you wish for in 2013? Why not make this a year to remember? A year when you make your dreams a reality? Why not? You can do whatever you set your heart to. We as humans have the incredible power of our amazing brains to choose the path that we want to traverse. Yes, it can be an adventurous & challenging course, but if you truly want to live your dream, you must be prepared to take on FREEDOM in its entirety.

For with FREEDOM you are in the driver’s seat. You can opt to turn left or right. You can opt to stop, slow down, speed up, reverse or reach your destination.  Instead of being afraid of what others will think or say, or being afraid of the unknown, why not be bold and let your passion be your source of energy?

Last year, 2012, I decided to drive across Canada on my own in my new jeep. So I set my heart into it, and plunged headlong into an amazing adventure. 5000 km on my own. 8 days of incredible encounters, new relationships and memorable times. When I reached a destination I booked the next hotel room and so on until I arrived across the country. Then I helter skeltered across the country again to arrive in London to be with my athletes at the London 2012 Olympics. Thank goodness, for the girls won the bronze medal!


So for me life is an adventure. We try things, we experience things, we discover the world and all the while learning about who we really are. For at the end of the day, when we fall off to sleep, wherever it is in the world, whether it is on a comfy bed or out in the wilderness with only the night sky as our roof, we sleep alone, we dream alone with our innermost soul and the power of nature as our only companions.

So why not be bold this 2013 and discover who you really are? What would make you happy? What do you dream about? Why just dream about it? Plan out how to make it your life this year.

You can do it my dear, you can be anything that you want to be if you put your heart and soul into it.

So I would love to hear about your plans for living your dream this 2013.

Remember to pen down your New Year Resolutions for making your dream a part of you waking life.

With love,


Dr. Vie