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Utopian Dystopian Adventure Fiction by Sheri Vie

Could  powerful leaders on Earth destine an apocalypse within 30 years? What if you send an SOS and Utopian visionary beings a thousand years from the future arrive to save the last humans?


What can happen if You send the SOS?

What if Princess Reena from a faraway Utopian galaxy, receives your SOS, and is dispatched to rescue earthlings, but an evil force rises, trapping her brother, the young prince on planet Earth?

The questions:

  • Can the blissful youngster, coming of age and whose superpowers have not yet matured, survive the corrupt and power-hungry adults desirous to crush goodness?
  • Can the royal teens stop the end of time?
  • What would you do if your found the little prince in lost in your backyard?

Would you like to  fantasize?

Welcome to Book 1, Dance Of Fireflies, in Taming The Impostor Saga, where the characters dance like fireflies, shining bright, but for how long?

Join the brave teenagers in this action adventure that begins in the heart of Africa, and encounter the challenges of ancient languages, traditions and cultures. Discover the trials and tribulations of these do-gooders, and whether they have what it takes to inspire local youth, adults and mountain animals with hope in their quest for survival?

Meet the adult humans, from various races, determined to rescue the goodness in humanity, save the animals and protect environments.

Their pains could be your everyday pains, their joys could be your joys, their worries could be your worries.

Face the sinister Dragon forces, adept at genetic modification, cloning and domination, who will stop at nothing to rule planet Earth and beyond.

Who Are The Powerful Leaders?

You think you know them, but what if the adversary is invisible, rides on the waves of time, threatening the extinction of compassionate humans, as it dominates the animal kingdom, and exploits natural resources for selfish needs?

More importantly, what if the young prince has to choose between saving his beloved grandma and sister or the last human race?


Come on board this original fast-pace action adventure  visionary apocalyptic fantasy series, filled with inspirational plots steeped in mystery, and brightened with compelling characters and protagonists, who will tug at your heart strings.

  • Travel to exotic and ancient indigenous cultures, and confront themes of injustice, inequality, courage and bravery.
  • Toy with the possibility of humans living in harmony with animals: cats, squirrels, birds, turtles and more.
  • Learn about the metaphysical world of ancient magical swords, Third Eye powers, invisibility, and female and male superheroes.


If you are intrigued with mystery, adventure, visionary women and men protagonists, mind reading, telepathy, and hints of the psychic paranormal, then do click and revel in Book 1.

The series is structured in short reads novella formats, ideal to stimulate your mind and senses.

Easy reading for all ages from teens and upward.

Unlike most apocalyptic stories steeped in dystopia and depression, this offers you an interesting series for confidence building and inspiring hope.

When you buy my books, the monies support my free global Super Conscious Humanity Youth program where, since 2005 I mentor youth around the globe. Click here to see the videos.


Do connect with me and receive your special locator maps for each book. Visit my site or email me to join my VIP Advanced Readers Club.

My characters and I look forward to meeting you, and we wish you the choicest of blessings for a healthy, joyful and prosperous future. Click and embrace equality, compassion and peace for all beings.


Lots of love and hugs, always, V.

Fantasy books Dance of Fireflies- action adventure mystery apocalyptic series

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“I read Books 1-2 and can’t wait to see what happens to each of the characters. I loved the originality- never read anything like this before. When you least expect it, something changes! The twists and turns are fantastic. And the travel to Africa and learning the languages have been an educational experience for me.” ARC Male Adult


“In Book 1 I cried and realized how often we forget the pain that young ones experience when left alone. It reflects a profound understanding of the human spirit, and the world of the youth.” ARC Female Adult

Dance of Fireflies fantasy action adventure utopian fiction Chad Sheri Vie Lena McCalla Njee
“My favorite characters were Prince Jali and Kriaka. I read part of the book to my grandson and he too loved it.”  Ms. Lena McCalla Njee. Author, Autism Specialist, Teacher, New Jersey, USA (formerly Jamaica)


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