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Today's African Youth in Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Program

South Africa, February 2016: Thousands of youth through ages 26 sharing with me their hopes, challenges and feelings as they live their lives in a world filled with uncertainty, brimming with man made diseases and overflowing with unnatural phenomena … they continue to reveal the future of Planet Earth if the proper actions are not taken as soon as possible. These youth, whom I am blessed to interact with, are the ones who can restore compassion in all humans, homeostasis in Mother Nature and brightness for our future. Who are they? Where do they come from? What drives them? Let us find out.


Today’s Youth ?

Deep in the heart of South Africa, in the area of Kwa Zulu Natal, I’ve been sharing in the lives of thousands of youth since I arrived here in December. I know their stories of great struggle, I know of their inner hopes, I know of their human potential as I have been privy to their minds… the minds of the future of our Planet Earth and ultimately our future. Today’s youth, these youth whom I am spending time with as they share their inner most dreams with me, these are the youth who will carry the light to restore peace on Earth for all beings and most of all for Mother Nature.


50,000 Youth Minds Unraveled

Since I started the free global youth program (previously Dr. Vie SuperKids now called Dr. Vie Global Super Conscious Humanity Program For Youth) in 2004 I have been blessed to know over 50,000 youth globally. I know this for sure, if we want a better future, if we want peace in our individual minds, in our families, in our communities, in our nations and on our dearest home, Planet Earth, we must address the state of mind of our youth and our elders and of course the women of our Planet. Whomever you are, you must achieve a state of inner strength of mind as soon as possible if you want to have a better life.


Inner Strength Of Mind First Before Preparing Yourself For Work

We live in a world driven by the economy, and from get go we are taught to excel in all the preparatory steps so we can join the work force, be good workers, climb up the work ladder, acquire titles, accumulate money, become attached to possessions and be entrepreneurial.  Yet today people are more depressed, more stressed, more diseased, more unhappy and less satisfied than ever before.  Our strategy is not working. WHY?

Could we have put the cart before the horse, in our misconceived notion that the human potential to seek more really means to accumulate more, to indulge more, to feel more pleasure and to feel more power?

Today's Youth in Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Program
Today’s Youth in Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Program

Youth Are Missing Self Esteem and Self Identity

As of today, from within the minds of +50,000 youth, I can tell you this for sure, your youth are feeling lost because they are lacking the proper mentors and the right role models to guide them to first of all develop their own self identity. They are surrounded by mentors who have self serving motives funded by large organizations. Sadly the inevitable will continue to occur.

When youth do not know who they are, they can NEVER EVER take on their role on Planet Earth as nature intended. They will be misguided to pursue work for the sake of accumulating false identities, they will find it easier to hurt others and to destroy Planet Earth’s resources and wonders of nature. 


If we want to allow humanity to evolve naturally and become better than we are now, we must look deep within ourselves and restore our own human potential which is the most amazing gift we have as humans.

Contact me Dr. Vie to motivate and mentor your youth

I invite parents, parents to be, educators, youth, leaders and more to please contact me as soon as possible so we can promote proper self identity in our youth and witness their amazing powers come to fruition and transform our hurt selves, our hurt families, our hurt communities our hurt elders, our hurt nations and most of all our hurting Planet Earth…so that we may all heal and feel that deep sense of bliss each morning when we arise and each evening when we retire for the night.


Lots of love, 


Dr. Vie

Founder of Dr. Vie Global Super Conscious Humanity Program

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