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prevent cancer

Lung cancer kills 170,000 people in the USA each year. Early detection coupled with aggressive treatment can decrease the death rate by 20%. Would be great to save 30,000 lives a year for sure. But it is all about treatment, why not take an even more powerful step? Why not prevent it instead? We know that genes only account for about 10% of our life outcomes. Why not tweak your environment and boost your lifestyle if you know that it will prevent cancer? Would you do it?

Are you at risk to develop cancer? Genetics plays a small role in your chance to get cancer. Yes, 80% of your chances of developing cancer are related to environmental and lifestyle issues. Yes.

The question is:

if you were given the choice of pain or pain-free life, what would you chose?

The answer seems simple. However, the reality is that the majority of the population choose a life of pain. Yes, they prefer the pain of cancer, the pain of diabetes, the pain of cardiovascular disease, the pain of obesity and so on. They prefer the thousands of lost hours, the thousands of $$ for medication & surgeries & treatments to not having pain.




Mmmm…..I encounter hundreds of people on a daily basis who want to know the cure for their ailments like cancer, diabetes, hypertension etc. When I give it to them their reactions are as follows:

“But can I eat …….”

“But I cannot give up ……”

“I want to enjoy my life, why should I do ……….?”


and the list goes on.


So I stand in amazement and look at them in shock.

“You asked for the cure, I am giving it to you, and instead of saying “tell me more, show how to do it? you ignore the holy grail?”


So my question to you my dear is this: Why do you prefer pain to a life without pain?


If you know that by changing your lifestyle you can have

– more energy

– great sleep

– amazing digestion

– fantastic intimacy

– no pain

– successful work

– reach your goals

– feel happy

– look great

– feel great

– and be able to do all the things that you want to do


why would you not want to do it?


I can give you the cure for cancer, but it is up to you to implement it. If you are interested in clinical trials

of our new program in the USA, Canada or South Africa do send us an email.


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Dr. Vie