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The month of May celebrates Mother’s around our planet. Observe, analyse and witness what pure love can do for all beings.  Are you ready to take a journey with me?  I hope so!

Once upon a time, billions of years ago, the essence of femininity was flourishing in the great cosmos.  Slowly over time it found its way to Planet Earth 4.54 billion years ago. Here too it blossomed as nature took its course and all beings evolved to higher species.  Finally, one fine day it was time for the human state of being to emerge.  Within this new life form, the female human was the cradle for producing  more of this amazing species of life.  Why?   Deep within her flowed the dynamic force of creativity, so powerful that would drive this new human species to evolve into even more incredulous beings.  The stage was set and humans began to develop until about 1.3 million years ago.

For the full story you will need to tune into to my upcoming radio shows and read my book.  For now, we have much larger immediate problems to deal with.  What might that be, you may ask?  We seem to be advancing quite well – look at the new google glasses!  Imagine what we can do with all this new technology!  We must be brilliant humans! Wait a moment, for all its democracy and leadership, the USA has never had a female president!

Alas, think again my dear reader.  Think again.  Let us take a look at your family first and foremost.  It is after all the nucleus of the planet!  If something can happen in your family, then of course it can happen anywhere in our world.  Is it not time for us to stop beating around the bush and call a spade a spade?  Time is precious, never waste a moment, for it is gone forever. So why waste time on taking the winding path when you can take the straight road, if you know that you will be better off when there are no turns to take?

I am direct with you dear reader, only because I respect your ability to understand the dire situation in which we find ourselves today.  Back to your family.  Is each of you happy?  If there is one discontent person in your family, guess what?  Something is wrong. You know that already, but you are so busy rushing off to work or doing other things that you brush aside the most important aspect of your life – to be compassionate and kind to your flesh and blood!  If you cannot take the time to be kind to your own family, why do you expect your boss, your colleagues or strangers to be kind to you?  You may retort, “But I am working hard to support my family, what more do they want from me?”

Money can never buy happiness.  No matter how much money you make, no matter how many possessions you have, you can never attain a state of peace if you do not practice pure love and compassion to all beings, starting with your family.  Within the family unit, parents are crucial teachers and guides of the children whom they bring into this world.  Why should parents be allowed to create a baby if they are not qualified to guide it with pure love and compassion? You were once a baby and before you knew it you became an adult – you know all about this process first hand!

During the significant phase of infancy through teens children must be taught how to live naturally as human beings in a world filled with other beings.  Children’s brains are not developed and they must have discipline and guidance.  Remember, children learn directly from their parents.  If parents can educate their offspring from the start to respect all beings, then the future adults will not even dream of harming others.  Dreams will be peaceful.  Females will be respected and not treated as sexual objects.  Males will not be driven by the desire of their animalistic urges.  Our world will be peaceful and joyous.  Our women and children will be safe.  Not one being on Earth will be poor, violated or on drugs.  Ultimately, the human species will naturally evolve into higher beings.

This month of May is dedicated to Mothers from whom we all emerged.  Let us take the time to look deep within ourselves.  Not all of us have been blessed to have loving and compassionate Mothers. I am.  My Mother is the role model for all Mothers. I have been truly blessed to be her daughter.  Mothers carried us in their wombs for nine months.  Then they tenderly raised us, investing all their love, time and faith in us.  Why do so many children ignore those precious moments?  Never forget your Mother for she is the gem of all gems.  On your birthday, take a trip down memory lane with her.  Recall how she carried you for nine months, how she gave birth to you, what she was feeling, how you were born and every detail possible.  By doing so you revere her and you pay respect to her.  Never forget your Mother.  As my readers know, I lost my Father suddenly and since then it has been just my Mother and I.  Personally, even if I am tens of thousands of kilometers away, I always take the time, almost every day, even for just a minute to phone my Mother just to say “Hi Mom.”  I have to juggle a lot, especially due to the time difference!

So during this month of Maternal love, remember your Mother and all Mothers and all females.  For those who are at odds with their mothers, try to make amends in this lifetime.  The most important source of peace of mind is to be kind and compassionate to your parents.  In Indian culture parents are deeply respected, and the elderly are treasured.  In the western cultures aging is regarded as a horrible time of life and the focus is placed on youth, beauty and sensuality.  These are superficial things that are only keeping humanity down instead of allowing it to spiral up to higher states of being.  Stand up and be the one who helps humanity transform to higher levels.  Look within yourself and you will find the answers to all your questions.

Always ask yourself this question:

“Is what I am doing dragging humanity down or am I giving it a helping hand to evolve into advanced beings?”

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