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As I continue my free talks around South Africa this month, I am meeting hundreds of people from all works of life, whose passion for improving the world is beyond words.  Bravo to my fellow inspirational South African sisters and brothers and big family.


Dr. Vie Radio Show South Africa
Dr. Vie Radio Show South Africa







I’ve been featured on a national radio show via SABC  during which time I had such a delightful chat with an amazing host and human Alan Khan with my mother being pampered by Alan and his producer and the rest of his team.  During that evening show I happened to mention the next free talk talking place the following morning. Lo and behold many of the loyal listeners dug deep for the address (which I did not mention on the show) and drove long distances just to join me during my talk.  Now I must add that after a few minutes with the morning group I began discussions at an higher level, because the audience (whom I had not met before) was already had a spiritually advanced level. Incidentally they were called Wisdom Group…which was quite befitting.  The questions and answers during my interactive session with them was truly heart warming.


Since them of course I have been invited to many more talks in league with the Diabetes Association, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association and youth programs.  Additionally I am actively engaged in Train the Trainer sessions with Life Line  that work first hand with disadvantaged groups and with high risk people on the streets of South Africa.  My free work is also taking me into the schools to Train the Teachers to find their inner peace and in turn to stimulate inner peace in the students.


My work is so rewarding here, the people I meet are so loving and so gracious. I’ve been truly blessed to share in their lives and to support them in whatever way I can by volunteering my time and sharing all that I know about life, health and wellness and much more. Tune into my interview on the Doug Noll  radio show where I answer profound questions about how to achieve inner peace in a modern world.


For it is when we truly give from the depths of our Soul without any need for recognition or awards or money that we finally tap into our true nature, that of the eternal existence that we really are, our real identity as we finally tame the Impostor in us and free our Protector within us so that we may finally see clearly and realize our true purpose in life, to be human and to evolve to the next advanced stage of existence.
Find all the secrets to the profound questions to life and all that I talk about and share,  in a handy guidebook that I have written: Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity by starting with yourself first.

With lots of love and hugs to all my dear inspirational South Africans who have embraced me with love wherever I have been. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.


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With love, always,


Dr. Vie


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