The most expensive bed, with unique temperature settings & different softness for you & your partner will not give you a better night sleep.  My monthly radio show appearance featured “How can we sleep our way to vibrant health?”  That question is laden with many scenarios and a call in from a curious listener sparked more lively interaction during the dynamic Maggie Linton Radio show.

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When corporations, business and money hungry people are filling the market with insane ways to better sleep, you know that the world is experiencing a severe problem : NO GOOD SLEEP!

Wherever there is a problem, someone will emerge with a solution, alas most often than not it is a solution based on greed for money, that feeds of the pain and suffering of others.  When this happens, the solution is definitely not the right one.

You do not need any money to have a good night’s sleep!  You do not need a title to have a good night’s sleep.  You do not need to have a heated night of passion to have a good night’s sleep!  You do not need someone by your side, holding you to have a good night sleep!

Just as you are born alone and die alone, you go to sleep alone.  The sooner you understand the profound meaning of these words, the sooner you will have a good night sleep.

So that is step number one to a good sleep:  Know that you sleep alone with your Self.

Wait a minute….I sleep with my Self?  Who is that Self?  Why am I sleeping with it?

Step number 2 to a good night sleep:  Get to know your Self that you go to bed with every night of your life…without any escape.

Step number 3 to a good night sleep:  Say a prayer to your Self – to give your body and mind rest and re-energize you for the next day, and keep hectic dreams away from you.  Most of all say a thanks to the cosmic consciousness for your day and bless the all of consciousness.

During the Maggie Linton Radio show today, Sam from Texas called in and asked:

” I cannot fall off to sleep, so I’ve been taking a glass of red wine each night and find that I can sleep well. I was wondering why?”

To which I chuckled….here is my two cents worth input-

You see when anyone goes to sleep, their body finally becomes quiet and still.  You and billions of others just like you overwork your body so much during the day.  You get it to do all sorts of things, you feed it improper foods, you drown it with impure liquids, you suffocate it with polluted air, and all the time you stimulate your brain to produce all sorts of chemicals and hormones throughout the body.

Finally, when you go to sleep, the body is no longer consciously subjected to your decision making! You can finally be at peace in your mind as you sleep but….ONLY if the body does not disturb you.

If your body still troubles you while you try to sleep, you can drug it with sleeping pills, alcohol or sedatives so that it becomes numb and the motor ability decreases. Pain goes away and the body quietens.  The still body allows you to sleep. However, that is only a false sense of relaxation, because it is like sweeping the dirt under the rug, so that your visitors cannot see it!  It is still there….but just out of sight for the moment.

So I responded to Sam “Wine is just an interim solution – I would advise against it long term. Instead drink a glass of warm water – it will wash away the excess residue in your body and stimulate the body to return to it’s natural state. If you are disturbed at night instead of getting up and reading a book or watching TV, just drink a glass of warm water. Also decrease excess activity before bedtime and avoid stimulating foods that agitate the body.”  Hear the full Radio show by clicking here.

The goal of sleep is to restore the human connection with cosmic consciousness….it is the most important part of our 24 hour part of sleep detoxifies the body, cleanses it, repairs damage and gets it ready for a bowel movement in the morning. BUT another part is the unconsciousness…..if you have unfulfilled desires or unreal emotions during the day then it will lead you into dreaming states which can cause further damage to the body and brain.  Dreaming is just a continuation of the wakeful day so the body and mind is still affected by everything that goes on during dreaming.

The best is not to dream but to experience complete bliss and tranquility.  This is akin to states of meditation. As humans we have evolved into highly conscious beings with immense potential to go beyond the mundane things that we obsess about each day…the clothes we wear, how we look, the hair style, the make-up, what people say about us, our titles, the degrees, the cars, the houses, the holidays, the bag we carry, the shoes we wear, how sexy we feel, if others think we are good looking…..we waste our precious wisdom and intellect on such silly things that it is like we have no reason to be in a human body with the gift of super-consciousness. We live our lives as nothing more than thinking animals – focused on primal urges and instincts!

It is no wonder that we cannot enjoy deep sleep each 24 hours…because we have forgotten how to be human!

We have no thanks for being born into a human body in this lifetime.

First be thankful for being given the freedom to be human.

Then be loving and compassionate to all other beings.

Finally, be one with nature not divorced from it.

You will be free of all fears.

You will be FREE.

Freedom is key.

Sleep free.

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