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Dr. Vie Inspires Youth From 5 Schools in Africa to be Superkids and make a difference in their country.

Thousands of children in South Africa echoed the same hope: “If only the crime would stop, stop the murders, stop the corruption, stop the hate, stop the poverty, stop the diseases.” Now they are empowered to be part of the solution as they take on the Dr. Vie SuperKids formula for success. Every child anywhere in the world can do it too. It’s free for all kids.


My whirl wind of inspirational talks in South Africa continued as I headed off to address a gathering of youth from five schools in the North Coast.  By the end of my short motivational talk, the kids shared with me their hopes and dreams for themselves, their families and for South Africa  “Let the murder and corruption stop, ” many of them said and now after my talk, they understood more clearly why they need to select their jobs carefully and how their decisions during their childhood and early adulthood change the future of millions.


I had just 20 minutes to inspire just over a hundred kids, who were selected from five schools that were located areas at risk for drug abuse, crime, violence, suicide and depression.  The youth were seated in groups of 10 with a teacher.  They all sat amazingly still as they latched on to every word of mine. Just as suddenly I posed questions to them, and their spontaneous answers indicated great thought and an immense need for hope and support.  Such amazing youngsters, each and every one of them…


Some of them had undergone profound pain and traumatic events in their tender lives. Others were faced with tremendous peer pressure to be deviant. Yet others were so overwhelmed that they had opted to remain silent. As I led them through my scientific findings and my personal experience around the globe, these youngsters opened up their hearts and divulged their dreams to me.


Over and over again the same message came across:


“What would you like changed in South Africa?” I asked.


The answers poured in: “Stop the hate, stop the crime, stop the corruption, stop the murder, stop the poverty, stop the violence, stop the greed, stop the diseases, stop…stop…stop.”


As I led them through the ways in which they can themselves put a stop to the above, I asked them “Can you do it?”


Each of them gave a resounding “Yes, Yes of course we can!”


Now, I tell you, my whirl wind series of talks across this great nation over the last two months, has uncovered the deep pain and frustration among thousands of the audience whom I addressed and met. From children aged six years to elders, forsaken in elder care and hospices. I’ve addressed crowd in places of worship, churches, temples, SAI devotees, Divine Life devotees, hospitals, schools, senior communities, business groups, free thinking groups and more…



Dr. Vie Inspires Youth From 5 Schools in Africa to be Superkids and make a difference in their country.
Dr. Vie Inspires Youth From 5 Schools in Africa to be Superkids and make a difference in their country.









The fact is this: Through the ardent questions pouring forth, the deep quest for better living one thing is for sure: the hope for South Africa is to be found within it’s people at the grass roots, at all ages, wherever there is life there is hope, even on the hospitals beds of elders preparing to leave their bodies, even in the bodies of young adults who have been struck by fatal illnesses, even in the bodies of young ones abused by their families…where there is life there is hope.


South Africa is a country beset with challenges but filled with hope that is to be found in the bodies and minds of its people. Let us dive deep within this body, find our life force, identify with it, reclaim it from the hands of what I call the Impostor (who has robbed us of our voice and our individual inner strength). Let us tame this Impostor within us, let us recognize the Impostor in others and let us choose our thoughts, words and actions so that we do the only thing that we have control over: ourselves, so that we first and foremost tame our Impostor and live as our real, free, courageous, loving, wonderful pure selves.


Blessings to the people of South Africa as they live as their free Selves.


As for me, I am here to serve Planet Earth, our home by inspiring billions around the world to set their lives free of the Impostor so that they can be compassionate, visionary, enlightened, super-conscious beings, just as nature coded us to be. So we can revive our Planet, purify our waters, our food, our air and ultimately our lives.

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