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Forgotten words of wisdom leads to stressed mind

Why do we make the same stupid mistakes we’ve been making for thousands of years and keep suffering and laying blame on others?


​During the special Easter weekend, we tend to remember the horrendous physical suffering and torture Jesus the Christ endured while he was whipped, and had to drag the heavy cross through the streets of his homeland, to his death!

But it seems as if that’s all we have been doing since his passing on over 2000 years. What is the matter with us humans?

It has to do with us being driven by the basic instincts of our lower mind…that has created this world we live and suffer in each day. But what is the way out?

To realize that as a human you are blessed with a higher mind. You must access the higher intelligence of your higher mind, which is yours 24 hours 7 days a week free of charge.

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Donate to Super Conscious Humanity with Dr Vie

Forgotten wisdom due to the weak lower mind creates chaos, insecurity, fear, anxiety, depression, hatred, violence. What must humans do asap to access the higher mind they were blessed with free of charge? Find out here @DrVie

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