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Sudan the last northern white rhino after 40 million years.

Humans are progressively destroying Planet Earth. The biggest blunder of our time. We are polluting Earth’s air, water and lands. We have killed off a large portion of Earth’s wild life on land, in the air and in even the waters. Humans have invaded the oceans and are killing whales through the use of  sonar emissions. We do not stop there. Our buildings and ornamental structures are of such materials that even if it becomes useless to us, it can never be recycled even over thousands of years!  Seems unimaginable, that we humans are the cause of atrocious suffering in the animal kingdom. Today, in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in central Kenya, grazes the last northern white rhino on our planet. For 40 million years this species has lived on Planet Earth. Sudan is his name and he is under 24 hour armed guard, to protect him from the lustful, greedy grips of some of the worst samples of humans, poachers. The guards are common in African nature reserves.

Sudan the last northern white rhino after 40 million years.
Sudan the last northern white rhino after 40 million years.

I met the game reserve protectors

Early this year, as I entered the Royal National Park at the break of dawn, eager to start my trek, I passed by a group of three armed soldiers walking into the park. They were wielding serious weapons. My curiosity got the better of my fear, so I asked why they were there.  “To stop poachers from here and some from across the border,” they said.

As I began my day long trek into the breath taking Drakensberg on that summer morning, I looked around at the beautiful African land, so pristine, filled with fresh air. The African sky is like no other! A multitude of butterflies followed me all through the day, like precious guardian angels. For a while the air rent with the screams of massive baboons, scaling the steep cliffs of the icy cold gorge. This was nature at its best. I said a meditative prayer for our Planet Earth to be restored to its natural beauty so that the magic of nature can be one with the magic of all of the cosmos.

Earth Day 2015

This week of Earth Day, let us look deep within our selves, and ask the one pivotal question: “Do we really know who we are?”

“What have humans allowed their only home Planet Earth to become? Why are they allowing their only home, to be ransacked and filled into a toxic waste dump?” asks a being from one of the billions of planets in our cosmos, as it looks at our Earth, baffled.

To any traveller of our vast galaxies, the species of humans on Planet Earth, would be a disgrace to the splendour of the cosmos. We would be labeled as thieves, homicidal criminals, tyrannical power hungry monsters, focused on pleasuring the lowest of our senses, our five senses at the sacrifice of our one and only home.


What in the World Have We Done?

Too many of our planet’s population are wealthy, over-eat, and focus on personal  pleasures. This creates a separation from our code of being naturally human. Yet this lifestyle as become the new culture under the guise of “living the dream.” Everyone wants access to it.  In parallel, a large portion of our planet’s peoples live under enormous stress, violated, hungry, deprived of fresh water, lacking enough food, dying in unsafe accommodations, suffering inhumane actions from malicious individuals and groups.

In the developed and developing nations, we are conditioned to strive for a successful life, right from early childhood.


The One Vital Question?

So we ask the question: “What is the measure of a successful life?” Many attest that it is the accumulation of wealth, the accumulation of pleasurable objects, the limitless of supply mind altering products, and the checking off of the bucket list of things to do.

Alas, this half of the planet’s population has slowly and methodically created an elite culture, made of elite families, elite education institutions, elite groups of friends, and elite systems. They recycle, they eat organic, they donate to charities, thinking these actions are truly helping  our planet.

Alas, these actions only serves to  insulate them from the harsh reality of the real world, and the suffering of others.  But more importantly, the source of the problem has not been addressed. Disease, unhappiness and discontentment still prevails among the wealthy even in developed nations.

Why are we destroying Planet Earth?

Why? Why would we so callously destroy our one and only planet and the very life that flows within each being?

The simple answer is: Lack of knowledge, understanding, intelligence and conscious awareness of who we really are.

The majority of the world’s peoples fail to understand why doing the right thing is really the measure of success.

But what is the right thing?  Simply stated: being a good person.

Yet many profess to being good people. So what is the difference?

What is the Right Thing To Do?

There is a main component in differentiating “good” from “not-so-good” deeds.

When everything that you think, say and do is with the intention of sustaining your true natural being, then you become aligned with your true purpose of life. You know who you really are, where you came from and where you are going. Alas, humans seem to be blissfully unware of who they really are.

Until we realize our real identity, we can never realize the magnificent beauty of life.


Do You Really Know Your Life Potential?

This Earth Day 2015, let us realize that until each and every person on our Planet Earth, begins to transform their lifestyle to be the very best that they can be in their thoughts, words and actions, then and only then can we rescue humanity and our entire Planet Earth with all her amazing beings and life forms from the verge of extinction. Yes we can stop the destruction of ourselves, other beings and ultimately the unnatural demise of our one and only home, Planet Earth.


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We can undo the human blunder and make everyday Earth Day.

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