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How To Lose Weight Naturally

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The quest for ideal weight throughout life, has been raging for at least half a century, since the explosion of industry related weight gain. The difference between success and failure is to be found in the way in which you shed extra pounds. When you learn how to lose weight naturally then you have hit the jackpot.  So let’s answer some tough questions as we dive into this article.  The first question is:



Why Are You Focused on Fast Weight Loss versus Ideal Weight Throughout Life?

If you know me at all, or you have been reading my articles over the years, or attended any of my live talks, or if you have been receiving the blazing NEWSLETTER then you know that you can expect nothing but the candid, naked, truth from me. Yes devoid of any marketing slogans, or money making schemes, or hot trends or SEO rich terminology.


What you get from me comes from my 20+ years in the global health industry and my 15+ years in the natural health industry and my 10+ years as a natural foods authority. In addition you get the information right from my heart based on life long experience on the path to restoring humanity to its rightful place in nature.



So all that said, let’s get down to the answering the question I raised:

“Why do you persist in your search for fast weight loss?”

The answer is that we as a society have become accustomed to quick results, quick solutions, in a quick fast paced lifestyle that is highly stressed, short on time and filled with unnecessary deadlines.



So just as you search for a pill to pop the minute you get a headache, with the purpose of getting on with your hectic life, so too you want rapid results from any weight loss “solution” that you try.

To top it all, we are a society that procrastinates about our own health. So you may find yourself indulging in all the rich foods with the brazen idea that “I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow, after Thanks Giving, after the holidays, or a week before the wedding….” The procrastinator’s list is endless!

Why? Because you have been led to believe that there is some miracle solution out there that will help you lose weight fast and save the day.

Why Rapid Weight Loss Fails Long Term?

How long did it take you to get to the point that you are at today with respect to the weight you see on that scale?  Right!  A long time.  But if you rush to lose weight fast by depending on supplements, packaged foods, calorie counting, and excess exercise you will not be able to maintain healthy weight throughout life.


The Weight Loss Industry Blunder

Unfortunately, the quest for good health has become an industry, focused on the business of health.  Once the nasty attribute of greed comes into play, then compassion goes out the window. Yes business and compassion are incompatible.

While I was in South Africa, giving free talks to thousands of people, I encountered a wealthy accountant. He said: “I have no love during my work. I do nothing for free. Yes I give donations to the charities, but I do nothing for free!”

Now, there are billions of people just like this millionaire. These are the people who tip the scales of greed, inequality and environment based diseases including weight gain.

The weight loss industry is over a trillion dollars. Everyone who can sell something is doing so. Just for the sake of making money, even if it hurts billions.

Just two months ago, I had a request from a Quebec woman who has an internet business. She wanted me to “develop” a food bar for her so she could market and sell superfoods online. She knew minimal to nothing about health yet there she was asking to include a “superfood” ingredient into a trendy format just so that she could target needy consumers.

You need to question everything.

Yo Yo Weight Gain

The thing is this, everything that you did since the start of this life, has led to where you are today.  Your weight is included in this formula:

Everything you did since birth + Everything you did not do since birth = Where You Are Today

As highly evolved beings on Earth, we need to truly question our expectations about everything, including weight loss, or returning to ideal weight.

The cause of the Yo Yo diet, weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain is a factor of everything you do in life.  It is not just based on what you eat or do not eat. Successful weight loss and returning to ideal weight throughout life, is not based on the supplements you take or the industry based weight loss programs that feed the masses.  You are not just a number on a scale. You are 100% unique because of:

Everything you did since birth + Everything you did not do since birth = Where You Are Today


Step 1 The Root Cause Of YOUR Weight Issues

Once you understand the very cause of your particular weight fluctuations, then you can systematically use the appropriate laser targeted strategy to remedy the situation, 100% naturally, without supplements or artificial means. In my training, I call this the “Walk Through Life.”

You can lose weight naturally, and maintain ideal weight throughout life once you understand the root cause. Then comes step 2.


Step 2 Trigger Your Natural Healing Powers ASAP

You have everything that it takes to lose weight naturally, and maintain ideal weight throughout life.  All you need to do is to turn on the switches, something like switching on of Genes! I teach this step by step in my training, after all in this life, I am an Indian female coded for easier access to time tested solutions to everyday problems!

Now once you turn on the vital switches, then you begin to see and feel the difference deep within yourself.  Your self-confidence returns, you begin to trust your self and you make wiser decisions, your energy abounds and you feel as if you are riding on a runner’s high.

Why? Mmm…that is easy. It happens because you are finally being your true natural self and not something someone else wants you to be.  Imagine a fish trying to walk on land because it is forced to act like a human!  Same thing with us. Once we return to our naturally coded powers, then the natural healing starts…and it is free, and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as the Moon makes it journey around the Earth and as the Earth makes its journey around the Sun, our very own Star.

Step 3 Life Long Ideal Weight

Finally you must maintain your natural healing and keep the switches on throughout your life in this body. The body changes over time, so the switches need to be kept on during the changes. You need to use the switches differently during the seven stages of life from youth through elder life.

Once you experience steps one, two, and three you are ready to teach others too! How cool is that? You can make a difference.

Ready For Ideal Weight?

After thousands of requests during my life events around the globe, and recently in Africa and even more recently during my online inspirational event, I have put together an online series of training to help you through steps one to three so you can restore ideal weight and keep your switches on.

How To Restore Ideal Weight Naturally with Natural Health Scientist Dr. Vie

In the monthly live sessions I will take you through the three steps, so that you can restore ideal weight naturally.  There is a huge difference between natural weight loss based on “turning on switches” and fast weight loss dependent on supplements, packaged foods, calorie counting, and excess exercise.  The former will restore ideal weight for life and the latter triggers Yo Yo ups and downs.

So if you are really serious about returning to ideal weight throughout your life, then do register for my candid training on how to lose weight naturally by turning on the right switches to heal and regenerate your body naturally, the way nature intended.

So do click here to learn more, watch the video, and share the love. Join me, interact and tap into your natural healing powers as your learn how to lose weight naturally and regain self confidence and make a difference in your life and in our world.

Click this link to learn more  and I encourage you to join the event and share the link to all those whom you care about so they too can benefit.


How To Lose Weight Naturally Live Training With Dr. Vie Natural Health Scientist
How To Lose Weight Naturally Live Training With Dr. Vie Natural Health Scientist


When you get the training, you also get:

  • Taming The Female Impostor® Book of Secrets to women’s health.
  • Life Profile Assessment.
  • VIP invitation to one of my live events of your choice.
  • Community Chat Buddy System

If on the other hand you want to learn more about Taming The Female Impostor® here is the link to the book.

I await you in my live online or offline events.

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