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A better world starts with your personal life. For over 20 years we have helped humanity on every continent with wellness services to improve individual wellbeing and the lives of people you care about. We advise  companies on fulfilling social responsibility, and engage in sustainable development partnerships in developing nations.  And most of all, we inspire individuals, families and communities to live their best lives. Find some of the ways we can be of immediate support to you wherever you are. We invite you to contact us for your free consultation:

About Super Conscious Humanity 

Super Conscious Humanity rises on the foundation that world peace is a reflection of inner peace, and that humans, through the gift of freedom have the ability to create their realities, enjoy the journey of life, and relish the milestones along the way.  Humans have an amazing potential to shape a better world.

We invite you to explore the website to learn more about our work, products, services, courses and events. You can also contact us  here to book an exploratory call. To watch the video about Dr. Vie click here.

Three Decades Of Helping The Planet And Her Peoples

1. SCH SuperFoods

Switzerland 2000:  Health scientist  formulated sCH SuperFoods

We established the first 100% vegan low-allergenic gluten-free raw food factory in North America.  Producing healthy, vegan, plant protein foods in 100% compostable packaging led the way in USA and Canada. Favorite of Olympians, families, doctors, celebrities, patients and private label clinics.  Contact us formulae-licensing and innovative climate action product development and sourcing of ingredients. 

2. Programs for Children and Youth

Inspiring the best in youngsters, individually and in communities

Loved by children and youth we inspire, counsel and mentor youngsters to unlock their diverse creative powers, expand their mind-potential, prepare for a meaningful multidimensional life,  and collectively  contribute to a better world.  Learn more of programs in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. Join, collaborate or partner on  programs globally or request for  programs here. Donations and sponsorships are welcome.

3. Public Inspirational Speaker

Keynotes, Engaging Inspirational, Motivational Talks 

 Dr. Vie shares her lifework and insights for a co-creative world, through keynotes at events, and motivates and inspires audiences of all ages,  students/staff at universities, schools, health and wellness associations, corporations, hospitals, religious places, sports venues, government gatherings, and non-profit organizations to mention a few.  Invite her for transformational talks and inspirational speaking engagements.

4. Consultations

Transformational coaching and consultations

  One on one or group consultations on site or remotely for expanding potentialities, personal development, personal transformation and meaningful living. Join our group mastermind and super consciousness sessions

5. Corporate Wellness Programs

Boosting Work performance Through employee and Family  wellbeing

Our customized Morale Booster online programs and workshops and on-site workshops and off-site retreats designed by Dr. Vie, stimulate wellbeing among employees, executives and families to improve personal emotional-mental-social wellbeing, and as a by product, improve productivity and work culture within today’s  diverse multicultural, dynamic environments and sustain a sense of comradeship and belonging, and promote long term trust of clients, customers and patients. Learn more here.

6. SCH Academy

Educational Programs, Retreats, Publications on Super Consciousness

 Our super consciousness programs, multidimensional expansive living, wellbeing courses, inner thought meditations, healing asanas, seminars, livestreams, podcasts  and publications at SCH Academy events, and online on demand  pace, are available for members and guests, and corporate needs. Learn more here.

7. Research and Development for Global Sustainable Development

Research Development Dr Vie Scientist

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Vegan Protein Foods R&D

Innovative scientific  research and development in low-allergenic vegan protein-based  gluten-free superfoods in Switzerland in 2000 led to the first such food manufacturing facility in Americas Leading the way in optimal real food for children, youth, and diseased populations. Ground breaking R&D of planet friendly food packaging led to the design of the first  food packaging to compost within 12 weeks. We offer product development and  consults for food companies, businesses, and organizations. 

time to stop gender based domestic violence against women and children


Equality, Diversity, Inclusion Field Work

Of Indian and African diasporas, and as an activist for human rights, founder of SCH, Dr. Vie has decades of lived and in-the-field experience of human rights relations, racism and equality issues, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging challenges within rehabilitation, institutional, health-care, policy, legal, regulatory, judicial, economic, social, and community systems in Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia.  Contact us for dissemination of materials or consultancy.

Redefining Business Jobs Work in 2020 decade

Climate Action

Climate Action Projects 

Research and development on impacts of human action on public health and planetary wellness through climate action projects in Sub Saharan Africa has led to initiation of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy models  for  sustainable development projects. We are available for dissemination of insights, research and development, partnerships and collaborations.

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Boris Verkhovsky Cirque du Soleil, Performance Creator

Boris Verkhovsky 

Testimonial from Canada

“I have worked all of my professional life with high performance women, whether it was a National Team, a  varsity team or our leading entertainment company.Dr. Vie is certainly an elite, high performance person regardless of the field she chooses to endeavor in to! When my wife Lana  and I were introduced to Dr. Vie Superfoods in 2007, The products stood out in its own category! I love the effect and impact, I love the format and taste! The founder Dr. Vie is a fascinating person and now brings here in Taming The Female Impostor, a most interesting perspective and insightful wisdom for both men and women! A must read for all, including men!” Boris Verkhovsky, Cirque Du Soleil, Montreal, Canada.



“Be the change you want to see in the world.”   Volunteer in one of the many villages , reserves, or towns where our Super Conscious Humanity initiatives and Centers are in progress in Africa and South Asia . Sustainable development equity programs to eradicate poverty through climate action, human rights, wellness and skills training programs.  Join or Request programs in your country.  Apply now.

Dr Vie Superfoods empower special needs youth with wholesome jobs 2019

2018-2020: Dr. Vie EDIB programs for special needs youth with autism, learning challenges, ADHD, motor imbalances and more in Sub Saharan Africa- inspiring a meaningful life.

Dr. Vie Skills training and wholesome jobs for youth in Africa

2020: Dr. Vie Skills training  for autistic  youth in Africa

Dr Vie SCH vocational skills training and sustainable jobs in Africa. Regenerating planet

2021 Dr. Vie SCH vocational skills training  programs for Deaf youth in Africa

Dr. Vie SCH DIW Remote Dance classes 2021Dr Vie Super Conscious Humanity Africa dance program 2023 inspires children

Voices of SCH Youth And Locals In Africa   

“Dr. Vie you give me hope and now you show me a new way to help our Planet. I want to learn everything from you, Dr. Vie, ” Gideon, 12 years old,  Dr. VIe SCH Central Africa 2018 to date

2022: Eight Year Old Shiloh’s Enriching Song from our Super Conscious Humanity Program, “Bless Afrika” Inspires All Ages

SCH is helping our village people with new crops and jobs.  ” Chief Farmer, Central Africa, 2019.

Special needs youth and Deaf locals are being empowered with wholesome job opportunities that support natural health and healthy planet,” Sinele, 2020, KZN, South Africa

Jenene from SCH youth camp

“I learned to empty the bag and free the higher mind!”

Dr. Vie SuperFoods with mother and daughter

Family at SCH Easter Healthy Food Event

“We loved the healthy superfoods!”

SCH 1:1 with Minister Jane

“Yes we need women leaders in religion.”


“Empowering the higher self  pre and post crises.”

SCH Books To Inspire You And Rescue Humanity and Planet Earth 

 A Powerful Higher Mind for a Better Sustainable Life & Planet

Dr. Vie’s 292 page Book Of Secrets To Rescue Humanity  published in the USA in 2014, forecasted today’s  root cause of humanity’s dire situation – social unrest, misunderstandings, wars, suffering, and mental-emotional stress. Dr. Vie provided 15 practical transformation strategies for an individual to rise like a phoenix through challenging experiences, purposely shape the future, and willfully contribute to a better collective consciousness and a world at peace. Workbook for any gender, age or stage of life. Learn More here.

Multidimensional Adventure 60 years into the Future to 2084 

Dr. Vie’s fiction series inspires children and youth : Taming The Impostor Saga, The Pure Ones,  a science fiction series  60 years into the future where Planet Earth is poised on the verge of doom following fatal decisions, doomed wars, and military hegemony by present day leaders.   A time travel adventure fantasy series begins as the last humans’ SOS is responded to by utopian Zookians from across the galaxies. The adventure, filled with hope, explores the cradle of humanity, it’s languages, animals, flora, peoples and cultures where the pure ones strive to rescue humanity and planet Earth. Explore multidimensional existence and more. Learn More here.

Testimonials About SCH

Dr Vie Super Conscious Humanity SuperFoods Jobs Empowering Initiative in South Africa

South Africa

“We are very happy with SCH  in South Africa, you are helping our kids. We know we can lean on you. The children are just gaining confidence. We are proud of you. Thank you very much Dr. Vie,” Cynthia (to the right), mother of Kholeka (Senior Undergraduate Chef), KZN.


Grade 12 Student Amanda


“Dr. Vie you motivated us today, I was inspired by your personal story. Of how you looked death in its face when you were a teenager. Today you are helping us.”  Amanda, Chatsworth, KZN.

Ellen Eatough

Ellen Entou


Dr. Vie’s Book of Secrets to Rescue Humanity, arrives just in time, when it’s imperative that we unlock and wisely use our feminine power to balance masculine energy in us and co-create the healthy and harmonious evolution of humankind. Compelling reading right from the first few words!- Ellen, Relationship Coach, San Francisco, USA

Grandmother, Sally


Dr. Vie’s insights will last for generations. Her Self Help, book filled with guidance on friendships, and relationships was so powerful, that when I shared it with my married daughter, she said ‘Oh my goodness, that is so true.’ I encourage you, to learn more about yourself, the sooner the better. Dr. Vie’s guidance is for teens, singles, married, couples, parents, teachers, seniors and grandparents and anyone who wants happiness.”  Sally, Grandmother, South Africa

Siya for world peace with Dr. Vie

Siya for world peace 


Dr. Vie thank you for coming to our community and showing us how to help our people and to stop women and child abuse. We love you.” Siya, 10 years old, Umhlazi Township, KZN, Africa. Siya is the supporting character in Dr. Vie’s fiction book: The Pure Ones.

Lena Mc Calla Njee

Lena Mc Calla Njee

New York

Every once in a while there comes along a book that captivates the mind and uplifts the soul. This is one of those books. In real life Dr. Vie has managed to maneuver through global cultures with ease and finesse. With the same level of sophistication, she weaves a tapestry of universality in her book. Each of us has the ability to rise above our circumstance, be it racism, sexism, environmental issues or cultural and religious biases. Each of us can choose to reject change and remain the same or embrace the change. This book will appeal to a wide range of audiences globally. This book is a winner.-Lena McCalla Njee Special Education Teacher, Teacher of the Year 2011-2012, Nominee of the 2014 Governor of the Year Award, New Jersey, New York.

Dr Vie super conscious humanity initiative Africa

 Dr. Vie (V)


About Super Conscious Humanity Founder Dr. Vie

Known as Dr. Vie (V), following the legacy of freedom endowed on her by her late father Vie, a  nomadic globe trotter for 3 decades, an entrepreneur, inventor, author, natural health scientist, medical device regulatory specialist in EU, Canada and USA,  activist and humanitarian in Africa, global peace specialist, mountain explorer, mentor, is dedicated to unleashing human potentialities  and multidimensional living to improve life quality and regenerate Planet Earth through creative and mindful thoughts and lifestyles.Visionary Humans“When humans are consciously aware of the multidimensionality, creativity and wonder of life, then  powerful actions of thoughts, words and undertakings support the expansive evolution of all Beings. Humans realize the greatest truth of all – each is part of ONE collaborative consciousness, collectively co-creating individual and mass reality through the power of thought.”Humans On A Mission of Multidimensionality and Mindful Co-CreationOur initiatives are focused on the power of the individual and collective mind to joyfully and consciously shape a better tomorrow.

Supporting A Better World

Find options to donate to Super Conscious Humanity initiatives for a better world. Contact us for volunteer or internship opportunities in Africa, collaborations, seminars, consultations or information.