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Human brain size decreasing

Reprogram your brain and the rest will follow. Permanent weight loss, compassion, love, no war, no hatred, no bullying, no sexual deviants, no murder,  respect for the aged, contribution to society.  Sound too good to be true.  Yes or no? What do you think my dear reader?

As life expectancy in the developed nations increase (85 years for Japanese women and 80 years for Japanese men vs. 81 for USA women and 76 for USA men) illness is on the rise.  Dementia is rearing its ugly head at an earlier age than ever before.  121 million people world wide are depressed with 180, 000 depression related deaths each year. In the USA 5 million people have alzheimers disease the most common form of dementia. Think that dementia is a disease of the aged? Think again.

Of late we have been exposed to numerous reports of brain injury from sports related injuries from hockey, soccer, boxing, cycling, skiing and the list goes on.  What is not addressed is the fact that the brain is also affected by environmental factors which could lead to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, emotional instability, speech defects and more.

Our brain is our control center. It needs to be protected and nurtured and nourished. It is our powerhouse, an organ that is not visible to us on a daily basis, yet the part of our body most ignored.  Contemporary society dishes out a phenomenal amount of money each day on props, devices, chemical, procedures and drugs to fine tune, reshape, tighten and regenerate the look of the body. Anti-aging products are the number one sought after treatment by humans 30+ years old in developed nations. Ironically, it is these very nations who are leading the world in dementia and earlier onset of dementia over the years.

When we are born we are given the winning lottery ticket with the prize of a limitless brain. A brain so highly evolved and so intelligent that no computer on earth or probably anywhere in the cosmos, can replicate.  We as humans here on earth could have used the brain to accomplish anything…..what have we accomplished to date.

Each day we are inundated by news of sexual predators abusing children.  Bullies threatening the lives of the helpless.  Wars around the planet. Obsession with drugs, alcohol and smoking.  A society sickened by food companies that contrive addictive combinations of ingredients guaranteed to produce allergies, diabetes, cancer, vascular defects, anxiety and more.  Our water polluted by sewage contaminated with by products of what we flush down the drain each day. Yes it all goes back into the water that we drink. Farmlands robbed of its organic richness.  All in the pursuit of a fast paced life based on high tech gadgetry to feed billions of dollars to a money focused society that depends on illness and addictions to immediate pleasures.

We are a society hooked on drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs and pain medication for a quick fix to create a sense of nirvana, bliss.  Did you know that 25% of all emergency room patients in North America are those with lethal interaction between drugs and alcohol abuse? Whitney Houston is a prime example of how prescription drugs can interact with legal drugs to terminate the life of an unwitting victim.  Half our North American society lives off pain medication knowing very little about the interaction between your regular over the counter pain meds or antihistamines and alcohol.


So what have we done with the winning lottery ticket?  Easy come, easy go?  Nespa?

Yes, it appears that we may have squandered all that gift. AND put our selves into deep debt to the planet. Yes a deficit.


It is no wonder that our human brain size is finally decreasing. This is a fact proven by scientist across the planet. It is TRUE.

Surely we are not the only “intelligent’ life form in the cosmos!

Hope  suggests that there MUST be a more intelligent life form elsewhere. A life form that have done much better with their winning lottery ticket. What would this life form be like?


Mmmm…..let us ponder on that for a moment. If we as humans went the other way…..if we instead took that winning gift and used it more wisely then:

We would accept that we are part of our environment – that we are our planet.

We would know that our planet supports us and nourishes us with water, food, air.

We would know that we should never cut the hand that feeds us.

We would live in homeostasis with our environment always supporting our surroundings.

We would know that our body is of electromagnetic strength.

We would know that our cells vibrate a different frequencies.

We would know that our cells secrete chemicals  that can protect and proliferate life OR harm and kill off life.

We would know that our thoughts affect our cells and that our thoughts determine what chemicals are secreted.

We would know that certain foods, liquids, air, actions and surroundings can make us powerful, maintain healthy life and promote happiness.

We would revere the seniors who have lived more years than us.

We would revere the oceans, the mountains, the air and the sand that outlives us.

Alas the western world at most is now beginning to look to the east and ancient cultures for secrets to longevity. Meditation, positive thoughts, yoga, living a natural life, eating simple natural food, breathing in fresh air, drinking pure water from the source, functioning from a core of love, pure unconditional love…….alas once again the western world is taking the ancient secrets and once again commercializing it into money making machines completely defeating the purpose.

As the life expectancy increases and middle age is in the mid 40’s with 40 years more to live, we begin to worry about what we will look like as we age and we frantically search for timeless secrets. Alas stress levels are rising.

Every negative thought kills off vibrant brain cells.

Every ounce of polluted air harms our brain cells.

Every mcg of toxic food poisons our brain cells.

Every cup of infected water damages our brain cells.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol injures our brain cells.

It is no surprise that the human brain size is now decreasing in developed nations.


This 2012 let us take some time to stop, to take a walk, alone with our self.


To ponder on what we have accomplished as a person, as part of our family, as part of our society, as part of our nation, as part of our earth and as part of our cosmos.


To be truly happy deep within ourself on our very own each day we must function from a core of love firstly for our self.


For we are our planet. If each of us emit positive vibrational energies we be will be able to function at our very best and nurture our life as part of our planet. For we are our planet.


“Only when we truly love our self, can we unconditionally love our fellow beings,” Dr. Vie.

“Be the change that you want in the world,” Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall,” Nelson Mandela.

“We have the power of  “God” within us. We do not have to look far at all,” Father Vie.


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With love


Dr. Vie, Founder Dr. Vie Academy

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