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Paris terror attacks can be stopped around the world and people can love their lives.

Paris under terror attacks. What is the real cause of the carnage taking over the world? Retaliation through acts of revenge will not be enough to stop the terror around the world today. What is really needed? Is it time to address the real reason for such horror, violence, murder and terror? Can we put an end to it? Of course we can, but only if we have the courage to understand the real cause AND only if we have the determination and will power to make the needed changes in one crucial area. If we can change one major aspect, then we can restore humanity to its innate state of compassion and peace. #PrayForParis  #Paris


Are you ready to be part of the solution?

ONLY if you answer YES, read on.

Only if you have the courage to seek the truth, read on.

Only if you have the determination to strengthen your will power read on.

Paris terror attacks can be stopped around the world
Paris terror attacks can be stopped around the world and people can love their lives.



Paris Terror Attacks Why ? Prevent ? How?

Over 150 dead, over 300 injured. Most of them just regular Parisians, or tourists or people at the wrong place at the wrong time, many of them ordinary people on the streets of Paris, enjoying the pleasures after a week of work, during an evening out.

This very profile of the injured or dead belies the cause of the attacks.


Who commits these acts of barbarism?

Strangely enough, it seems to be youth (up to age 26) or young adults. Some as young as fifteen to eighteen!

They were once your kids, our kids, the kids of our friends, family or colleagues, the kids of people we socialized with on the plane or beach. They are the kids of people just like you and me. They are still thinking and feeling and acting as kids because we failed to help them grow up.


What are the profiles of the attackers?

They are simply youth and young adults who are feeling:

  • Frustrated by the system they live in
  • Helpless because they do not fit into the infrastructure
  • Confused by the rapid growth in trends and lifestyles that they do not feel comfortable in
  • Left out of the community


Why do these youth engage in these attacks?

Unfortunately, they have no support system to guide them and instill the moral values needed to be great humans.

As youth they of course seek mentors, they seek acceptance, they seek solace. They are searching…


This means they are vulnerable to anyone offering what they need.

ANYONE, with any support system, be it humanitarian or terror. This has nothing to do with religion.

We must understand that the most important part of the human brain is only fully developed at age 24-26.


What is the cause of these youth becoming disillusioned?

The answer is so easy, that is seems silly. Where does it all start?

The breakdown in parenting and family values are keys to be addressed as soon as possible.

The environment that the baby is brought into, grows up as a child in and raised as a youth within needs to be solid, strong, filled with morality and unconditional love.

Are Parents and Families Responsible?

Absolutely yes. The first responsibility of a parent, or anyone bringing a baby into this world, is to guide that life form into adulthood. This is the first and major responsibility of a parent. Alas, parents are being distracted!


Who else is responsible?

Society of course …the very infrastructure that takes away the very purpose of human life must change.

The purpose of life has taken a massive tangent since civilization…so we need to accept the reality of the human mind…to want to feel better.



What needs to be done right away?

Take a look within.

Revenge or retaliation is not the answer just as a popping a pain pill only suppresses the symptom! The cause remains. As long as it remains it will reappear given the situation. You can never kill the attacker, ever!


Let us be the wise humans that we are.

Adults need to be human first. Realize the real cause, realize the solution is to return to being human. 


Parenting is a major responsibility. Is society ruining it?

The more further away we move from being human, the more the human mind will want to return to it. This is the nature of things. Alas, we refuse to understand what our true nature is, and we become so busy running after man made trends, technology, pleasures, and gains leaving behind a trail of inequality, scars, damage and crumbs to haunt us later in life. Nothing ever disappears.


When Youth Rebel In Families There is no support

Unfortunately when there is no wise humane support system for people who finally rebel, these youth will feel alienated and fall into the waiting arms of the wrong systems, groups and organizations. As the brain is still developing these vulnerable youth will be easily brainwashed.


Youth Need to Choose Friends Wisely but how can they when they are under stress?

If you are a youth who feels like you do not belong, feeling lost, feeling depressed, looking for support, please contact your nearest youth center or contact me.

I am here for you. You are worth much more than what you are made to think. 

You need to realize your true human powers so you can expand your true humanity and finally feel what it feels to be an amazing human.


ARE YOU feeling alone, lost, disrespected, let down, helpless, depressed ?

Do not fall into the trap of losing your precious self, by joining inhumane groups.

Anyone who teaches you to hate, teaches you to harm yourself or teaches you to engage in harmful acts is only using you to destroy your powerful self.

When Things Get Tough, The Tough Get Going To Humanity Inside

When you are experiencing challenges of life (I myself have experienced many of what you feel) it is the perfect opportunity to access the very best of yourself.


Many men and women have done it over 10,000 years and today they are loved and talked about, because they reached within. They experienced such pain, yet they began to explore life, test themselves, and discover their real selves. An adventure of course.


Even though they starved, they lived alone, and walked in strange lands…they realized their true human powers. They were honoured.

So too, can you.



I am here to tell you that you can be the amazing human that you really are.

Contact me asap and begin to experience the amazing you.

You can transform the world and live to a ripe wise age and be loved for who you are.


I have personally helped youngsters since 2004 around the globe.

I am here for you.


Please contact me.


You are a human with great human potential.

You may feel alone right now, but you are never alone for I will guide you to feel amazing and make an amazing difference in the world and be loved for what you.


Please contact me right now whether you are a parent seeking to support your child or you are a child, youth or adult who needs a little guidance and support.

We can put a stop to repeats of the Paris terror attacks, by supporting our youth.



Lots of love


Dr. Vie

A Human On Planet Earth