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Dr. Vie SuperKids-South Africa-Inspirational-Talk

Amazing participation from 350 kids ages six to fourteen as I gave a quick inspirational talk during their school assembly in the midst of Westville. Thanks to the School Principal and staff and students.


Dr. Vie SuperKids-South Africa-Inspirational-Talk
Dr. Vie SuperKids-South Africa-Inspirational-Talk










I was blessed today with the energies of these spectacular kids as I raced through a 25 minute motivational talk, by the end of which I was surrounded by enthusiastic kids who wanted to be part of Dr. Vie SuperKids South Africa which starts on 1 March in the throes of Chatsworth, an area ridden with high addiction and lack of hope in youth.


Dr. VieSuperKids-South Africa-School
Dr. VieSuperKids-South Africa-School









One young girl said: ” You inspired me to choose the right friends.”


Another boy said: “You taught us to be brave and stand up for what is right.”


Yet another girl said: “I loved everything you spoke about.”


Even another said: “I learned about the brain and how to protect it.”


SO many kids rushed with their notebooks, requesting for autographs and all wanted to be part of the Dr. Vie SuperKids project that launches in Chatsworth on 1 March from 10:00.


When I asked these youngsters what they would like to see change in South Africa they said: “There is too much crime, robbery, killing, load shedding and hatred, we want it to go away.”


I left this session truly inspired by these children who will be the future leaders of South Africa, shaping this country to be filled with compassionate, loving humans with out corruption, without hate, without ill health.


Join us on 1 March for the launch of Dr. Vie SuperKids South Africa, in the middle of Chatsworth and spreading throughout this nation.
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