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Inspiring Talks For Females

Can our world be a better place? What is the role of females and males to rejuvenate systems? Tune in for this series of inspiring talks for females and males that motivate women and men to be the very best that they can be. The first online event is an inspiring talk for women. Are you ready to discover your life calling? Do not miss out, for the world needs you.

Inspiring Talks For Females
Inspiring Talks For Females










The World Today

We live in a world that has such a range of human situations.


We see wealth, opulence, abundance.

We see poverty, posterity, deprivation.

Sometimes all within the same country, the same state, the same city, the same community, the same family.

What have we not done? What can we do to make a change?


The Big Question

The question becomes this:
What do humans truly want from life? Are their wants congruent with their needs?


This dilemma of what women and men want is at war with what women and men truly need to make a difference on Planet Earth.


The Health Industry

Over the last month, I have been meeting hundreds of professionals in the field of Health. Specifically in the field of Natural Health. What I discovered yet again, was that even though we work in the field called “Health” many of us are still first and foremost driven by material rewards.

By this I mean, money is still is the driving force behind most companies even in the field of natural health.

Would anyone be as passionate about what they are doing if they were not being paid to do it?


But more than that, what about the products themselves? Most of the products that we develop, manufacture, market and sell are not worthy of human consumption, yet because it provides the funds for us to be employed, dress well, acquire material possessions and fund our vacations and indulgences, we continue.

Sports Industry

Now over the years I have also walked side by side with some of the biggest names in the sporting world and personally witnessed the strain that competition and race for medals can cause on emotional and mental being of both guys and gals. I have witnessed elite athletes depressed, lacking compassion, dependent on drugs, and even suicidal.

Is it worth it? This goes back to the question of “Am I of service to Planet Earth?”

Measure of Success

The reality is that sadly, a nation’s success is measured on monetary status, technological advancements, low unemployment rate, high GDP, military power, accumulation of medals and awards and the list goes on.  The measure itself is incorrect, invalid and unrepresentative of the true measure of success.  Alas, for this reason, the very people that make up the economy, who contrive the technology, who get jobs, who drive the GDP, who wield domination, are themselves falling far behind in living life as the magnificent human that they were created to be.


Short Term Memory

So today we live in a world where even in the nations purported to lead the planet, there is much distress, stress, anger, dissatisfaction, depression, health problems, mental issues, problems of violence, crime, hate and a lack of basic human rights.  Today we have quickly forgotten where humans were just 50 years ago. We have forgotten the atrocities and discrimination in the world, in South East Asia, in North Africa, in South Africa and more.  We have forgotten where humans were just over 100 years ago when the world war was emerging.  Surely we have forgotten where humans were a thousand years ago, let alone a few thousands…or the start of civilization.


The Future In The Brain of Short Term Memory

Our short term memory is a huge problem because if we do not remember and learn from the past, then our future is going down the wrong path.  We feel as if we are the most intelligent life form on Planet Earth, that only our selfish rights should come first. We dominate over the precious metals, natural resources, the animals, the creatures in the oceans, the water, the lands, the plants and the weak.

Yet this very error is dragging humanity down with it.  So much so that we feel nothing as we overeat and overindulge when right within our families, our blood relatives are in pain.  Or just within our neighbourhood our people are sleeping outside, freezing on the ground. Or just in the next city, children are being sexually abused.

Identity Crises

What does this say about us?  We are creating a wrong sense of identity, a new lifestyle that describes all that we do. We have forgotten who we really are.


It is time for every human to look deep within themselves and ask: What do I need to live a deserving, content life versus what do I want to do before I “kick the bucket?”  You see the secret to contentment comes from having the right sense of identity, one that you know is the real identity that can survive the test of time.


Now as depression, illness, suicide, lack of fulfillment  is on the rise throughout the world in both men and women, we must take the time to question everything and discover how we can remember our real identity and restore equality, respect, compassion on Planet Earth.


There is no need for aggressive acts, for jealousy, for accumulation of wealth, for competition, for gathering awards and medals.

 Restore Humanity, Rescue Humanity One Person At A Time

There is great hope for humanity. But it does take the first step of becoming aware of the reality not just within yourself, but within your family, your community, your nation and around the world. You do not live independently of the world. You are a vital part in the web of life. Everything you do affects the rest of the beings throughout this planet, even if you are poor and live alone and even if you are wealthy and surrounded by fans and media.


Inspirational Talks To Rejuvenate You

All through time we have had inspirational people who trigger a spark within us to reanalyze life, to question our conditioned beliefs and to unmask the real us so we can make a difference in our personal lives and throughout the web of live that we are part of.

I invite you to join me in during my series of free inspirational talks, some for just women others for both genders and all genders. All it takes is just one little word that you hear during the talk, to ignite the energy within you to get you on the way to transforming your life so that you can be the best you can ever be as a human.


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I look forward to seeing you at the events and to hear your story and your mission to make a difference on Planet Earth.

Lots of love




Dr. Vie


Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos
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