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How often do you take pain meds for a headache?  Dangerous habit? Over 90% of the western population takes at least one form of pain medication within 10 minutes of experiencing something as simple as a headache. Are you a pill popper? Doped? How many pain meds do you have in your home, vehicle, bag, office? Did you know that this could be harming your in the short term and long term? Learn how to prevent headaches.

Why do you experience pain? When something is amiss in your body, the body sends out signals that something is wrong. Why? In the hope that you will do something to repair the damage or do something to avoid further damage.

What happens when you take pain medication ?

The sensation of pain is decreased.  You are happy, you can continue with your busy day and all the tasks without the pain.


This means that the cause of the pain is still there.

The pain meds create a feeling of anesthesia or numbness and blocks the pain receptors from telling you that you are experiencing pain.

This means that you now do not know if something is wrong in your body because you cannot feel pain.

Imagine if your put your hand onto a hot plate on your stovetop. If you cannot feel pain, then you will keep it there without feeling the pain of the burn as your hand burns to a crisp.

ONLY because you feel pain, you pull your hand away and prevent your hand from burning into nothing.


So you may ask: why do I  need to suffer from the pain? Of course I need to take the meds to stop the pain. Everyone does.

If everyone jumps off a cliff does it make it right? Will you do it?


90% of Americans consume 80% of the worlds pain meds!  This a a population numb.

So what can be done?

The root cause of the pain needs to be diagnosed and removed.  Typically, most of pain meds are used for headaches, any minor muscle ache or migraines.  In most cases, a simple action of drinking a glass of water will hydrate the cells and nourish the vascular supply so that the cells can function well.

In many other cases, a simple meditation & breathing technique can help to relieve the stress and abnormal vascular pulsations – removing the cause of the pain.

Short term solutions can radically remove the cause of pain and allow you to continue your day.

However the power lies in the ability to PREVENT headaches.

Longer term solutions can help to prevent headaches while protecting the body in even more ways – deeper sleep, better digestion, less stress, more intuitive and emotionally blissful.

Chronic headaches can be damaging to the brain and may prevent new brain cells from developing.  Yes. Moreover, women more than men are susceptible to brain damage from severe headaches.


So what do you do to rid your home and your environment of pain meds?

Revitalize your own power to remove the cause of headaches. PREVENT headaches:


1. Fresh air and deep breaths

2. Pure water 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after your meals

3. Pure  fresh organic foods

4. Daily exercise 20 minutes – 45 minutes.

5. Daily meditation coupled with deep breathing techniques

6. Daily laughter

7. Journal of Thanks

These simple techniques can get you started on your way to rid yourself of the harmful effects of pain meds. Take control over your body – prevent damage to your brain that is caused by pain meds. Instead rewire your brain to cure yourself of headaches. Stay tuned for more tips coming soon.

Dr. Vie, Founder

Natural Health Specialist.

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