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Robin Williams Victim of the Impostor

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What lurks behind the personas of some of the happiest people you know, driving them to suicide? As the world mourns the passing of the funny man, mork, Robin Williams, there are important insights that every person needs to know about depression, unhappiness and rescuing themselves and loved ones from the grips of the Impostor.

Well, this is a transcription of my special broadcast today on the Dr.Vie Radio Show, which deals with a humongous problem that is destroying your natural world……that is the problem of unhappiness. Did you know that there are more desperately unhappy and depressed people in the developed countries than in the underdeveloped or developing nations of the world? They wear their masks very well, and hide their sadness from you, and even from their loved ones because the race for success rules everything.

Why is this so? What is the darkness that lurks in the midst of developed nations…that purport to lead the world in technology, modernization and market themselves as making dreams come true? Countries where the rest of world race to go to, so that they too can have a slice of the pie?

Why is it that the US, with so many millionaires, and billionaires, has so much unhappiness, crime, obesity, drug abuse, addiction, depression and ultimately suicide? People seem to get fed up with it all and think that by taking the fast route out they solve the problem.  Alas, these victims were unaware that suicide is not the solution. Suicide is in fact the one thing that they should not do under any circumstance for it only makes matters worse.  Taming The Female Impostor teaches you all about this secret, ind detail. But, for now, let us delve a little more into the crises of unhappiness that dominates developed nations.

It seems that  celebrities above all, lead the way in the quest for false happiness – staged happiness. Why are people so terrified to be their real selves?  Have they become so used to posing as someone else? Are fans demanding this from them even as they try to go about their daily lives. So you ask: Why are wealthy people unhappy even though it may be that they have succeeded in living the dream, having more money than they could ever need in this lifetime, having fame and glory and fans around the world? What is the world doing to these people so much so that it drives them to desire to kill themselves so that they can get away from the world? What is it about the world …what lurks in the world?

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We’ve all at some stage felt unhappy, some of us even to the extent of thinking of killing ourselves, others even try but as a plea for help. That is one side of the issue, and these people have a better chance for quicker stabilization, as they become aware of how to be their real selves. But when this state of depression is coupled with drugs or alcohol, then the game changes. A whole new battle ground emerges. Alas, drinking and use of drugs have become “normal” in most societies and even legalized, making it easier to get addicted from an earlier age. Society is creating a world of depressed people, all in the pursuit of money.

I’m sure that most of you have known of someone, either close to you or within your realm of networks who has committed suicide. I recall vividly a young man whom I met in a condo I was living in…he looked amazing, and had just bought an expensive motor bike. A few days later, I entered the lobby to go to the gym, and came across a shocking scene. The ambulance and police were carrying away a body that was lying on the garden patch…it was the young man I had recently met, he had apparently taken too many drugs, mixed it with alcohol, then in the mad rush, jumped out the balcony. For months, I could not exit that door to leave the building and would take a long route through the garage.  Know, this dear Adventurers, alcohol itself damages the brain, but when alcohol is coupled with street drugs, the combination imprisons the brain.

I have known of several others who have left this world in a rush to get out. Most of them well known figures in the sporting world with many medals and dollars to their name. What is it that is driving these individuals who have enough money to feed an entire starving community in Africa for years, to be so unhappy?  Money, as we know can never buy happiness. But in some cases, people wrongly think so. In some cases, when they are trapped by the demands of debt, they feel like “nothing” when the threat of losing what they have looms large.

I was a guest on the Michael Dresser Radio Show today, and we spoke about “tapping into our life potential” as you know that is the focus of my research and newly released book, Taming The Female Impostor- essential secrets for men and women.

The issue is this- we are no longer living as humans– instead we have created an unnatural world and we are forced to live in it, and abide by the rules. It’s like trying to push a round ball into square spot. Something has to give. That something is human wellness, human life potential, and human grace of love for ourselves and for other humans above all. Adventurers, know this: it is of no use to rush after the trend of eating organic natural foods, when you consume alcohol, smokes and drugs that immediately damage your brain, the decision making center of all reasoning.

We must be the only species that opts to turn on its own self, and can easily harm, torture and kill other humans even though we have the incredible option to tap into our life potential and be kind and loving.

So how do you know if you are tapping into your human potential? I say it is when you live your life in a constant state of love, firstly for yourself. As Mr. Michael Dresser asked me…what is love? Love is firstly not harming yourself, and then not causing harm to others. When you see yourself as separate from others, and you see other nations and cultures as separate from you, then you become threatened and find it easier to hurt others, when in fact you are harming a part of your very self. I deal with this in depth in Taming The Female Impostor – Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity.

Instead, view the world as your family, view all nations as part of you, and view the Planet Earth as your home. When you are connected, then you will never feel alone, never feel threatened, naturally tap into your life potential and start living as human, not as the dark force, that something that is posing as you. You will tame the Impostor.

In other words, you have no need to prove to anything to anyone. You do not need compete and gain medals, or fame or glory. All you need to do, is access the very best of you, that does not cause hurt or harm to yourself or others. At the end of day you need to feel at peace with yourself, and sleep well, and that only comes from being a natural human.

I keep talking about being a natural human…what does that mean? Well you have to think of what the actual human nature is….when humans first appeared…what did we need to live? In fact it goes back to what ancient Sages and Prophets all tried to teach us in an effort to prevent us from ending up in this predicament that we are in now.  They were not talking about religion, or any organization.  They were talking about the basic human principles of life. They all taught the same message: live a simple life, and do good for all of humanity and all beings. That is all that is needed, for all beings are created to live freely.

Yet today, we live in a fast pace world, where success at work is prized above all, competition is thought to be healthy, and the basics of life are molded to give us pleasure. It all revolves around what we do for work. Actually, humans were not supposed to work – in this manner…because of this inhuman behavior, we are trying to push that round ball into the square spot, and we are now stressing ourselves out and our brain is naturally under attack….so we seek to decrease the “disturbance” with drugs, alcohol, smokes, food, sex, money, vacations, holidays…rehab, therapy…name it…the industry has created it….and therapy itself has become its own money making scheme…when all we need to do is to stop working so much against the principles of life, live a simple life, and decrease worldly stress

You need to be who you really are, which is your natural human self. Get back to as much of the basics as you can. Stop the racket of a fast paced life. The more calm you are, the better it is for your state of mind. Then and only then, can you truly access your life potential and truly enjoy life. For this reason, my radio show and the first chapter in Taming The Female Impostor is called: Who Do You Think You Are?

We have lived through an age where so many special people have killed themselves, in an effort to escape the pain of living in this world….and millions more have been killed by other humans. Surely that should tell you that something is amiss. It will only get worse, unless you truly stop everything that you are doing and take a good hard look at yourself. What you see in the mirror is not you.

You could be the most handsome man, with the greatest body, and have millions of fans, but that is not you but only what the world has made you think you are…just as quickly it can mold you into something else if you fail to give the world what it wants from you…..what happens when you have nothing, no money, no fans, no food to eat – will you be as confident? Will you smile as much? Will talk with the same intonation in your voice? Can you truly be at peace with yourself when it is just you alone with you, one on one?

The celebrity world today, is creating more chaos than ever. It has become normal to be addicted to fame and glory, fashion, designer clothes, extravagant lifestyles, alcohol and drugs. Promiscuity and selfies are the in-thing, but how many picture  do people need to take  and share with fans, before they actually realize that life is really not what the pictures make it out to be. It is merely a snapshot of that one second of time, during which you can act any which way you want. What are people without any of that?  The perfect example was Robin Williams, always laughing, always smiling but that was not the reality inside him.

If you can say, mmm….without any of my titles and awards and fans and without my money, I truly feel at peace…then you have hit the jackpot. Because, Adventurers, the false dream of being a great success, having titles and fans is not what life is about…you certainly do not take that type of success to the grave with you. You are truly successful only when you actually lend a helping hand to the world that is dying of unhappiness, starvation and illness. I do not mean writing checks, which is the easiest thing to do because people have so much money that they are not going to miss it one little bit. No, what I mean is when helping the world is your job, then you are an asset to the world and you are truly being successful in life.

So what are you truly doing to help the world that really needs you? Is your job that of helping humans or killing humans? We are so busy with our successful lives that we are not there to help our child, partner, friend, relative or colleague who really needs us. The celebrity world missed that chance once again, as it let Robin Williams, hate life so much that he he thought that by killing himself he could get out of it. But in fact suicide is the worst action to take because it only lets the Impostor win and never ends.

Today as we mourn the passing of yet another amazing soul, let us send him all the love we have so that he feels loved and safe and moves on to happier times. As his spirit lingers, let us realize that:

Life is precious, human life is really precious, let us look into ourselves, and truly be loving to ourselves, just as we take care of a new born baby….then let us look at others in the same light, and realize that whatever we think, say and do can either harm or protect others. Forget about money and titles.  All you need is to be loving.  Love is priceless and love creates miracles.  

No matter what your creed or religion, or belief system, or even if you have none, you are first and foremost a human. And you need is to fit that round ball into a round spot on the jigsaw puzzle, Adventurers. Here are three steps to do so:

You can overcome the Impostor and get your life back in your control by:

1. Recognizing the Impostor in you

2.Taming it with powerful methods, and

3.Rescuing yourself from its grips.


Taming The Female Impostor
Taming The Female Impostor

If you want to learn all about it in depth, then get Taming The Female Impostor – Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity – which is an  essential guidebook for both men and women ages 15+. Just for you, it is in a beginner’s guide. With the book (save your receipt) you get the free Life Profile, which will help you see which of the seven areas of your life need a helping hand.  You also learn about the seven levels to a successful life, that is scored on the Express Life Scale. You can become aware, and turn frustration and disappointment into inner peace and success, by rescuing yourself from the grips of the Impostor.


Be well Adventurers, be well, and be on your guard for the Impostor lurks everywhere.


Lots of love,


Dr. Vie

Adventurer, and your Guide

Planet Earth

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