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During 6-18 November 2022, in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt hosted the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations Frameworkd Convention UNFCCC (COP 27) on climate change, with the intention to forge ahead based on previous successes, so that the way forward can more successfully tackle the global challenge of climate change.

This time, members from the African Union, MENA and ASEAN nations vociferously, and with just cause, demanded accountability and reparations from the rich nations -the culprits of man-made climate change.

But will the wealthy, technologically advanced global north and its counterparts immediately do the right thing to rescue humanity and the planet from the disastrous trajectory it is on? What is key to the rescue plan and tactics?


Global  Problem

Advanced nations focused on western economically aggressive cultures borne of the marriage of competition and capitalism, abused humans and planetary resources to the point of permanent damage to self-sustaining food, water, air, and land essential to survival of humans and the rest of Planet Earth. 

The Solution

Now almost 3 decades later, in its 27th year, COP once again boasts of incredible successes despite major destructive changes in the global climate experienced in the past year across the globe.

The global note attends to the voices of the developing nations. Blame is the name of the game. Notably absent from COP was commitment to practical macro strategies and much needed micro tactics that nations pledge to implement and monitor on return to its people who live on the tipping point  of extinction.

Albeit, hope is not lost.

Skills Training of Women, Youth and Differently-Abled Are Keys

Hope lays dormant in the the masses of unemployed youth in the villages of Asia, Africa, South Americas and spread throughout developed nations – silos of tremendous human capacity for immediate climate action- the only hope to rescue humanity and all life from oblivion.

Yet, despite solutions staring us in the face, the situation worsens. A double-edged sword indeed. In developing nations, women and the differently-abled who are at times termed “disabled,” remain strangled from meaningful gainful employment. Still stereotyped as:  insignificant unintelligent, and incapable of contributing to a better world.Yet actual, on-the-ground stories of climate action projects prove otherwise. From these groups of silos emerge innovative practical solutions and commitment for successful climate action.

Hope From The Heart Of Africa

Dr Vie SCH Sub Sahara Africa Vocational Training and Jobs

Youth Skills Training for Sustainable Africa 

Four Year Paradigm for Global Climate Action

Since 2018, over four years, four groups of vulnerable women and youth in Sub Saharan Africa participated in sustainable climate action skills training projects for community and self development.

Skills training empowerment with Dr. Vie Kenya Africa

In four villages on the Equator, rural families planted new sustainable micro crops within the radius of their living quarters/huts. 

Youth skills training sustainable foods climate action by Dr Vie SCH

In South Africa fifty differently-abled (autistic, Deaf, hearing-challenged, learning challenged) youth in two areas engaged in skills training in vegan superfoods projects, compostable packaging, and sustainable sales and marketing of healthy plant based foods.

Dr. Vie SCH DIW Remote Dance classes 2021

In East Africa and South Africa five groups of children and youth completed remote dance training programs for confidence building, creative inspiration, and expansion of inner self.

Being the Change One Wants To See In The World

In all, 450 women, children and youth participated in Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity introductory climate action skills training initiatives in the African Union.More Than Economy and USD, EUR, GP dominance

The projects revealed that instead of a focus on empowerment of women through economic financial improvement, the usual premise of upliftment projects, when individuals personally expand the boundaries of their inner selves, there is no limit to what they can do.

When the vision for change is much larger than that of improving economies and global status through competition and self-centeredness, the true potential of humanity is unleashed.

Therein is the key to sustainability of climate action progress.

Through inner motivation, self-development, and active involvement in activities founded on the premise of long-term rescue of Planet Earth from the ravages of climate action, participants self-realize individual talents and capacity to meaningfully contribute to sustainable wholesome lifestyles, communities, and livelihoods. 

Youth branded as “unemployable” due to “differentness” or inability to complete academic programs or compete through meritocracy, proved otherwise.Mainstream ladders to successful livelihoods may not be the only or even the best option for sustainability of individual and global health, physical-mental-emotional wellness and quality of life, let alone regenerating Planet Earth.We as humanity have reached the stage where evidently failed western (global north) visions and boiler-plates for economic success must be revamped, to prevent further catastrophic deterioration of our remaining precious natural resources.

To rescue our Planet and all her Beings from the tragic path is is on, we as humans must effect needed changes. The paradigms for such change are to be found within the peoples of developing nations, in particular its women, children and youth of all abilities and statures.

Equality and Equity Essential

Climate action cannot succeed without global equality and equity. Gone must be the days of dominance of a currency.

Equality of Currencies

For far too long developing countries have starved and suffered from colonialism and continue to suffer from dominance of colonial currencies and stereotyping “other” currencies as null and void. Globally currencies of all nations must have equal value for COP to succeed.

Dr. Vie, Human Rights Activist,  Climate Action Advisor, Consultant

Contact Dr. Vie for programs in AU, ASEAN and MENA regions. 

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