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Human Rights Day 2016 with Dr. Vie

How sad when Human Rights Day is exploited for fun, entertainment and a family outing. I’ve witnessed a major event that started off with the right theme, told the right story and shared the right message with video, followed by a play with actors and actresses but then quickly disintegrated into a focus on songs, dance, feasting, drinking, smokes and entertainment…sadly with a well known celebrity  (who is worshiped by fans) not interested in how to put a stop to human trafficking, suffering and destruction of humanity. Yet within all of the staging, one message was ardently clear: The reason for human trafficking, suffering and destruction of humanity was made clear...most of the audience themselves were responsible. Most but not all…for within every such crowd there will be at least one person who will see the light. For this reason there is hope to rescue humanity from the perilous path it is now on. All it takes is one person in a crowd. Just one. One.

Dr. Vie Human Rights Day 2016
Dr. Vie Human Rights Day March 2016


One attendee who was listening closely to my talk asked me a poignant question just as I was packing up:

Dr. Vie how do we become Super Conscious? 

He was a young Black man (S) who took the time to introduce himself and engage me in a meaningful discussion of how we can transform humanity…he is now eager on bringing together a group of youth so that I can guide them to Super Consciousness.

Dr. Vie Human Rights Day 2016
Dr. Vie Human Rights Day 2016


Human Rights Day Events Exploited For Media Attention?

When I share in the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth around our amazing Planet as I motivate and inspire them to be better humans, to have better lives and to have a better world during my free Super Conscious Humanity Youth Program…I am inundated with stories of their sorrows, their pain, their suffering…by the hands and minds of their own adults, in their own world…the sad truth is that it is our own fellow adults who are the traffickers, who are the rapists, who are the hate mongers, who are the opportunists just waiting to prey on the defenseless youth and elders.


We see this clearly in the facade of organizations and companies who tout the message of social responsibility, of helping the community, of helping those who are suffering. We see the staff arranging events, putting on a fantastic display of “compassion” so that sponsors are happy.

Alas, the staff are only to eager to do the bare minimum and then just as quickly pack up and disappear even before the event is truly over. Worse is when staff themselves sit on the street, faces covered in red paint and demonstrate empathy for those who are really suffering…and shortly thereafter partake of alcohol and refuse to discover how to put a stop to human inequalities and human suffering..the very theme that they were touting for the media an hour earlier.


This is the time to truly question everything that is happening around us today. To open our eyes and see the truth behind everything. We must question:

Why is humanity going down the tubes, with youth, adults and elders depressed, hating themselves, hating others, envious, jealous, violent, deceitful?

You will be surprised by the obvious answer that will shine bright…we have become unconscious of our real identity, of our real purpose for being humans, for our real reason for being alive.



Time is critical…we must engage our youth and as many people as possible…those who want to make a difference in their own lives….to move away from an artificial false life to an amazing fulfilling super conscious life…and truly love being alive today.  Please contact me and invite me to inspire your groups anywhere on our magical Planet Earth, our home.

Human Rights Day with Youth and Elders 2016
Human Rights Day with Youth and Elders 2016

Lots of love 


Dr. Vie

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