April 9

Seminar 1/4: Reverse Damage to my Brain?



Powerful information to reverse damage to your brain.

For Dr. Vie Exclusive members [ismember] -20 minutes [/ismember] 

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  • Jasmin Glaesser says:

    Can anyone benefit from implementing some of these suggestions to repairing and preventing damage? Even if they are already healthy to start with?

    • Yes.
      1. Youngsters can learn how to prevent illnesses as they age, by getting to know what causes illness and taking the powerful steps to protect themselves every step of the way. Youngsters benefit the most
      2. Adults who are healthy can also learn how to prevent illness as they age.
      3. People who are in need of treatment can learn how to repair damage that has already happened.
      4. Seniors can learn how to repair damage and protect themselves.
      Knowledge is power. What we do today determines our future.

  • chris white says:

    I found the information very interesting and I like how the seminars walk your from stage to stage. Having a healthy brain is obviously the foundation of health. I am excited to discover more about Superfoods as I already believe and practice all of the other aspects of brain protection, which has helped me already in my recent life.

    • Chris, wonderful to learn that you practice all the aspects of brain protection. You will reap the benefits as you age. Yes Superfoods are also very helpful in maintaining good brain health. Glad you are enjoying the seminars. Remember these seminars are a basic introductory course so that anyone can understand the concepts. In the Dr. Vie Academy membership the seminars and webinars are more targeted to member’s level of health knowledge.

      • Chris, you may need to refresh the page. If that does not work then log out. Clear your cache of cookies, then log back in. Click on the tab on the menu bar for Seminar One Presentations, then select Seminar 5. Let me know if this works.

  • chris white says:

    I seem to be having trouble with the site…..( I was trying to edit my comments above and somehow it was posted) ooops! Also I keep having to watch seminar 4 as I keep getting prevented from watching seminar 5?

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