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As 2014 rolls to a close, we inevitably take a count of our accomplishments. Have we improved our own lives? Have we helped others? Have we supported our home, Planet Earth? Is the man-made world a better place for humans to live in? What will 2015 bring? Of course it depends on what we do as the New Year arrives. Every thought, every word and every action carves our future and shapes the future of our precious world. What do you have planned?  Let me summarize my African journey, that started off with African inspirational events as this year draws to a close and a new one awaits.


Dr. Vie’s African Self Development Workshops

African Youth Scene:

A set of higher income kids joined kids from modest to lower income families during a youth gathering in Africa. The aim of the gathering was to stimulate critical thinking, and self-questioning en route to self development and world peace. As I watched the youth during the start of the meeting, I noticed the lack of interaction between the higher income kids and the less fortunate kids so I encouraged them to communicate. As the session continued a few questions came to the fore from the higher income kids:

“We have heard much about kids needing more sleep, and there is talk of starting school later. Should we get up later each morning since it is better for us to have more sleep?”

A youth in the less privileged group replied:

“Yes I thought so too after hearing some research, but then I started to get up early in the morning, and I found that I had more energy, and I was able to concentrate better in school and I am loving it.”

I then added the scientific findings to this discussion:

“The brain needs deep sleep, during darkness to rebuild and regenerate as well as to secrete melatonin that helps to protect the body.  The body is coded to rise at dawn and rest when it is dark, to continue the biorhythms and keep humans healthy in body and mind. For this reason avoid artificial light, e.g. from electronic devices, including TV and mobile devices before going to bed. Early to bed and early to rise is the best practice for a strong, powerful brain and healthy body.”

One of the quieter kids from the higher income group posed a provoking question: “Why is it that people who do so much harm and are bad, end up in positions of power and are respected by others?” Much discussion ensued.

Following the session, I was intrigued by the continued interaction from the less privileged kids. Many of whom approached me individually to ask even more in depth questions. The upper class kids on the other hand seemed to be disengaged and were focused on photos and their mobile devices instead of interacting with the rest of the group.

So began my African workshop series: Inner Peace to World Peace.

African Executive Scene

My next interesting presentation was to a group of executives, scientists, and managers during a non-profit breakfast meeting. Each of the volunteer members was focused on improving the health and wellness of disadvantaged Africans. I addressed the state of the human brain and the plight of developing nations in Africa and the future of humanity as a whole. Following the talk, the questions from the attendees were focused around regenerating the brain of adults and seniors. A younger executive asked: “Is it possible to repair the damage to the brain? How can I protect my brain?”  Another female executive invited me to address cancer patients – as you are aware in 2005 I had created food formulas for celiac, diabetic, and cancer patients in the North Americas.


Dr. Vie's African Workshops
Dr. Vie’s African Workshops

African Disadvantaged Women Scene

The next day I joined a group of dedicated volunteers to travel to the outskirts of the country to address fifty plus disadvantaged females, ages 15 to over 50.  We were late in arriving there, and the women were already waiting for over an hour in the sweltering heat and humidity. The ceiling fan was not working! I threw myself into my talk as the organizers scurried to set up the chalkboard and slides. The females had been picked up from many of the surrounding areas and brought to the Convent for the free talk which they had been notified of the day before. Many of them were already mothers and were trying hard to make ends meet on the streets. As I enlightened them to a brighter future and the hidden potential within them, the talk turned into an interactive dynamic question and answer session.

The questions from the females were profound and deep, and if you were unaware of their lack of formal education, you would have thought that the women were graduates from university. From all my public speaking over the last three decades around the globe, I have discovered much about the state of humans from the questions that are posed to me. On this day, in the Convent, surrounded by fifty poverty stricken women, I discovered the hidden potential within each of the women. Amazing women, powerful yet suffering, but full of hidden powers. My one hour talk-workshop turned into just over two hours. I left the inspired group with an invitation to conduct a second workshop to them and to present to other groups of women in the State.

Now as the world winds down 2014, reflects on all that has been accomplished during this year, I smile and sigh with contentment as I recall the year that started off with meditating for the spirit of Madiba Nelson Mandela whom we lost at the end of 2013. As I published my book Taming The Female Impostor Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, I open the book with my personal story of my encounter with repressive forces and how I tasted freedom even though I found myself in many compromising challenging situations around the globe. Now in my writings you can find the compact guidebook to changing your lives by identifying and tapping into your hidden Gift deep within you. The Gift that was endowed upon all humans to evolve to more advanced states of super-consciousness. I urge you to get the book now.


Now instead of taking many steps backward in our progress and dragging humanity down to devolution, let us instead look within, find our Gift and rescue humanity from the grips of insincerity, falsehood, aggression, hatred and the Impostor who now holds us in the snare of its web. Let us break free, and be the free humans that we were born to be so that we can naturally take humanity to the heights that it was meant to evolve to.

I wish you and your loved ones and all beings on our dear Planet, our home, the very best of the best so we can all see each other as one, equals full of super-consciousness and drenched in compassion and pure love.

Until we meet again next year,

Lots of love

And kisses,


Dr. Vie

PeaceMaker and Your Change Guide

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