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No Violence Against Women And Children

“When the women, children and elders of a nation are content, the country prospers,” has been my mantra for a long time. From November through 10 December, South Africa has been focused on no violence against women and children, but that is not enough. Sounds unbelievable that we need to engage in this type of activism! What a strange scenario, that we have reached a stage where we have to educate men to stop harming women and children!

What have we made our world into?

What is the cause of the vile situation that we encounter today?

What do we need to do asap to rescue humanity from being flushed down the tubes by less than human actions and less than human motives?

The implementation of strategies to improve the well being of women and children is paramount to world health, to world economy and to world existence.


We do not have a moment to lose if we want a happier, safer, less violent and less terrorized world. We must start at the root of the problem.


Why Do Men Violate Women And Children?

We must face the facts and dive deep into the cause of problem. Once again,

Popping a pill will not eradicate the recurrence of the pain.

The only way out of the pain is to go in and get to the grips of the why men do what they do: hurt women and children.

What does this behavior say about us humans?


Do humans have the ability to love and be kind?

For the sake of brevity of this article, know this:

All humans have the potential to access the best of themselves.

In other words, every life form in a human body has equal access to being the best human possible.

But if heightened awareness is possible why do many men lose their humanity?


What leads one male to the dark side of the moon?

When a child is born, even though it has equal access to being the best human possible, it relies on the parents and caregivers to guide it toward becoming aware of its potential, and learning how to access its potential.


Parent’s Role In Rearing Compassionate Kids

Alas, today parents do not ascribe enough importance to their role of being a parent. Even though it is the most important “job” of their life, most parents outsource parenting to educators, sports centers, community centers, media, video games, peers, advertisers, gangs, and even less than appropriate groups or organizations. The child is raised by these elements and begins to identify with these influencers. At the same time society molds parents to bear little responsibility for their children. The work place devalues parenting.


Parenting Is No Longer Valued

The role of the parent is no longer recognized as the most important activity for the future of humanity. Instead stay at home moms or dads are viewed with disdain, looked down upon, devalued and not supported financially or emotionally. In the USA, supposedly the country leading the world, new mothers are pressured to return to work within a few weeks of birthing!


Vicious Cycle of Parental Neglect And Outside Influences Foster Lack Of Compassion

The male child has a different hormonal composition from a female child. Left to his whims his life energies are easily led astray by negative influencers.

With his hormones raging, and little to no proper guidance at home, he is easily swayed to adopt the mindset of unsavory forces. In some cases these forces propagate the use of domination, tyranny, violence, and force, which stop the development of higher consciousness in the frontal brain. Instead of developing his self esteem and self confidence, he seeks to “feel” more powerful, by taking away power from the vulnerable or by harming himself through self harm. Negative habits set in.


A Less Than Human Adult Emerges Out Of Negative Habits

The consequences are inevitable. The male child quickly grows up into an adult who relies on his negative habits for satisfying his sexual urges and his need to feel powerful. Because his frontal brain has not developed fully he becomes trapped by his habits which lead to a temporary boost of his ego and self confidence only because he has robbed someone else of their self confidence or harmed himself. He loses access to his humanity and the vicious cycle begins. Strangely enough his actions are condoned by most of society.


Society Feeds the Vicious Cycle of Abuse Against  the Self, Against Women and Children

Since the start of civilizations, the role of women has been demeaned to that of sexual concubine and domestic worker, subservient to men. So we ask:

Why have women around the world allowed men to take the drivers seat, make decisions for shaping the world, and ultimately dictate how women should live?


Women Have Allowed Themselves To Be Abused?

For the sake of brevity of this article: women have a more powerful frontal brain, with immense capabilities for visionary planning. Couple this power with their natural ability to nurture and protect loved ones, and you have the perfect formula for leaders of nations. 

Alas, somewhere down the line, women allowed themselves to be dominated.

Today, women try to be “equal” to men, sadly however, many do so by overstimulating the male sexual-violent urge, a ticking time bomb.

Women’s Obsession With Vanity And Sensuality Feeds The Male Sexual-Violent Urge?

Today the modern woman is one who wants to wear clothing to feel sexy. She wants to walk sexily, she wants to paint her face to feel beautiful. She wants to compete with her friends for attention. She wants to be fashionably sexy. Over time she herself has embraced the habit of being a sexual object and a prime candidate for abuse, oblivious that she is fanning the fire of sexual, childhood and domestic abuse.

Women Are Responsible For Violence Against Women And Children?

The problem is escalating around the globe: men are losing control of their sexual and physical urges. Men of all socio economic statuses, men of all religious followings, men of all religious positions are falling prey to their uncontrollable sexual and physical urges even in houses of worship or even in a family.

Women are not part of the solution. Instead women are fueling the fire.

What Needs To Be Done ASAP?

If we as a society want to eradicate violence against women and children, we must realize the natural role that both men and women must play right away.

Nature created men and women with natural instincts coded such that at the appropriate time nature takes it course. There is no need for over-stimulation of sexuality. There is no need to be work and compete to be sexy.

ASAP society needs to realize the following:

Men need to be educated to boost the frontal brain and rid themselves of their obsession with sexual and physical domination.

Women need to be educated to use the amazing powers of their frontal brain and cease stimulating the male sexual urges and to restore humanity in men right from infancy.


Can We Restore Humanity?


Every habit can be broken.

As humans we have an amazing ability to retrain ourselves, to transform ourselves to be better humans at any time, anywhere, irrespective of age, gender, creed or status. We are coded to seek more.

We are coded to evolve  of to higher levels of Being. All we need is to recognize the bigger picture. Our purpose in life is far bigger than focusing on accumulating wealth, possessions or awards. Our purpose is far bigger than indulging our basic physical instincts.

We can expand our awareness and enjoy life fully as the humans that we are.


Please contact me to learn how every human on Planet Earth can be part of the solution, and restore humanity, eradicate violence and abuse of women and children and be the best human possible.

I am now in Africa providing support to humans all ages, all genders, all economic statuses, all religions….and all man made descriptors of humans!

Time for us to rid ourselves of the restrictions of sexual and tyrannical obsession and to be expansive Human Beings and realize our role on Planet Earth not just during the 16 days of activism for non violence against women and children, but every second of our precious lives in this human body.

Let us be the best human possible and expand our consciousness and restore bliss to our beloved Planet Earth and all her beings.


Lots of love,

Dr. Vie

Author: Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity

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