March 1

Ask Dr. Vie: To Believe or Not To Believe?

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Should we believe what others are saying about how to live one’s life even though they seem as if they do not know?


Believing something can be quite misleading...although it consumes less energy!
To believe or not to believe Ask Dr. Vie

Is it better to follow the crowd's thinking or should I seek the answers for my Self? What if I am the only one seeking the truth? Are there any benefits for me?@DrVie

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Perhaps believing what others say should be reserved for anyone who does not want to exert energy! Usually when we do not know something and do not want to find out more, we tend to believe without foundation instead of admitting we just do not know.

Why not experience life and get to know first hand? Surely you would like to know for your Self?

But even before you venture out....and to avoid suffering or hurting others....most importantly the first step is to know Who You Really Are first and foremost.

How to get to know who you really are? Through self inquiry; then life becomes clearer and rather than following the crowd through believing without knowledge...the blind following the blind....Best is when you know.


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