Today, in a fast-paced world, savvy women work hard to juggle a job, relationship and family life amid the vast changes going on around them, in their inner circles, and in the world at large. Just as thirty-five year old Jackie is doing as she exits the subway and rushes to the high rise office. Today, she wonders: “Why am I not happy?” Her predicament is not unique, but is shared by millions of women in the USA and around the globe as they search for inner peace. The mystery of the missing piece has now been solved.

If you are an educated woman, you probably pride yourself on learning how to lead a healthy life to prevent pain and how to keep your loved ones healthy and safe. You may recycle and be environmentally conscious. You possibly shop for organic, gluten free and non-GMO foods and practice yoga. You may have toyed with solutions that offer moments of happiness.

The question is, are you truly at peace deep within yourself? Are you really one with you who really are? Or are you stressed out of your mind, rushing from part time job to part time job just to make ends meet? Are you exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually from trying to hold it all together and acting as if everything is fine? If you are not being honest, then, you are upholding a lie – that part of yourself that is controlled by what is called   the Female Impostor.

The Female Impostor is one who is not herself. She has taken on a variety of roles that are in conflict with her true feminine nature. She is asked to do and be things she was never intended to be, to be both a man and a woman at the same time. With no support system, she is tasked with multiple responsibilities, and has developed personalities fed by a lie she “can have it all.” Her powers of creativity, intuition, of giving, healing and nurturing life have been suppressed.

Once the Impostor emerges, you cannot be at peace, for it is there forever. You can never kill the Impostor, you can only tame it throughout your life whenever it surfaces in a variety of forms in a variety of circumstances. You can regain control by discovering the weaknesses of the Impostor in the major battlegrounds of life: friendships, familial relationships, work, food, leisure and sexuality.

Yet hope is not lost, for there is an answer to the age-old question: “Why do I keep feeling unfulfilled? Why do I feel unauthentic, not myself?” This answer has remained a hidden secret – a shocking one…..UNTIL NOW.… Taming The Female Impostor it can now be understood, and open the doors to changing how you view your very thoughts, words and actions. Your life will never be the same again as you reach magical levels that you only dreamed about.

How successful you are in empowering yourself against the Impostor force, depends on your understanding of why women hold the keys to rescuing the world from the grips of the Impostor, and why women have lost their powers, and now their loved ones are suffering and their cities are rampant in poverty, illness, and crime and at risk of attack.

The path to restoring your womanly powers and taming the female Impostor, has been researched and investigated for over 20 years, by an Indian female scientist, herself caught in the snares of the Impostor…heart broken, losing the one she loved, poverty stricken, on her own, but who rapidly tamed the Impostor through powerful methods..and was able to live solo in many countries and cities around the world...feeling at her best even without makeup, and all the feminine accessories…with just the bare necessities of life.   Now she has made available to you all her discoveries and time tested tools in her Book of Secrets that reveals shocking insights into the root cause of suffering, within a set of eleven unique Books. Three characters face enormous daily challenges and struggles and by restoring their womanly powers, transform into the Protector and tame the Impostor.

“By using fables and the nine characters, I make the  deep insights easy to digest for men and women of all ages, so they can be inspired to revive the trapped Guardian within them and rise above the challenges of life, to be happier and stronger  and in turn promote personal and world peace,” says Dr. Vie.

The special tour of the Dr. Vie Experience is freely available online, learn to relax, discover the seven levels that your daily actions can rank on, and hear Dr. Vie read to you from “  Taming the Female Impostor. – Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity – a beginner’s guide”.


About Vie:

Born in South Africa, with roots in India, Dr. Vie, Ph.D., a former Swiss-based medical device scientist, changed her career to natural health after losing her father to heart disease and helping her mother recover from breast cancer. She faced numerous challenges, including being classified as “non-white” in South Africa. She has lived solo in the North Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.  In 2004, Dr. Vie Research pioneered low-allergenic fresh gluten-free vegan superfoods. Dr. Vie’s SuperKids (personally funded by Dr. Vie) mentors children and Dr.Vie Radio Show broadcasts globally. Vie is an explorer and mountain-lover, and has trekked many ranges including the Himalayas, as she seeks to restore the link between nature, humanity and all life. For more info

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