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How to deal with stress

How to deal with stress in today’s rushed and crazy world? It’s the million dollar question, begging for an answer. But, back to the beginning. What are the signs of stress? More importantly, how does stress affect your life? And of course, how to relieve stress, calm your mind, and live a happier life?


How To Deal With Stress is last on the agenda

You cannot learn how to deal with stress if you don’t realize what signs to look for, and why you need to conquer the trauma it causes, not only for you, but also for anyone around you.


What are the signs of stress?

When we evolved into modern humans, stress was the body’s natural mechanism to signal that something was amiss.

Be it danger: when your life was threatened by a lion chasing you, or perhaps you toppling off a cliff and hanging on for dear life as you look down a the rocks below.

Or the feeling of impending doom – lack of food, a hurricane…

The above situations were handled by the intelligent body naturally, and life went on or ended. That was that. And the cycle of life continued. Just as with any other species on the great planet Earth.

But as with anything …the folly begins when we toy with nature...and so

The Contemporary Human Created The Most Dangerous Form Of Stress

Yes, what you encounter today is nothing as natural as the everyday stress of being human. Instead, here you are…

You’re stressed out about:

  • What time to get up tomorrow, so you are not late for work.
  • How to pleasure your partner, so he/she does not find a better playmate.
  • When to sneak out of work, to pick up your kid from school.
  • Why your friend does not like the dress you are wearing today.
  • Where to go for your honeymoon.
  • How your parents will react, if you don’t do well at school.
  • Not being first in the race against your competition.


Man-Made World Of Stress is Killing You

So, there you are, at the end of the day, stressed out about every little thing that has been created by fellow humans. None of the stress is warranted by a natural human living in the good old days.

Yes you want the house, the cars, the clothes, the awards, the perfect family, the enviable body, the delicious partner, because you have conditioned yourself to believe that without the wants, you will be nameless, and a nobody.

Not because it in anyway holds true…but only because achieving the above has become the rules that you are taught to follow, or else you will be punished…with banishment.


Solutions to reduce stress?

Surely there is a silver lining, somewhere out there? Everyone wants to get rid of the stress.

Many seek the quick fix, to get rid of stress, and get on with the next day, weeks, months and years. Only to discover, it does not work.

  • How many people do you know of consume pain medications on a daily basis? To numb their negative feelings, anxiety, stress and worries?
  • Or perhaps it’s a dose of marijuana to deaden the pain?
  • Or a shot of wine, or stronger spirits to relax the tired muscles and let go of the day?
  • What about that extravagant weekend or vacation to escape?


Long Term Effects Of The Escapes?

Despite warnings of the side effects of the quick fixes, millions to billions have pursued the lethal solutions. Today, the consequences are more openly discussed.

Drunk drivers have killed millions of innocent men, women and children.

Drugged workers are now following closely behind.

Suicide, domestic violence, infidelity, child abuse and even acts of hatred and terror are just some of the results of a dulled mind under the effect of stress, or the effect of quick fixes.

But has the problem with stress gone away?

Stress Remains – the consequences now worse than ever before

Today, our lives are more pressured, more competitive and more worrisome than before. Trust is at its all time low, loyalty is on the fence, and compassion is becoming a commodity to be traded.

Of course, the human mind is troubled…but as long as we yearn for a better life…we will eventually realize that the simple way of life, is by far the best.

You cannot learn how to effectively deal with stress

Because stress should not be managed, but eliminated.

Stress has no place in your life.

But only you can get rid of man-made stress, one step at a time.

You can start with a few simple relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

How to deal with stress

Five Steps To Reduce Stress en route to Getting Rid Of It?

Here are five simple ways to get started asap…

  • Step One: Calm your mind the best you can, every evening before you go to bed.
  • Step Two: De-clutter your life off the meaningless little tasks and errands that are of no importance.
  • Step Three: Decrease the need for competing with loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, and enemies.
  • Step Four: Spend more time in nature, where you truly belong.
  • Step Five: Spread love through genuine acts of compassion, firstly to yourself, then to loved ones and to as many people you know or do not know.

I’ve listed a few resources for you below. Check them out if you wish.

Post your questions and comments below if you like.

As always, I am here to help you. Reach out to me, via email or by clicking here. I would be delighted to help…yes, I’ve been through many a challenge on my own, in many countries..and I’ve guided tens of thousands of all ages to live meaningful lives.  Just reach out to me and I’ll help.

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