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What women do in the present moment will be the driving forces for our world’s future. This may come as a shocker to many of you: Today’s  over 3.5 billion women around our Planet are just as responsible for the diseases, suffering and poverty, as the over 3.5 billion men who are alive.

Instead of flying off the deep end, which is really a waste of energy, trying to defend women and finding ways of laying the blame on a multitude of causes, let us agree, for a moment, in this moment of now, to ask one vital question:


What does the Future Hold?

Today as we watched hundreds of Indian refugees, at the mercy of human traffickers, being bounced like a rubber ball, from the waters of one country to another country, we realize the ravages of societies gone crazy with self-preservation, and national sovereignty. Thailand sent water, food and medical supplies to the refugees, who were stranded on their meagre boats. They even sent men to teach the survivors how to man the boat! After which the boat was sent on its merry way…to Malaysia…no one wants to take in the stranded migrants.

On the other hand, back in India, the families were receiving ransom demands from the human traffickers who had already accumulated close to $1500 before loading the unsuspecting crowd onto the boats!

Malaysian deputy home minister Wan Junaidi Jafaar  said,“We have to send the right message that they are not welcome here,” just days after about 1,000 refugees landed on the shores of Langkawi, a popular resort island in northern Malaysia near  Thailand. 



This type of future, shaped by human traffickers and a world focused on money, must come to an end, else the future is a bleak one for the majority of the world population.

How can women restore humanity to its proper place?

During my inspirational talk last Friday, I found myself sharing the secrets of how women can restore compassion and peace on Earth, by beginning with themselves first.

Only when each woman finds her own sense of inner peace and self-confidence, can she be truly successful and ultimately achieve satisfaction.

When this triad materializes within each woman, then children, partners, spouses, siblings and families begin to transform into compassionate beings.


Dr. Vie Inspirational Talk Motivating Women
Inspirational talks by Dr. Vie


The Measure of a Successful Woman?

When a woman can make the right decisions on her own 100% without the reliance on friends, family or society then she is truly successful in life.

But of course, the main question is this: What is the right decision?


I answered this question as I shared the 3 steps to making the right decision during my recent live online  2.5 hour session, barefoot!  See snippets of it here in the video.


The talk was called:


Dr. Vie Inspirational Talk Motivating Women


Each  of my talks is different, because I never quite know what I am going to say until the session starts! In all my work and life and share my insights from a scientific standpoint plus from the most important point of departure: you guessed it…that of of a being in a human body! So there you have it… I am not concerned about how people view me based on my insights, I am not shaped by the grips of business giants focused on money. I am here to share all that I know with you so that you can access your true potential and be the best you can be and feel the best you can feel and ultimately make a difference.


Ready to Make A Difference?

If you want to be inspired to find your life calling and make a difference to our hurting Planet Earth, I encourage you to join me on my events, share your thoughts, and share what you are doing to save our future. The previous talk: Dr. Vie inspirational talk motivating women, was of cause focused on women.  However, do note that I fine tune my talks to the audience, so do attend my inspirational talks that motivate all genders and all ages.

Do join like-minded people during these free and ticketed live interactive events, both online and offline. Click this link to learn more and I encourage you to join the events and share your thoughts, your ideas and what you are doing to restore peace on Planet Earth…peace to all beings.


If you have not as yet read my condensed Guidebook on how women can rescue humanity, then do hasten and get it. With the purchase of the book you get a free VIP invitation to my life event so I can meet you in person and have a heart to heart about we can rescue Planet Earth. The book Taming The Female Impostor is the guidebook to helping every woman on Planet Earth to tame that negative force that is posing as her and dragging her down a dangerous path as it takes humanity down with her.


Here is a link to the book.

I await you in my live online or offline events.

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