Massive marketing campaigns train kids from an early age to be hooked on foods, drinks, makeup, health supplements & more. How can parents guide children to be naturally healthy even when they are out of their sight?  The dilemma is causing numerous concerns in the developed nations as young kids are unsupervised at home while parents are at work. Children fall prey to creative marketing strategies of large corporations who target them as consumers right from an early age.  Advertisements feature prominently during kiddie programs enticing children to desire unnecessary toys and gadgets from parents. Not every parent can afford to indulge their kids with extra toys or goodies therein setting the stage for resentful emotions in the young child, if he or she is unable to understand family economics. So the cycle begins. Parents strive to earn more to fulfill growing demands of the family and take on work that is not in alignment with peace of mind.

The issue today is how to contribute to world health without becoming obsessed with the lust for making money through work that harms others? I was interviewed on Healthy Radio this week – about SuperFoods, children’s health and mental health.   SuperFoods has become a trillion dollar market over the last five years – alas to the detriment of the health of humanity.  I was asked what Superfoods was?  Here is my answer.

Foods that are pure, natural and unprocessed, do not harm other beings, made with the intention of love and eaten with the intention of healing the body and the mind.  What are superfoods for you will not be superfoods for me because you are unique as I am.

So instead of believing the marketing madness of greedy business minded people, who use SuperFoods as yet one more trend to latch onto, look deep into yourself. This is even more important for children these days as we find more and more children becoming aggressive, or depressed from an early age.  These innocent kids whose brains have not yet fully developed, are acting out because their minds are attacked by the marketing campaigns.  Each day we find more and more energy drinks that have enough sugar or caffeine to stimulate abnormal brain and heart function.  Each day more and more candy and snacks are appearing with lovable characters that latch onto the kids minds and snare them into addicts to junk food. Myriads of “organic, sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free, low-cholesterol, approved by heart foundation etc.” foods ride on the wave of healthy foods and drinks yet at laced with even more dangerous properties and long-term effects.

Unless parents are wary and disciplined themselves, they cannot succeed in shaping the eating habits of their kids.  Often times it seems as if the world is going out of control….parents are finding it more difficult to guide themselves to be naturally happy and healthy in the mind and body so how can they guide and be educators of innocent little ones who depend on them for structure?

We must seriously look into why parents have children?  Are we a society that is just attached to the desire to have children without realizing that their lives are in our hands?  As parents we must take on the responsibility and accountability for being the first teacher and educator of our children.  We must  help the child to gain a realistic understanding of the world of ads and unhealthy foods and harmful actions first by being  role models ourselves and then by instruction. The brain and peace of mind of children is in societies hands.

Today the rise in autism is alarming – the are many reasons some of which I shall be addressing in my upcoming book this year.  For now a dear friend of mine is hosting a 2 hour workshop in SOPAC New Jersey on 29 March. According to Huffington Post Lena McCalla Njee is the leading educator of autism in the USA.

I am giving away two tickets valued at $100.  You will also get a chance to meet Celia Wolf the creator of Liams Law to find missing kids with autism.

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I would love to help billions of children around the globe to become aware of wellness from an early age – so that they can grow into loving adults who in turn will help their kids grow into loving adults…and pay it forward for all of humanity.



Dr. Vie