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Redefining Business Jobs Work in 2020 decade

Redefining Businesses, Jobs & Work in 2020 Decade

Toward the end of the 2010 decade, trends in global businesses were toward corporate social responsibility CSR to offset the wide gap between the haves and the have not’s.

Redefining Business Jobs Work in 2020 decade

CSR jobs  included environmental protection coupled with sustainable healthy communities. 

Concurrently however, we’ve continued to witness unemployment and inequality rise around the world, and ultimately watched movements begin to question conventional structures and systems that profess to gear societies for economic successes.

As the new decade commences, new perspectives on business, jobs and financial wealth are redefining entrepreneurs and “work.”

Catapulting entrepreneurs into what I term the “evolved-worker” for the new decade.

If we look closely, we’ll realize the opportunity for entrepreneurs is endless as we move from dollar-weighted, corporation-based businesses to project-based health, wealth and environmental prosperity.

Projects have the power to effectively uplift communities out of poverty and distress, and support ecologically vibrant natural resources: filtering water-air-soil off harmful toxins and developing green infrastructures.

In the 2020 decade socially responsible evolved-workers are primed to be the cornerstones of sustainable successes of ethical project-based businesses revered by loyal customers.

Whether the evolved-worker is within research and development, production, marketing, sales, HR, finance, distribution, admin, management or other sectors of projects, the more conscious and experienced they are about current local and global humanitarian and environmental plights before leaving their training programs, the better equipped they are to lead their communities and nations toward vibrant, healthy and prosperous futures that serve all of humanity and their planet, from within their countries.

Fundamental to the economic successes of the new decade is robust practical infrastructure of vocational education skills training programs with in-the-field experiences to sustain wholesome jobs and work.

Dr. Vie SCH Vocational Skills Training & Job Creation Projects in Africa

2020 Reports from Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity projects in Sub Saharan Africa reveal untapped potential of vulnerable locals to actively contribute to uplifting their communities and shaping a sustainable Planet Earth when they involve themselves in wholesome jobs optimizing their entrepreneurial aptitude and flourishing as evolved-workers.

Wholesome Job Opportunities Empower Vulnerable Impoverished Special Needs Locals

By focusing on disadvantaged locals, Dr. Vie SCH mission of vocational education and skills training in wholesome jobs is leading the way in innovative perspectives for practical education, individualized competencies and motivated communities.

“It’s the challenged locals, when given the opportunity, who create sustainable environmentally friendly solutions for a better future. Sadly, for far too long their voices have been muted, their talents buried and their potential vanquished because of their appearance, gender, age, financial status, family standing,  educational background, physical challenges, communication/social prowess,  mental skills, or even place of birth.

They’re the most employable populations, highly motivated and eager to be valued partners to regenerate Planet Earth. From within these groups of evolved-workers, visionary leaders are emerging to reshape how we think about life and work and what living a fully optimized, happy life truly means,” Dr. Vie, SCH Global Program Head

Dr Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational skills training centers jobs 2019

Dr Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational skills training centers and jobs  through 2019

SCH Strategies in Education?

Reports from Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity projects in central and southern Africa provide 2020 Decade Guidelines for empowering locals to partner towards a healthy, prosperous and happy future through their daily work and lifestyle.

During practical education and hands-on skills training, individual talents unravel, paving the way for self-worth and self-confidence, the essential keys to long term loyal partnerships and on-going prosperity.

Team work at SCH centers and in-the-field, foster realization of inclusiveness, respect of individual uniqueness, and pooling of human capital to create sustainable futures.  

SCH Strategies Boost Emotional and Mental Health  

Emotional and mental health problems are on the rise in both developed and developing countries due to high stress levels, self-centered competitive lifestyles and lack of understanding, compassion and support from families and communities.

SCH self-development workshops and programs inherently address emotional and mental health issue of alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, domestic violence, suicide, low confidence, bullying, gender based violence, sexual violence, discrimination, and more.

SCH Projects Based on Need versus Want

A move from mindsets, competencies and economies focused on ‘want-based’ products and services to super conscious thinking and job opportunities that embrace “need-based” infrastructures, products and evolved-workers are at the core of SCH training centers.

By recognizing what is needed to sustain communities within a greener, cleaner and healthier environment through renewable energy, water conservation, proper sanitation, healthy agriculture, clean water, safe cooking practices, village empowerment, products essential for daily living, (to list a few), a myriad of jobs are created.

Dr. Vie SCH vocational training programs suggest guidelines to create rewarding jobs to uplift locals and local environments, by supporting holistic visions of regenerating and sustaining Planet Earth over generations and millennia.

Dr. Vie SCH Guidelines in Developing Countries

Three initial phases are recommended by Dr. Vie SCH to create jobs and uplift locals in developing countries:

  1. local community projects, 
  2. state-wide integration and
  3. national partnerships. 

An integral part of SCH is global team work toward climate action, healthy global citizens and sustainable Planet Earth.

Empowered locals evolve to be leaders of projects, mentoring and training new comers, and participating with Dr. Vie SCH global teams on planet-wide projects.

Job Potential in Developing Countries

With mass of youth power developing countries potential success depends on the employable population addressing and resolving the challenges of large- scale poverty, inadequate sanitation, phenomenal air pollution, increasing food toxins and rising unemployment.

“Thankfully jobs are limitless …because of the challenges developing countries face,” Dr. Vie.

Young minds that realize and embrace the intricate link between India’s challenges and the business-economic world, will be catalysts that evolve a dynamic, innovative, entrepreneurial, inclusive, healthy and prosperous nation.

In developed countries, corporate social responsibility activities have already evolved into rescuing locals off myriad of fundamental plights by including environmental and sustainability empowerment. Herein is a crucial milestone to flourish even further in developing countries.

When locals, no matter how disadvantaged, are actively involved in a larger vision, children to elders within communities feel valued and become self motivated to uplift themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. We herald in the evolved-worker. Dr. Vie, SCH Global Program Head

Contact Dr. Vie for more information. Or donate  or volunteer for the Mother and Daughter’s self funded SCH projects in Africa.

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