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Nothing like a war to question values

The Story

The world embarked on 2022 with new found hope as lockdowns lessened and people appeared to have a handle on the new SARS COV2 that wreaked havoc on the past two years.

The coronavirus global pandemic with its variants continued to expose major problems within family and public health systems, and social, educational, political and economic infrastructures. But somehow most learned to “live with the challenges.”

Organizations and governments realized that if public health issues were not addressed and resolved at the earliest it might ensure the destruction of everything people hold dear and believe in during this continuing crisis and for sure when the next one strikes.

But as the the globe supposedly emerged from two years of lockdowns filled with hope, the  world plunged into yet another global crisis.

 The advent of “unimaginable war” in the European nation of Urkraine,   caught the world by surprise and the global negative ramifications struck hard at already struggling families.  

Unlike on-going wars in lesser developed countries and the devastating consequences on child, female and elderly victims, which for most part were ignored,  for the first time the developed world through the privy to news media related to the moment by moment real time sufferings of European victims of war.

Europe and the world embraced the European refugees, yet millions of refugees from war and conflict zones in none-European countries could not boast of similar receptions. 

Never-the-less, for the first time, live moment by moment media footage finally exposed the horrors of war, especially on vulnerable children and the elderly. 

Children’s tiny bodies torn asunder or deformed for life by the overwhelming force of bombs and armaments. 

Yet none would stop the perpetrators.

And as  lives changed overnight for the victims, people experienced dilemmas even in distant lands.

  • Fuel and food shortages
  • Rising poverty in developing nations
  • Inflation and economic insecurity
  • Risk of sacrifice of life values

 It was not what ordinary folk in the western world  had hoped for when they joyously ushered in the new century in 2000.

Most hoped for a more insightful humanity. One that would recognize the need for equality, equity, non-violence, and high quality lives for all.

Most dreamed of an advancing human species, that rose above selfish focus on instant gratification of power, violent and lustful urges.

Most even wished for a more evolved human brain and mind.

Wishful thinking perhaps?

So most once again reverted to the age old questions:

  • “Why is this happening?”
  • “Why can’t humans live among each other with respect, in peace and inclusively?”

To answer the questions necessitates once again the need to unravel the root cause of the problems faced by everyday people around the world.

Perhaps the time had arrived for the three principles most carved and structured their lives around to be reassessed in view of the actual problems:

  • instant gratification,
  • segmentation of people, and 
  • an unawareness of the connectivity within the species and ecosystem.  

The Problem

Because our life goals are founded on the three principles of: instant gratification, segmentation of people, and an unawareness of our connectivity within our species and ecosystem,  when any part of the triad is threatened we unleash the perfect storm.

But what about our habits, lifestyles, livelihoods and dreams? What do we really want? Are our desires getting the better of our needs? But is life really only about us?  What do we really need? 

Healthy Stress-Free Quality Life?

Do you agree that every person wishes for a safe, healthy and stress-free comfortable high quality of life for themselves and loved ones?

Do you agree that everyone at the very least needs a home to be safe in?

Do you agree that every child deserves a carefree safe experience of childhood?

For generations, you have been taught through society and educational institutions that a good job would be your vehicle to make the dreams a reality.

But today despite the great leaps that man has effected in technology, health care and commerce, humanity remains starved off a sense of grace and humility. A small percentage of the world’s population account for the atrocities inflicted on the majority – from air pollution to desecration of the earth’s resources. From wars to inequality.

Gender inequality, discrimination, violence and despair are on the rise.

For far too long the suffering and torment of fellow humans has been swept under opulent carpets.

In supposedly stable regions of the world, its people feel oppressed and enslaved at the very mention of crisis.  The human mind implodes on overdrive.

 Unsurprisingly when a humanitarian crisis strikes, like the one unfolding in Europe or the pandemic, many feel trapped between their own desires and that of universal values.

During lockdowns, pent up feelings of frustration and aggression caused gender based violence, domestic violence, rape, incest, and abuse to skyrocket.

Now with the advent of the war on Ukraine, people once again find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

In times of such crisis should they invest in the short term goals even if it sacrifices lives?

Or should they persist in envisioning long-term quality of life even at the risk of shortfalls in the  now?

Should they focus on self interests in the short term at the sacrifice of the lives of the less fortunate? Or should they lend a helping hand even if it means that they will enjoy fewer indulgences? What would it take to be part of the solution?

Can war actually bring peace?

 Perhaps some are beginning to rethink life as it has been known in the modern world: childhood dreams, education, training,  adulthood, work, life goals, desires and aspirations. Perhaps people are self-realizing and contemplating how to mold a world where everyone can truly be safe, healthy and stress-free and enjoy high quality lives long-term within a sustainable regenerating planet.

But how does the individual strive for a better quality life and future for each and every person? And most importantly can the person sustain success if he/she only focuses on individual selves and loved ones? 

The Solution

Could it be that if each person focuses on the long-term  safety, health, well being  and quality of life of each and every person and planet, it will prevent man-made disasters like systemic mutating viruses,  wars, refugee crises, violence, inequality, inequity and exclusion?

And when a natural disaster like a tsunami occurs, people would be able to unite, overcome and rise like a phoenix.  

Sustainable development is about the phoenix-rising: a lifestyle and life mission based on intelligently, consciously caring for and supporting all of humanity and all Beings and our home, this planet, such that life sustains itself without much effort.

Humans don’t exist independently. Everyone and everything is connected.

The corpse must return to the earth, to be fed on by the environment without guilt. We feed on that very same environment that consumes us. Which really means that all living beings are made of the same carbon that each ingests. 

All of life exists in a collaborative consensus, whether we realize it or not. It is the nature of life throughout the Cosmos and beyond.

Therefore we must live in harmony with our families, communities, countries, all Beings and our entire planet. Yes our entire living planet, is actually the only home and resource we have.

If we don’t effect change then self-imposed lockdowns, lawlessness, fanaticism, and ravages of wars will become routine. A life living in underground bunkers would become the norm.

That pent up frustration will affect reality as we know it. The climate ultimatum will effect floods, earthquakes, famine, drought, low air quality, unrest, and indiscriminate violence and depression will be uncontrollable.

 No medication, no vaccine and no United Nations, WHO, or president will be able to save us.

Our way forward is to creatively understand reality in its totality. One that includes all Beings.

We need to at least commit to a good quality of life for all fellow humans. No child, woman, elder, or any human should suffer.

We need to make concerted efforts to actively skill and train ourselves and those around us to to embrace a life of inclusiveness and peace.

It’s all possible. It’s all doable. It’s all achievable.

We are a species gifted with intelligence. We are capable of learning. We are after all highly creative beings, albeit only conditioned and restricted by limited beliefs.

We need to free our minds off the limited beliefs and realize that our individual lives are meaningful and our daily actions impact the universe. 

Our innate code, with our without our participation is that of evolving.

Just as a baby will mobilize and learn to walk. Just a a baby’s body will naturally grow.

So too, we are innately coded to evolve, to expand, to develop.

Change is constant, whether we acknowledge it or not. Your body is not the same one that you inhabited a few years ago.

But for humanity to truly evolve, we must effect the much needed change in our beliefs and ideas. For our thoughts manifest our reality. We individually are responsible for the world as we know it today, and as it will be tomorrow.

For this reason we must ensure that violence, poverty, inequality, inequity, hatred, discrimination, racism and apartheid, wars and fanaticism are atrocities of the past.

At the very forefront is the job/work that we spent our childhood lives training and preparing for through the systems that molded us.

The jobs and actions we engage in, create the future we will live in.

We need wholesome jobs/wholesome actions to regenerate our health and the health and wellbeing  of our communities and diverse species we live among.

WE must promote a clean, natural self-sustaining, resource rich environment.

WE must regenerate Planet Earth…it’s our responsibility to take accountability.

WE must practice grace, humility and inclusiveness to optimize the array of talents and intelligence afforded to humanity. 

We must live in peace within our selves and with everyone else.

We can advance the human species to an insightful, wise and conscious one.

A better world starts with a better you and me.  

Let’s get started.

Please contact me and join the movement to a wiser, more conscious and insightful future for Planet Earth.

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