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How To Prevent Coronavirus Covid-19 Easy Hygiene Tips



what if we don't Stop The Spread of the New coronavirus? 

Over 140 million people infected globally, with over 3 million of untimely deaths....

In most countries, each of us knows someone within our circles who have been infected or passed on.

Surely we need to be concerned when the most advanced country in the world, USA could not save her people, and new dominant variants enabled faster transmission. The new coronavirus, COVID-19 that took the world by no surprise in 2020 persisting in 2021, appears to be aggressive, non-discriminatory, and determined to take over human life as we have become accustomed to on our Planet Earth.

Panic stricken citizens realized that anyone could be affected, pregnant families, babies to the elderly, from the poor to the rich, from unknown people,  to celebrities, Heads of States, Princes and Princesses. 

Initially advocated as the flu bug by many people, while perceptive minds realized otherwise.

Sadly 102 years post Spanish Flu which killed over 50 million people before their time, we failed to learn from history.

The same mistakes were repeated. Leading to the virus evolving and increasing it's army with new dominant variants.

Today we should know: Unless rapid, systematic, and focused actions are put into place and willingly adhered to fully by every citizen, the future will be very bleak for persons left behind to navigate the path of destruction left by us handling this pandemic today. 

coronavirus why it started
coronavirus need to prevent and stop it
coronavirus droplets spread from nose mouth

But amid these numbers are rays of hope as seen in the over 98% who have recovered, meaning that humans can fight back. But will we fight back, especially as the second wave appears to be worse than the first one?

4 Questions for us

  1. Are we serious about this attack on humanity? Or do we just want to get back to our lives the way it was before the virus and don't care about our actions on our future?
  2. Can the world count on us to step up to the plate and do our very best to save our people from unnecessary suffering and untimely death by taking simple, easy to learn and effect actions?
  3. We are called on to help in this global crisis, but can we be relied on to do our part, or will we continue to ignore the call?
  4. Are we of the caliber to tap into our conscience and our consciousness to save our people or are we self centered humans who fail to rise to the occasion yet again?

Right Caliber, Right Mindset, Right Commitment to Take Action?

 How can we right now, right away engage in a defensive and pro-active strategies to safeguard ourselves, our loved ones and those around us, including animals, so we can contain the virus, prevent the new coronavirus variants from spreading, #stopthespread and stop it from finally infecting food supplies and our natural resources essential to sustain life?  

Let's get started.

Preventing & Stopping Coronavirus or Curing COVID-19?

Prevention is better than cure

How often have we been told that it's best to prevent something bad than dealing with trying to cure it...

In retrospect that always sounds profound. If we only took that step at that time! 

Alas, as humans focus on getting ahead in the rushed competitive world we live in, we've been neglecting many essentials which we've supposed to attend to.

From Animal to Human, some questions

  • Where, How? 
    •  sars  and this virus jumped from an infected animal being slaughtered at a wet food live market in china.
  • how the meat you consume Is being processed and handled?
  • ultimately what's the connection between the meat and us 

Now we realize that when we interact with an infected item of fresh "food", especially that of an animal, viruses can be transmitted   into humans...with devastating consequences.

How Are Viruses Jumping From Animals To Humans?

What are humans doing to stimulate the jumping of viruses  from animals to people? There are many areas that we can address to stop new viruses from infecting humans in the future. But what about now?

Citizens' Roles

Perhaps we are finally realizing the dangerous nature of the new coronavirus known as Covid-19. Worse than SARS and even MERS. Fatalities are expected to continue in the third-fourth and more waves as lockdowns and regulations fluctuate in most countries, and yet others enter more lockdowns.  

  1. For now how can you as a private citizen help in this war against the virus and its variants? 
  2. Are the scientists who are engaged in finding a cure the only ones who can being helping?

Can you do anything or are you helpless AGAINST THIS VIRUS  IN YOUR COUNTRY and lockdowns are ending or ended and travel is on the rise? 

prevent the spread of coronavirus with hygiene training

Your Powerful Role As A Concerned Citizen?

If you ever wanted to make a difference and be a valued contributor to the betterment of this planet, this is your chance. Each of us can be either be working against the spread of COVID-19 or enabling this virus to expand its army with more potent variants. 

How To Prevent the Spread of COVID-19? #stopthespread

Let's look at three important things you could do right away.

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  • Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Life

  • avoid contaminated areas

  • don't be a transmitter

Get To Know The Facts

You are reading this because you are on the internet. Use this vital media to get to know the facts about COVID-19, why it started, how it is being transmitted as variants, and where is it right now. Is someone infected in or near your home, community, town, city? 

Ordinary citizens can help prevent the spread of coronavirus variants in more infection waves  in homes, communities, societies, schools, towns and countries. #preventcoronavirus #hygienetips #personalhygiene #stopthespread

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For some persons personal hygiene is already being practiced, but even then, most persons are unaware of and don't pay attention to the spread of it fungi, bacteria or viruses and basic hygiene will be insufficient in the time of deadly pandemic.

Thankfully with knowledge and the desire to save a life, we can learn and improve our level of know-how, we can very quickly actively engage in a series of non pharmaceutical preventative measures by adopting the following basic SOPs- standard operating protocols. 

Seven Ways To Prevent Getting Covid-19 or Spreading It

  • Wash your hands often with soap- for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cough or sneeze in a tissue or cloth and dispose of it well,  or  cough/sneeze in the crook of your elbow. In public follow the above WHILE wearing your mask over both nose and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with persons out of your home, and especially those known to be infected or showing signs of contamination, or who are at high-risk for spreading the virus
  • Clean the surfaces that you use or will use
  • Keep distance of 2 m from the persons in public, i.e. when you leave your home. Wear a proper safe cloth mask. When in public places, reduce talking, laughing, shouting, singing, whistling (you get the idea), and smoking if you can....'cos the virus comes out of your mouth!
  • Ensure meat dishes including eggs are well cooked. If you are eating or drinking in public, please avoid talking without your mask.
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging or cheek kissing to avoid       getting or spreading the virus.. use your discretion of course.

Preventing the spread of the deadly new coronavirus Covid-19 variant is in your hands and mouth!

protect babies from coronavirus

As you improve your knowledge be sure to help those around you. If you don't already know it is the very young, the aged and those who already have compromised weaker health even if they are young adults, that are easily targeted by the new coronavirus with fatal results.

You can become a pro-active citizen in helping those around you remain virus gaining and Sharing proper knowledge.

Please take advantage of our free online  Basic Hygiene Training Course to Fight Back Against Coronavirus Covid-19 and #stopthespread 

Hygiene training to prevent infections in Africa free online course
Dr. Vie, your professor, is a scientist who has worked in hygienic environments and with federal regulatory bodies in Europe and North Americas and currently educates thousands in Central and South Africa through her Basic and Advanced Hygiene Training & Regulatory SOPs for food safety and preventing preventative diseases within villages.

Free Online Basic Hygiene Course


enroll right away and benefit from important yet easy tips to fight back Immediately. Your course is online. Learn at your own pace for 7 Days. interact in the chat area. #stopthespread

Hygiene tips how to fight prevent protect against coronavirus free training online


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