An Indian woman making a difference in the slums of India, senses that she needs to be at an event in Nevada, USA.  A friend in the USA sponsors her expenses. Simultaneously, a 6th generation Indian woman from South Africa, who is making a difference in the lives of children, women and humanity, feels the need to be at the same event after learning about it a few days earlier.  She books the flight late at night and boards the plane the next day. In Munich, Germany, a Swiss woman, who is making a difference in the lives of women receives a calling to be at that same event. She has just returned from a spiritual journey in the Himalayas.  In Manhattan, New York a former nurse and publisher in her late 70’s who is making a difference in the lives of females, senses that she has to attend the event, after declining the VIP  invitation for 10 years.

Against all odds the four women converge at the conference. Within the first day, their paths cross individually, only to reveal that their lives are intertwined.

Are you feeling goosebumps?  So did we as we first  met each other one-on-one, then two-one-one and finally yesterday when our four  energies merged as one. We cried as we embraced.

Life is a journey across many lifetimes, making friends, learning about our true Self and moving closer to our purpose.  There are so many challenges, so many adventures, so many experiences of joy, pain, joy, pain  …until we discover how to transform our pain into a lifetime of bliss for our Self, for humanity and for consciousness.  Then we radiate joy wherever we go, as we touch billions of lives around our planet. Transformation descends like a domino effect as we encounter more and more souls with similar purpose and intent. Souls with a common purpose are destined to meet again in this lifetime. They congregate naturally.

Enlightenment and chance meetings

As I sat quietly late yesterday afternoon awaiting transport to the airport, I was at peace and smiled softly. My form settled into the comfy couch outside the conference room, when the door of the room opened to reveal a young black man with a radiant smile on his face.  He walked with confident yet gentle strides up to me and said with a beaming face: “What an amazing event!”  He then sunk into the opposite end of the couch.  “Why are you here?” I asked with curiosity as I was beginning to sense something from him.

“I want to make a difference in the lives of people, so they can see and hear even better.”  I then told him of my experiences with Sonia, Ursula and Lois over the past few days.

“Sonia said that a man will join up with us soon, and that he is already here,” I remarked to the young man.

It seemed as if I had struck a chord with him.  He stood up, placed his hands on his head and sighed with such strength that it seemed as if he was vibrating with confirmation.  He then sat close to me and told me about his experiences and his mission.  I sensed that he was experiencing blockages, so I said: ” Focus on those whom are open to your purpose and retract your energy from all those who are against it. You do not need to convince the world.  All it takes is to make a difference in the life of one other person.”

He looked deep into my eyes, then edged up in the couch, placed his elbows on his knees, rested his head into the palms of his hands and sobbed without any inhibitions.

We sat there for many moments, my hand on his back as he cried. I could feel the energies of the cosmos surround us.

So many of us are on the path to enlightenment. Some of us are at the same, similar or different phases of our journey. There will come a  time for everyone, be it in this lifetime or another lifetime, to actively seek enlightenment – it is the law of creation.  We are after all forms of energy from the same source of creation.  Just as a drop of mercury on a tilted table top rolls over to merge with  a pool of mercury, so too the law of creation that envelops all of nature is the same.   See and you shall find. Ask and you will know. Open your heart and you will be. Love and you will be free.

When the young man regained his composure, I told him that Sonia and Lois had already left. “I wish that you can meet Ursula. I have to leave now and I am sure that she will  find you.”  Just as I uttered the words, the door from the garden opened and the white energy of Ursula floated into our frame.  “Ah, well here she is,” I said as we rose and I introduced their energies, bid them well and left.

Love lies in the sacred feminine energy that is part of every human. It is not rooted in gender but in creative energy.  Females have more possibilities to tap into it, but it is fully accessible through the male body as well. Men who aspire to it are truly blessed.   Albeit it has been forgotten for over 2000 years.  We can easily tap into the source of nature within us, whatever our gender and feel the power of pure love and bliss by surrounding our Self with those who are at a more advanced level so that we can learn, practice and discover for our Self our own sacred feminine creator energy.

The astonishing young man from Atlanta, whom I met so briefly was well on his way to inspiring billions of people toward love and compassion.  He had received his calling.

As I boarded the shuttle to the airport, little did I realize that even more enlightenment awaited me before I would embark on my international flight late that night!  Stay tuned to link-in to the next article for more goosebumps.

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