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How to be happy is the question most asked by young and old, rich and poor, healthy and ill.

What is the secret to be happy?

Can you achieve happiness…

Even if you are ill, lonely, unemployed, penniless, rejected, overweight, or no longer young?

Yes…but how?

What if there was one fundamental secret to set you on your way?



My dear, I’ve given so many talks in so many locations, and wherever I go men and women, are always asking me the same string of questions:

How can I lose weight, or
What should I be eating, or 
How can I feel happy and be happy?
Am I doing the right things to protect myself from pain and disease?


What I know for sure, not only from my scientific knowledge, but more from my experiential insights, is that there’s a mindless way, to try and restore your health. And there is a mindful way.


You see when you are troubled by pain or emotional distress, you could try any trend that your friend recommends. Or you could rush to try something that someone famous talks about or has written a book about. And you may feel good for a few days.

But then within a week, or months you most likely are going find yourself back to square one. That’s the mindless way that so many others also fall into.
But there’s another way, a mindful way which really determined men and women follow and find success with.

  • They’re able to take back control not just for a few days, but for the rest of their lives.
  • They can reshape their bodies not just for a special event, but for the long term.
  • They can rejuvenate their energies not only by drinking an energizing product, but just by thinking about it.
  • And they feel an inner strength, to face the many unknown challenges yet to come.


You just like them, have access to the same tools. All you need to do is learn how to use your assets.
It’s only when you mindfully retrain your body and mind, that you can

  • lose the extra weight,
  • reduce unnecessary stress,
  • feel energized,
  • love your job,
  • be with the right people,
  • give off your best without much effort,
  • experience joy in your daily life,
  • and have so much extra time to do the things you love.

The first step to long term happiness, is to become mindful, to realize the power within you, and to switch it on.

Then you can make the proper choices in what foods are right for your unique body and mind, and what type of job is best for you, what environment is suited to you, and even what relationships nurture the best in you.
Your transformation, starts with mindfulness…

Where do I come in?

As you know, I come from an Indian lineage, where meditation has been a routine practice.

Even though I have many degrees and inventions in many areas of health, I find myself sharing my insights about the ancient source of restoring inner peace…

Yoga science, yogic science…
So today this is my gift to you, a special short introduction to what Yoga really is, and then I guide you through a breathing sequence for stress reduction and relaxation. Thereafter I lead you through a mantra meditation, so you can immediately start to tap into your own power and trigger your state of mindfulness, which is the most crucial step that you must take, to any personal transformation that you seek,

  • Whether you want to change the shape of your body,
  • Whether you want to better your health,
  • Whether you want to calm or fortify your mind,
  • Whether you want to stabilize your emotions,
  • Whether you want to better your relationships,
  • Whether you want to love your work,
  • Or whether you want to live a joyful life.

So I encourage you to sign up for the meditation video, to gain an understanding of the steps, then start it from the guided meditation to practice.

Do sign up right away, and check your email for the very important link…which could change your life. 

Lots of love, 

And a special hug to you.






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