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Better World Plans After COVID-19 

Better world plans are a must for any intelligent human, after COVID-19 exposes the stark reality-the human tragedy of billions of vulnerable in poor, developing and even developed countries suffering the most, while the affluent, wealthy and the powerful benefit and capitalize.

Can you sleep well at night and get up with a smile when you know that at least a billion women, men, children and elderly are starving, have no roof over their heads, suffer from preventable diseases, don't have health insurance, clean water to drink, no dignified toilet or wash area, and feel hopeless?  

Can any real human continue with the way life has been structured since WW2, knowing that there are people who live in comfort because the rest live in pain and our environment is being destroyed for personal gain?

Please if you:

  • feel a tug of conscience, 
  • a need to rise and make things right, or
  • know that enough is enough...please join us. 

The time has come to end poverty, wars, hatred, violence, discrimination, bullying and repression.

Let's carve a better world based on equality, equity, human rights and environment first, because we definitely can.

What a beautiful world it will be.

Let's get started.

Better World possible after COVID-19

With the over 3 million infections and 200,000 deaths worldwide since today, and so much suffering in Africa, South Asia and Middle East among the most vulnerable, can there really be hope for a better future, a better world after COVID-19? Is there a silver lining to this tragedy? What have we learned from past traumas?

Tragedies of the 1900's

Unless we have great grandparents, most of us only learn about past sufferings from history lessons, movies, documentaries or avid reading, distancing us from the pain and challenges experienced by real women, men, children and elderly at those times.

For most of us, we can only imagine what life was like during World War 1, the Spanish Flu, Holocaust, colonization, racial discrimination, World War 2 and the great depression in the first half of the 1900's.  The fear, the dread, the helplessness the suffering....

Better World Post World War 2?

Then came the so-called restructuring of the world after World War 2, under the premise of a better world. Where people in power began to divide and reorganize lands and its peoples giving rise to some of the borders we see today between countries in India, Africa and Middle East.

Amid this came the establishment of developing economies and societies, leading to much of what we adhere to today. Our education systems to prepare us for the work place. Westernization to support mainstream lifestyles -the way we dress, conduct ourselves, achieve, live and socialize.

Disparities Between People: Have's & Have Nots

People who could adapt to the systems and fit into the roles needed to support the growth of the economies and societies flourished but not as much as people who had created the infrastructures for a better world. And so we saw the divides between the regular workers and the owners.

No matter how much the worker strove, he could not close the gap between the middle class and the upper class, and the hopes to rid our planet off poverty was never realized.

People moved on with their lives, forgetting those who could be forgotten: the homeless, abused, violated, discriminated, poor, challenged, bullied, hungry, diseased, migrants and refugees.

Until COVID-19!

Way to a Better World Post COVID-19

For those of us who have first hand experienced poverty, hunger, persecution, discrimination, and even faced death in the face, all of which I have, we know that we would never wish that type of suffering onto another. And so we make a promise to our world to dedicate our lives to make this world a better one.

For those of us who have not experienced the sufferings first hand, but have broken down and cried as we've witnessed the horrible disparities 


COVID-19 has exposed the differences humans have created.....inequality has been exposed since the pandemic between the haves and have nots.


  • Live in comfortable home with enough good food to eat
  •  Modern cell phones, data, internet
  • In house gyms or place 2 workout
  • Work from home through internet and videos conferencing.
  • N95 or surgical high grade throw away masks for whole family.
  • Full  stocked bars,   within large homes .
  • Gated estates or secured homes. Several private toilets in each bedroom. No inconveniences for any members in the household.

Have Not

  • Those being herded into communal tents to get them off the streets.
  • No smart phones, no data, no internet
  • No space to exercise.
  • No work, definitely no working from home.
  • Overcrowded, using scarves, underwear as masks.
  • No fridges, no alcohol, empty food stocks.
  • No privacy, communal pit toilets, walk to in the dark at night. Menstruating girls & pregnant women


The suffering of the most vulnerable in our own cities and towns and provinces and states finally uncovered as the worn out carpet we've spent our lives laying out decades ago, is peeled off.

Let's Better The World & Leave A Legacy

If you realize by now that it's truly unjust for some people to enjoy luxuries of life while others within our own families, our own communities, our own cities and towns, our own provinces and states, and our own country have less and are suffering, then you are truly blessed. It takes a conscious human with immense intellect and wisdom to arrive at this profound realization.


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