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Positive Power of Youth spreading with Dr. Vie

The positive power of youth is now spreading in South Africa as I continue to inspire thousands ages five to 26 for free in schools, in community centers and youth organizations. These youth are being stimulated to look within themselves, to realize their amazing self esteem, self confidence and self respect and to be motivated to restore humanity onto its natural course on Planet Earth.


Positive Power Of Youth

Yet another hot day in South Africa as 150 matric students (final year in high school) gathered for my inspirational workshop in KZN, perched on a hill, overlooking the town. They looked so impressive, neatly attired in the dark blazers and uniforms. A sight for sore eyes. 

Positive Power of Youth spreading

Positive Power of Youth spreading with Dr. Vie’s free workshop to Matrics

Now for those of you who have attended my talks, seminars or workshops, you know that I never plan the discourse…and that the flow happens automatically as I pick up the energies of the audience.  Well with the matric classes I sensed their need…and guided them along as I inspired them to self development. 

After the session, I was swarmed by a group of excited students enthused for more …so we are now scheduled for follow up workshops much to delight of the students.



Younger Ones Fully ReCharged

Positive Power of Youth spreading

Positive Power of Youth in 7th Graders


Following the dynamic workshop to the matric students, I was whisked away to my next workshop in the adjacent town. This time I was ushered into the Principal’s office and treated with a hot plate of vegetarian samosas and an excited and delightful Principal. Shortly thereafter, I entered a small hall jam packed with cute Grade 7’s. Wow…did we rock and roll during the workshop and the questions kept coming…sadly the session had to end as the next group of 6 Graders were lining up outside.


Dr. Vie Free Power Of Youth program in schools Jan, 2016
Positive Power of Youth in 6th Graders

The next group, this time of 6 th graders were so very cute! Wow, they had so many questions and wanted to know so much and already knew so much…wow! I had so much of fun with them as they begged for me no to leave.  So what do you know? I’m invited back to address the younger youth.


Trailing Blaze of Powerful Youth 

Now as I continue my youthful adventure around South Africa, interacting with thousands of youth, I have to repeat what I have been saying for over 10 years now since I started my free Super Conscious Humanity program for youth (previously called Dr. Vie SuperKids) in 2004:

The hope for our future is in the thoughts, words and actions of our youth, so let us inspire them to realize their true potential and restore our Planet Earth to its natural course once again.



Please do contact me to inspire your youth where ever you are on Planet Earth so we may have a safer, more compassionate, equal, and loving world that Mother Nature will love us for.


Lots of love and blessings, 


Dr. Vie

Founder, Dr, Vie Super Conscious Humanity Programs for Youth and Adults