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Dr. Vie coaches females to be visionary leaders who change the world

Imagine a world with no violence, no hatred, no crime, no war, no inequality, no suffering, no pollution, no toxic foods, no toxic water, no toxic air, no toxic products.  This is all possible and it is time that it materializes. How? The secret is within women. Yes. Females are the keys to change the world. Not just any female, but female leaders, because female leaders can change the world, positively. How? Females who are able to finally access their true life potential, have limitless possibilities to use their most natural of all powers, to transform anything from negative to positive. Enlightened females of any age, can regenerate our entire planet. We need more female leaders in every country around the world, as soon as possible, BUT only females who have answered one vital question correctly… 

Deep Insights, From The Throes of Africa

I returned from the throes of South Africa recently.  What a surprising turn of events…

A short trip en route to climb in the Himalayas turned  into a whirlwind of inspirational talks to the people of Africa, The Himalayas will have to wait!


Even though I was born and raised in South Africa, never before have I experienced such relations across the land where the first human was discovered, the mother of all mothers. Thousands of hopeful people, from children as young as five years, to elders over a 90 years, shared their deepest sorrows, their deepest hopes with me.  I was transformed and as I looked into their eyes, I witnessed the beginnings of their transformation too. I had met the true blood of South Africa.


40 Days, 40 Meetings with Thousands Unraveled The Needs Of Humans

“We want the hate to stop.”

” I want the killings to stop.”

“I want to be safe.”

“I want the robberies to stop.”

“I want the bullying to stop.”


“Make the corruption stop.”

These words rung out so strongly from little children as they shared their dreams with me.


You see each and every one of the children wanted a happier, safer, healthier future. One filled with love and compassion and equality.  The crime rate in South Africa is rising, but as we look around the world we notice the same trend in most countries. The harshest side of the scale is of course war.  Millions of refugees are starving, homeless, stressed, abused around the world just  because their homelands, or what they thought was home, is no longer such.  They live in squatter camps, in foreign countries, asking the one and only question: “Why is this happening to us?”


When we look around at the masses of war mongers, deviants, criminals and power hungry tyrants, what do we see. We see a majority of males, who somehow seem to have meandered to the other side. The darker side of the moon.  Yet it is the women and children who bear the brunt of  their actions.


Female Leaders Can Bring Hope and Save Our Planet

At one the gatherings during my keynote address  a little girl said: “What did I do to deserve being gang raped?”

The answer from one of the male panelists did not suffice. So we ask ourselves an important question. What can 3. 5 billion women around our planet do, to make a difference on earth? Do we need more girls in roles of technology-geeks, in the army, in physical labor, in sexually promiscuous jobs and science or would our world be exponentially better off with women in roles of visionary leadership?


The answer is the latter for many reason too profound to address in this article. For the sake of brevity, the female brain is far advanced in visionary, regenerative powers, nurturing, healing and extra-sensory perception than the male brain. To put it simply, if the female brain is used well, our planet will witness remarkable rejuvenation.  All it takes is a free female mind. A female mind that is not controlled by the restrictive negative forces that are dormant in all women.



3.5 Billion Women Can Rescue Earth

We need the 3.5 billion women to start using their inner powers, their inner courage, their inner strength and their inner wisdom to reclaim the wonders of our amazing planet and all its beings.  The only way this can be done is for females to take on leadership positions, by training for it from childhood.

We need more female presidents, female premiers, female prime ministers, female senators, female members of parliament around the globe who first and foremost are living life as their real, nurturing, humane self.


If India can have a female president, why not the USA? After all, it is the USA that is heralded as leading the way!  It is  time for the right female leader in the USA, in South Africa and around the globe, if we truly want to see transformation.

Dr. Vie coaches females to be visionary female leaders who transform  the world
“Female leaders can transform the world” says Dr. Vie

The right female leaders will rescue humanity for sure.  But what constitutes the ‘right female leader?” To understand this you would need to read my newly released book for sure. Every female who has any thought of become a world leader, a prime minister, a president and more, must read this book and ask herself one important question: “Have I tamed my Impostor?”


A Must-Read Guide Book For Females Who Want to be Visionary Leaders

My recently released book Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity .  is a  guide book of 292 pages, three main characters and step by step guidance for females, from teens onward, to access their true life potential, by taming the limiting, destructive, restrictive thoughts, words and actions (The Impostor) and unleashing their visionary leadership powers (The Protector).

Every women, especially world leaders, and candidates, including Hilary Clinton must read Taming The Female Impostor and answer that one question: “Have I tamed my Impostor?

This book is highly recommended for all females, but also for all men who want to make a difference in the world by being part of the solution to restoring peace on earth by starting with inner peace within each and every human of every gender. Everyone must ask that one question: Have I tamed my Impostor?


Only when you have tamed your Impostor, will you be living life as the real, powerful, human, conscious YOU.


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