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(Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, March 2013)

Dr. Vie SuperKids  today remembered South African elite cyclist, Carla Swart.  The free program helps children around the planet to “dream big & make it happen” (Carla’s motto), through healthy lifestyles and the support of global role models. The program was founded by Dr. Vie, an ex-patriot South African and sponsor of Carla Swart in the USA. Barry Austin, Carla’s coach at the time of her accident, and his current Team Bonitas, led by South African legend Malcolm Lange, are key ambassadors for Dr. Vie SuperKids.

Dr. Vie, a natural health scientist, created Dr. Vie, Inc., in Canada in 2005 in memory of her father Vie, a South African business icon whom she lost to diabetes, and following the recovery of her mother from breast cancer shortly thereafter.  The women’s company focuses on research & development of natural vegan health foods, products and educational programs. A majority of their time & funds helps children to optimize their true potential in life.

“Through giving love, we receive love. Love is free & limitless. Healthy kids benefit from ‘happiness-hormones’ which are crucial to their future successes.  We are humbled by our partnership with Team Bonitas as we together forge ahead with helping our South African children & kids around our planet through the free program. I saw kids suffering from malnutrition, poverty, preventable diseases and lack of education in India & South Africa. It is time to help.” says Dr. Vie, after returning to South Africa from a month of trekking & meditating in the Himalayas & mountains India. ”

Dr. Vie’s research on curing and preventing childhood illnesses of attention deficit disorder, autism, depression and other brain disease gives way to the clinical trials of a natural herb formulation this year. Similar trials begin in the populations of alzheimers and parkinsons diseases in the adults. “Let us teach our young how to prevent preventable illnesses & contribute to a happy nation,” says Dr. Vie.


Malcolm Lange, South African cycling legend, ex-olympian (1992) & author of “Is Winning Everything?” is the owner of Team Bonitas. He is one of South Africa’s leading sportsmen and an inspiration to children around the globe through his achievements and drug-free life.

“I am very proud to be part of the Dr. Vie SuperKids program. This initiative is extremely important in the sporting world and specifically in cycling. The memory of an amazing female cyclist, Carla Swart, must live on forever. Carla was on the path of becoming one South Africa’s cycling greats!!! I am proudly South African and believe in building a stronger, cleaner sporting nation. I am a father of two very active kids, who have big dreams to be great in the sporting world.  I would love for them to have a much better passage to reach their goals and the Dr. Vie SuperKids initiative will assist. I believe the fundamental break down in society these days is the lack of communication.  This project motivates young athletes to interact and communicate and reach their goals,” says Malcolm Lange live from South Africa.

Dr. Vie interviewed Team Bonitas cyclists Luthando Kaka & HB Kruger in Johannesburg recently. “These young men & their team are inspirational to all kids,” says Dr. Vie. The Team Bonitas in South Africa & France are role models for Dr. Vie SuperKids program. Alison Testroete, Dr. Vie’s first athlete & close friend of Carla contributes from Italy. Jasmin Glaesser, Dr. Vie’s sponsored youngster since 2009, a bronze medalist at the 2012 London Olympics track cycling event is one of the 3 Canadian role models for Dr. Vie SuperKids. Justin Readings a young skateboarder with Rayne Longboards is another of the role models.


It was Carla’s dream to race at the Olympics.  “Carla was a special person who loved her sports. Her memory & achievements will live on & help millions of kids through Dr. Vie SuperKids program,” says Deon Swart, Carla’s father in Atlanta, USA. 

“Carla Swart was one of the best women cyclists in the world. As a college student early in her career she has won 19 collegiate National titles in all four cycling disciplines eg. Road cycling, mountain biking, cyclo-cross and track cycling. That is a USA record. She has also won all four disciplines in one year, which has never been achieved in the USA by any man or women. She was also a very good professional rider and one of her sponsors was Dr. Vie Superfoods. All the success that Carla had did not come from just natural talent. It was hard work and determination, ambition and the strong will to succeed. Carla did not have a problem to workout in the gym early morning, the go to class, and go out to cycle for three to five hours a day. In all this, she still had fun as a student. But that fun was clean fun. She did not use drugs or alcohol as she always said she has seen other students abuse it and then making very bad choices to get into big trouble. Strive to live like Carla. Hard work, a clean live and healthy body, and a very nutritious and balanced diet, with Dr Vie’s Superfoods to give her that extra kick and you will also be somebody successful, whatever direction you choose. Remember Carla’s motto, live by it and do it. “DREAM BIG AND MAKE IT HAPPEN,” Deon Swart.

Dr. Vie Superfoods Carla Swart, Robin Farina and Alison Testroete USA 2010
Dr. Vie Superfoods Carla Swart, Robin Farina and Alison Testroete USA 201

“Carla was an exceptional athlete & wonderful, caring person. She was an inspiration to me & everyone on the team. She juggled school, training & traveling for races while giving 100% to her sport,” Lisa Hunt, former manager, Vera Bradley Women’s elite cycling team, San Francisco, USA


Close to the 2nd anniversary of Carla’s demise, the South African sports community mourned the loss of another great athlete, Burry Stander, a close friend of Carla. It is a sad time indeed when one more amazing soul departs.  Dr. Vie SuperKids program hopes to continue the dreams of these amazing athletes in the aspirations and successes of its member children.

Barry Austin Team Bonitas Dr. Vie SuperKids South Africa

Barry Austin, manager of Team Bonitas, was with Carla at the time of her demise. “I have worked with young athletes for a long time now and have seen so many times how sport has opened the window to life for them and they have jumped through it to become all they can be. Through this partnership with Dr. Vie SuperKids I hope we can inspire thousands more to not just dream, but to step into that dream and live it by following role models who have done so already,” says Barry.

Kids younger than 19 years of age can register online for Dr. Vie SuperKids program. The
y can directly post questions to their role models, interact with them, follow their lives around the globe, meet them in their communities and benefit from free health & development training online & locally and world wide.



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Do encourage kids younger than 19 years of age to enroll into the free program and benefit from the training and support of incredible role models around the planet. Click here to enroll today.



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