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Dr. Vie Team Tibco cyclist Serena Sheridan wins 90 km Grand Prix Mairie d’ Armissan in Narbonne, France.  Congratulations to our Kiwi rider from New Zealand, from Dr. Vie team, Montreal.
Dr Vie Team Tibco Kiwi Serena Sheridan Grand Prix
Our budding star Serena Sheridan, took her first European win today in the 90 km GP Mairie d’Armissan in Narbonne, FR. The Kiwi was the first woman finisher in the race, which was also open to men, and covered a tough 12 km circuit. Serena noted: “I was very happy with my performance especially considering that only 2 days ago I had been stuck in a plane or airport for over 52hrs and am suffering from a complete 12hr change in time zone.”
Serena, 25 years old won 2nd position in the New Zealand Elite nationals in January is now full steam ahead.
Congrats Serena, from Montreal with love.
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