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Electoral historic night for Canada – since 1800’s . Tonight saw a rebellion against the status-quo -for the first time in Canadian politics.   Mr. Harper “3 times” and Mr. Layton ” symbol of change.” “Tonight I am reminded of the historic change in South Africa as I watched in awe, tears pouring down my face as Nelson Mandela walked out of Pollsmoor Prison on 11 February 1990. An historic moment indeed” says Dr. Vie. Certainly, no comparison for tonights Canadian results of course but this desire for hope and change is actually our universal desire for love and peace. 

Outside of politics, why do people want hope and change?  It is an universal desire when we want to feel happier, when we want to be part of a higher calling.  It starts with one person. This becomes even more powerful when a mass of people share the desire for hope and change.  This takes on immeasurable momentum when we want to make a difference in the future of our fellow humans and our planet.

Throughout history only a few such people come to mind: of course recently, Mr. Nelson Mandela the first black President to head a black-majority population in South Africa after being imprisoned for 27 years.  Without doubt the Honourable Nelson Mandela was my mentor since childhood.  He was able to rally the population and the support of the world from within the walls of his prison cell on Robben Island.  People of all diversities experienced history that day in South Africa. So many cultures, so many languages, so many thoughts. We were humbled that day.

The other memorable person that comes to mind is Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, who rallied a nation to non-violent opposition in India and in my home country of South Africa. A highly revered man who shed his material wealth, donned on a loin cloth and walked the land of India to make a difference in the lives of people.

Now I am sure that in each community if we look a little deeper, we will be sure to find at least one person, who makes a difference in the lives of others. 

My thought is:

 “What if more of us become more motivated deep within ourselves to make a difference for ourselves first.  With this desire for change for ourselves, we become empowered to make a difference for our dear planet? Yes we are part of our planet.  

What if this becomes contagious?

What if we focused on humility, love and peace?

What is we infused this passion into everything that we involve ourselves in? 

What if we stopped the hatred?

What is we stopped the envy?

What if we stopped the sadness?

What if we stopped the pain?

We can make a difference by reaching out of our comfort zone everyday, even if for just a minute, even if only to ponder on how we can make a difference in improving the plight of our fellow humans. 

As we know a body in motion will be inclined to stay in motion (until it runs out of gas!).  So how do we get moving?

Ah, therein lies the question for another article.

Well tonight, we saw this incredible desire for change in the nation of Canada – historic for sure.

So for now lets rally together to wish Canada the very best in its new momentum – politics or no politics, we have witnessed tonight for sure that change can happen at any moment, anywhere in the world.

With love


Dr. Vie

Montreal, Canada


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