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I was blessed to inspire hundred plus people, deserted by their families at the door of ABH in the middle of the night!  From all the inspirational talks that I have been providing free of charge throughout South Africa since December 2015, my talk yesterday was the most special to me. At the end of my talk, all the attendees lined up, some in their wheelchairs, others supported by fellow members, as they waited to hug, kiss and bless me for bringing hope and happiness to them. Many of them sang to me.


The shocking thing is that many of these men and women ranging from early adulthood to elders, were deserted on the footsteps of the ABH, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, by their family, even though right across from this amazing non-profit center, is a massive spiritual gathering place!  The manager of the ABH told me that in many cases they managed to track the deserting families only because the guard at the gate succeeded in getting the licence plates of the cars that entered the ABH grounds in the night!


Dr. Vie Free Inspirational Talk to reverse depression and stimulate happiness
Dr. Vie Free Inspirational Talk to reverse depression and stimulate happiness










Heart breaking…for sure.  The question is how can children desert their parents when their parents need them the most?  Throughout my 1. 5 hour interactive workshop, the inaugural one for ABH this 2015, the crowd participated so enthusiastically, asking questions, singing, dancing, running to hug me and even pouring out their deepest sorrow and pain to me. One woman in her late 70’s asked: “Why do n’t my children visit me? No one comes to see me since they left me here many years ago!”  Another elder said: ” Why are my children doing this to me after I cared for them and gave them all my money, and my house and all my possessions, why is this happening?”


You see today, money is the new God!

When children can steal from their parents, chase their parents from their homes, and forsake them, it indicates the state of mindset of the perpetrator.  Yet these “children” are highly admired and respected in their communities, many of them millionaires and some even billionaires.


I asked some of the wise “Gurus” in spiritual places “Why do you not advise these “children” to respect and care for their parents instead of abusing them and stealing from them and finally abandoning them?”  The answer was the same from each “Guru” : “These wealthy people will never listen to any advice from us, their egos are so big that no one can advise them or steer them on the right path. It is like they are obsessed with gathering wealth and ruining their parents and siblings.”


The strange thing is that even spiritual centers, accept money from these abusive children who are creating pain in the communities.  Perhaps that should stop?


During one of the most spiritual festivals, (see my previous post on Tapping Into Your Highest Life Potential / ) many of these wealthy “kids” enjoyed the limelight, acting as if they were spiritually advanced and kind, as they donated money, and their names were announced during the festival.  One millionaire and his wife, daughter and son, basked in the glory and name recognition, while at the same time, ignoring his elderly mother who was sitting just opposite them, whose wealth they had usurped and now claim as their own.


Now let us try to understand this Impostor syndrome.


During my inspirational talk at the ABH all these issues came up…as depression and unhappiness spilled into the microphone.Click here to subscribe to my Dr. Vie TV channel and view snippets of my free inspirational talks


You see the brain can function in one of two ways. Firstly as its true wonderful pure loving self or secondly as the Impostor filled with hatred, envy, jealousy, aggression, revenge, all all things negative.  The purpose of our life is to ensure that we tame the Impostor and bring out the very best in us, that true self, which is peaceful, loving and compassionate. When we do so, we tap into our highest life potential, we feel inner peace and by experiencing that, we spread love and peace in our families, communities and nations. We then enjoy a world at peace.


How Do We Regain Control of Our Powerful Pure Mind?

So we must ask ourselves “Are we living life as the Impostor or the real pure us?”  Hope is not lost if your answer is the former, for you can get your life back in your control. This is all doable via simple, easy steps that anyone from a child to an elder can practice.  If you truly want to live a life filled with inner peace and you want to make a difference in the world, then you can access your highest and most powerful of powers within you. Are you ready? Watch the videos above to learn more.

Find all the secrets to the profound questions to life and all that I talk about and share during my talks,  in a handy guidebook that I have written: Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity by starting with yourself first. . This guide book is 292 pages and reveals the root cause of personal problems, the Impostor syndrome,  in physical health and emotional health. Then you discover 15 powerful natural techniques to  return your body and mind to a state of good health and happiness so you can find happiness in intimacy, family, relationships, food and nourishment, social life, work, relaxation and introspection.  You learn how to tap into your inner will power, self confidence and inner courage and shape your future whether you are male or female.


I am now continuing my free inspirational talks throughout KZN. All talks are open to the public. Why not spread the word of peace, love and natural healing in your communities. You inner power will double each time.


Feel free to invite me to give free motivational talks to inspire your groups. I am here to serve you. Please call on me.




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