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fantasy or reality what mask are you wearing today?

How much of your day spent in fantasy versus reality determines whether you are using your full human potential or not. As we approach Halloween at the end of this month, millions consider their special fantasy costumes and take on the world of fantasy versus reality. Regular folks will become the characters of their costumes. Many will finally step into the persona of who they would like to feel like. Be it a super hero, a monster, a doctor, a pilot, a scientist, a celebrity, a politician or a character from a movie, from a book or even from a video game! For a day, people will step into their dreams during their waking hours. Or will they?


The question is:

How much of our waking moment is spent in reality?


Or perhaps the question should be this:

Are we spending too much of our waking moments drenched in fantasy?


The Show Down Fantasy versus Reality


Why do we crave fantastic moments?

We witness the need-for-fantasy phenomena each and every day when we turn on the news – media is steeped in drama. The more horrific or shocking the news, the higher the station view rates and the higher are their ratings.

The internet itself thrives on the phenomena of “mega-interesting.”  Videos with the highest number of views are those that focus on mega drama.

We live in a world driven by fantasy – from the moment we turn on the television, the internet, the radio…or even our very own minds.


How often do we come across a person who loves being their own self, in their own skin, with their own body, with their own mind, their own words, their authentic actions and their own emotions?

In the developed nations, a person who ascribes to being authentic is quickly viewed as an outsider, even a spoilsport, perhaps even boring, as not in keeping with the trends, and most often stereotyped as being behind the times and definitely not “modern-yuppy-trendy.”


The Most Fascinating Part of Life is…

Albeit, for all its worth, the age of innocence, where one finds wonder in the most amazing of all of life’s creations: the real one and only YOU, is the most fascinating part of being human.


Getting to know everything about your Self is in itself an adventure.

Every day is full of change, and you really have to be on the ball to to keep up with the transformation going on inside you.

Wow. Each moment of being the real you, is truly a magnificent adventure. The biggest adventure of all is that of being human.


But What Is Going Wrong Today?

Alas, today we are thrill seekers only because we have ignored the innate, inner thrill of being human. Because we no longer even know of our own thrilling journey of life, we seek other means of feeling the  thrills of life.


Because we live in a state of little to no awareness of our wondrous human nature we seek it else where.


Our Problems Are Our Woes

We spend our valuable life-hours  stuck in social media, wondering what others are up to, looking to get onto the trend of the latest technology, enthralled by robotic-mechanical toys, engaged in make-belief video games and waiting with bated breath for the next horror movie to hit the entertainment stage! This problem is now raging out of control in the developed countries that tout to lead the world in economy, technology and power!


Lamar Odom Celebrity, Drugs, and Addictions called a Reality Show

As case in point is the recent tragedy of Lamar Odom, a sports and TV celebrity, famous, wealthy beyond means, yet addicted to sensual pleasures, drugs, and the worst kind of lifestyle while having millions of fans and followers…including being looked up to by children!

His lifestyle, his support system  and his attitude is the typical life of the modern USA society that spends most of its time trapped in fantasy instead of reality.


The irony is that of the so called Reality Shows that actually take us into the real state of mind of the actors! Actors act so much that they can no longer be their real selves! They just do not know what is real and what is fantasy anymore!


Why do they opt for this type of life?


Why are Addicts Touted and Made into Role Models?

Why are these individuals given so much attention and made into role models is the real question.

But what is the matter with us, that we we look up to addicts just because they are wealthy, have the fame and glory from living artificial lives and have millions of fans?

We are to blame of course for the weakened state of the human mind.

Adults raise their kids within an artificial society, and allow their kids to be taught values that are based on the fantasy land of movies, media, sports, games and acting.



We rarely use the limitless assets of our human potential so it is no wonder that we reject reality, reject our own identity and seek to take on the character of others, be it in the way we dress, the make-up we paint our faces with, the endless hours a month we waste into positioning of our hair or the lifestyle that we get addicted to so we can live a life steeped in fantasy…


So What Should We Be Up To?

Now, if instead, we revel in the fascinating wonders of our own real self, each day will be filled with amazement, thrills and never a moment of boredom as we access more and more of our consciousness during our waking moments and delve even deeper into our dreaming moments and tap into the most amazing of all of our humanity – the endless creativity of our super consciousness.


WOW You Will See Things Different


We as humans will truly evolve to higher levels of self-development.


We would focus on energies of being better humans, accessing more and more of our human creativity to improve our selves without being dependent on artificial intelligence or mechanical technologies.

We would live as an integral part of our Planet Earth and know our vital role with the rest of nature.

Instead of wasting our amazing life living out fantasies through clothes, names, characters, violence, tyranny or dominance, we will realize the true wonder of being the real human that we are.


Be Real, Get Real, Live Real and Love Your Life

Do not miss out on the wonders of being the real YOU. 

The best part of life is being YOU.


Are You ready to win the battle of fantasy versus reality?

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Lots of love