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Ask Dr Vie My parents irritating me

A young female posted a long note describing the dilemma she is experiencing with her father and mother regarding a career decision and she alluded to much torment with her parents…and she asked for help from a large group of people…and after the long note ended it, with the word Namaste.

Here is my answer to her:

“Interestingly you ended your note with the word Namaste…before your name…by living in the meaning of the word Namaste…you will have your answer…without the suffering you are experiencing..

More…..You see the the word Namaste used all over the place…what is going on and why?Perhaps it is trendy to use the exotic Indian term…or perhaps people think they are being Spiritual or more aware…This is the case with most things we say and do…it’s done unconsciously…When we know, before we think or say or write …then we live keeping with what we are..otherwise we continue to live without connection to reality…and do not walk the talk…Many organizations, foundations are coming up with a list of values, principles and methods…and marketing it and getting a following….. as a means of having a job, a source of employment, a means of having recognition….but they themselves are not living it…First get to know your real Self..and not be what you think others expect of you…or try to be something else..then the wonders of life open up to you..even if you have the bare essentials to live on…the prosperity and joy comes from Being that what you are. You see clearly…Lots of loveV

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