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How To Be Happy

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How to be happy everyday? This is the most frequent question asked of me wherever I am, be it after my talks, or in my healthy living online membership program, or during my interactive live stream sessions. 

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Perhaps you too have searched for answers to these questions:​

  • How to be happy with yourself
  • How to be happy in life always?
  • How to be happy in a relationship?
  • How to be happy and positive?
  • How to be happy on your own?
  • How to be happy after breakup?

Today, I’ll delve into Part 1 of this profound topic of how to be happy. Of course, as always, I suggest that you connect with me to pose further questions and to actively engage with me in this discussion. You can do so via posting your comments in the comments box below, or message me on Facebook, or tweet me on twitter, or join my live stream events. So let's get started.

How to be happy everyday?

Whether you live alone, or with loved ones, you just like every other human has a burning desire to feel happy. You don’t want to be saddled with physical pain anywhere in your body. You certainly don’t want to struggle with mental distress. And you definitely don’t want to experience emotional turmoil. You dream of a life without suffering. But what does that life look like? And what about everyone else?

Billions of humans today, what do they want?

We are over seven billion humans on Earth today, and each of us is unique. We have our unique thoughts, our unique voices, our unique fingerprints, and because of our uniqueness there are over seven billion different ways to experience and describe life.

Who’s to say that someone else’s way to live life, should be the way for everyone?

And today we know for a fact that there are billions of humans who inflict pain upon other humans either willfully or unconsciously. It seems logical that we cannot depend on someone else’s viewpoint to shape what our lives should be. All you can do is understand what your needs are, based on your special experiences in your life.

The answer to the question, “How to be happy?” can be found in a personal analysis of what you are experiencing in your life at this given moment in time.

And your path to happiness can only be revealed by your

  • understanding of a picture larger than yourself, and
  • by you realizing an overall purpose in life bigger than you ever thought possible.
    • To know how to be happy every day, you need to discover what happiness is, and to realize what is blocking your path to happiness. Then you can learn how to systematically reprogram your self and live in a state of happiness.

So the first question is, “What is happiness?”

Confusion about what is happiness has led to unhappiness.

For over 2000 years, the civilized human has been conditioned to equate happiness with feelings of pleasure. Today, because of this confusion between pleasure and happiness, more people are chasing after pleasure only to find themselves feeling short spurts of extasy or thrills followed by steep declines into states of sadness, frustration, anger, dissatisfaction, and even depression and suicide.

Is Pleasure Necessary For Happiness?

Happiness is a state of being, and not something that you feel. Over ten thousand years ago, in the cradle of civilization the ancients in the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization, while in deep states of meditation, revealed that happiness is a neutral state. One in which you do not experience pain or pleasure, but instead exist in a state of tranquility and balance. Sometimes referred to as a blissful state.

But how can this state of happiness be measured if you yourself have not experienced it?

Experimental data from modern scientific tools rely on the human brain for evidence. Almost every sensation and experience of the human body is recorded and stored within the brain. And because of this incredible retrieval mechanism, electrical and electromagnetic recordings of the brain can serve as documentation of what is happening in the body.

Today, various patterns of brain waves are used to interpret what is being experienced physically and emotionally within the body. A simple means of understanding how to interpret signals from your brain and relate it to what you are experiencing can be found within the various ranges of brain waves. The frequencies and intensities of your brain waves are now used in routine diagnosis.

Let us look at a few of the fundamental brain waves as recorded during your everyday activities.Beta brain waves between 16 Hz and 30 Hz are seen during everyday activity. Alpha brain waves are lower and are recorded in states of relaxation. During states of drowsiness and sleep  your brain waves get lower still, and Theta brains are recorded. Finally the lowest brain waves, the Delta brain waves occur during deep sleep. Now recently, high range Gamma brain waves above 40 Hz have been recorded on Tibetan monks during states of focused consciousness and hypersensitivity.

The most notable findings show that recordings of brain waves from Yogis in states of conscious sleep  revealed Theta and Delta waves with the body appearing to be asleep but the “sleeper” fully conscious. Typically Yogis in states of meditation, reveal a predominance off alpha and theta brain waves.

We also know that when you are relaxed and your brain waves in the Alpha state, your blood pressure and heart rate function within normal limits, and you yourself feel more at peace.

But what happens to your brain under stress?

Various studies on the brain have revealed that couples engaged in fervent arguments, people experiencing anger, doctors who are stressed, and even those with thoughts of jealousy, hatred and revenge, demonstrated brain waves outside the range needed to sustain good physical health.

It appears that if you ensure that your brain waves are in an Alpha state, you will live in a state of happiness and benefit from good physical health. To this effect, since several thousand years, Indian (Indus) Rishis have perfected the science of practicing Yogic lifestyles, prana breath regulation, mindfulness and mind-body techniques for enhanced states of physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Over the last century, as some of the Yogis spread their discoveries into the west, these Indus mind-body methods for holistic wellness have begun to gain fame in the USA, Canada, UK and more but sadly diluted and usurped by commercial enterprises.

Today from an experiential and scientific standpoint we realize that for us humans to experience a healthy body and mind, we need to maintain a state of balance which can only be described as living in a state of bliss or what we call happiness.If we do not live a lifestyle of balance, the reverse results in a vicious cycle.

This is not a prediction of what could happen in the future, but is in fact a reality of what is people are facing today. We’ve witnessed billions of fellow men and women who have fallen victim to this trap.Simply stated:If you don’t live in a state of happiness, then you will damage your body, which in turn will cause you pain and ultimately emotional suffering.

But if you live in a state of happiness, then you will age well, and enjoy life as a loving, compassionate, and highly perceptive and conscious being.

A related and vital question of course is: “Can you be happy in today’s world?” And if so, how do you do that? The answer is absolutely yes. but:


Especially if you’re living in countries where a fast pace lifestyle and constant stress coupled with environmental disregard is the norm, then you can be happy, but only if you are able to make a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

In a world where most countries are hazardous to the health and wellness of their citizens, a few countries have stepped up to the plate. Bhutan and Dubai have pledged to increase the happiness index of their citizens. But for you not living in these privileged areas, how can you be happy?

How can you be happy as you go about your life each day?

If you have a family to support, a stressful job, financial difficulties, relationship problems, parenting issues, compromised health, peer pressure, or face environmental threats, how can you even begin to think about truly being in a state of happiness?

Start with a few steps; even if it is one step.

A step in the right direction is better than two steps into the ditch.

You have to crawl first before you learn how to walk. You could stumble and fall hundreds of times before you stand up on your own. But you already have a great advantage. This is not something new to you. You’ve already been there, done that.

You’ve crawled, you’ve stumbled, and you’ve fallen hundreds of times. You, yes, you have learned to stand up on your own and walk. And you’ve been congratulated so many times because you succeeded that day that you began to walk.And today as an adult you can once more put into effect what is already programmed in your brain, encoded in your being, and been gifted to you. If you have the will, then there is a way.If you are determined to experience a state of happiness, then you will.

Are you ready to be happy?

Are you ready to truly be happy, or are you seeking to experience only pleasure? If you are searching to be happy, then your journey has already begun. And I shall reveal to you the next step.What are the steps to being happy?

The steps really depend on what you’ve become over the years. By this I mean, because you are unique the steps to you being happy will not be the same as the steps to happiness for your spouse, partner, sibling, parents, children, or the neighbors.

As you take your own baby steps toward your goal of being happy, you can compare your progress to only what state you’ve been in yesterday.

But there are a few prerequisites for how to be happy

  • One prerequisite to success in your journey to being happy, is your willingness to see the bigger picture. You should be willing to acknowledge that your potential is much larger than you’ve ever imagined.
  • Another prerequisite is for you to be open to learning to think for yourself, and not to seek the judgments of others around you, for only you and you alone are responsible for your state of happiness.
  • And finally, you must be prepared to discover who you really are. For decades, you have been living your life without realizing your true gifts, and you’ve been holding yourself back from being happy.

If you have satisfied the prerequisites for your journey to being happy, then tune in to part two in the series of how to be happy.

Whether you are on your own, within a family, surrounded by friends, or a nomad like me, you can attain a state of happiness. Whether you’ve suffered a loss, or a breakup, or you wonder how to be happy again, do not despair. Do tune in to part two in this sure to sign up and not miss out.

In the meanwhile, do post your comments and feedback below, because your voice counts, and I’d love for you to interact in this discussion that is plaguing the world right now.

Billions of our fellow humans are unhappy and unable to live in a state of happiness. We can change these vibrations, one human at a time, starting with you and me.

If you want immediate help, do contact me for a one on one coaching session or click to join my online Healthy Living Membership or send me a note with your questions.

Learn how to be happy again

What is the Yogic secret to be happy?

Can you achieve happiness even if you are ill, lonely, divorced, separated, unemployed, penniless, rejected, overweight, or no longer young? Can you feel happy?

Yes you can, when you master the ancient secret, from the cradle of civilization.


 If you have any of these questions, then you need to learn how to be happy.

“How can I lose weight?”
“What should I be eating?”
“How can I feel happy and be happy?”
“Am I doing the right things to protect myself from pain and disease?”


When you are troubled by pain or emotional distress, do you try trends recommended by friends?  Do you feel good for a few days?

But then within a week, or months do you  find yourself back to square one? That’s the same way that so many others also fall into. 

But there’s another way, which really determined men and women follow and find success with.

  • They’re able to take back control not just for a few days, but for the rest of their lives.
  • They can reshape their bodies not just for a special event, but for the long term.
  • They can rejuvenate their energies not only by drinking an energizing product, but just by thinking about it.
  • And they feel an inner strength, to face the many unknown challenges yet to come.

And with their new found control over their bodies, they are able to lessen the source of disturbance and experience a state of happiness from deep within. How does this happen? It happens because a change has occurred at the level of their brain waves, just as you have learned about in my radio show above.


You just like other successful men and women, have access to the very same tools. All you need to do is learn how to use your assets. With your new found inner power, you can eliminate the burdens that come from your body and you can:

  • lose the extra weight,
  • reduce unnecessary stress,
  • feel energized,
  • love your job,
  • be with the right people,
  • give off your best without much effort,
  • experience joy in your daily life,
  • and have so much extra time to do the things you love.

The first step to long term happiness, is to become aware, to realize a limitless power within you, and to switch it on.

Then you can make the proper choices in what foods are right for your unique body and mind, and what type of job is best for you, what environment is suited to you, and even what relationships nurture the best in you. As you find balance in your life, a new found a deeper state of stillness occurs. Harmony.

Your transformation starts with awareness. The link between awareness and happiness stems from the ancient Yogic revelations of something referred to thesedays as mindful awareness, mind-body health, or mindfulness. These terminologies and methods were derived from the Yogic revelations ten thousand years ago. 

Where do I come in?

As you know, I come from an Indian lineage, where awareness, mindfulness and meditation have been a routine practice.

Even though I have many academic degrees and inventions in various areas of healthy living, I always find myself sharing more about my insights from the ancient source of restoring inner peace…

Yoga science, Yogic science is beyond Yoga asanas (exercises) and Yoga breathing.


Something you can start of with at the earliest that can help you calm you mind, is Yoga Meditation.

Daily meditation, those moments when you have quieted the mind, can help you to start to recognize your own power and slowly trigger your state of mindfulness. This is the crucial step  to any personal transformation and state of happiness that you seek:

  • Whether you want to change the shape of your body,
  • Whether you want to better your health,
  • Whether you want to calm or fortify your mind,
  • Whether you want to stabilize your emotions,
  • Whether you want to better your relationships, or
  • Whether you want to love your work you need to firstly access the best of you, that is within you and within each of us, no matter who we are or where we are, or what we’ve been through….

Once you unleash your true inner Self, you begin to see the world and your life in a whole new light. Do let me know if you have any questions or feel free to comment below.



Lots of love, 

And a special hug to you.








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