An unexpected invitation during an event in New York, leads to a turn of events that stimulates goosebumps in anyone who hears about it. You probably witnessed this first-hand or in the movies. What is our role here on Earth during our lifetime? Is it to be as successful as we can be, accumulating wealth, having a good time, or perhaps using Earth for our pleasures? Actually when we tune into something other than these we in fact tap into our inner gift of peace and pure bliss. Let’s take a journey into time…
Brave women saving the Planet with love and compassion








She was quite nervous among a hundred visionaries – they convened in New York in the bustle of Manhattan.  Since she was a little girl, she had felt the need to take a stand – be it for truth, justice, freedom….so as she grew into a young women, every day brought a new challenge to her.  Some tougher, some easier and some just purely energizing.  She took it in her stride, with no grand plans and nothing up her sleeves.  Her only thought was to help billions of people around the world.  So she just went with the flow. Her adventures began as she crossed continents, dove into cultures and began to discover herself in the torrent of highs and lows that life offered her.  Quite an unusual life for a young woman born into an orthodox family in Africa. Life took her around the world, to experience the darkest of days and the brightest of nights….she stopped questioning and instead started her journey of discovery. Then last week she found herself in the midst of 1000 women in Los Angeles.  The city of angels was truly angelic for her.

How often have you felt those feelings, experienced those moments, wished on those stars high above Earth, to change your life?  The fact is, the moment that we let go of the chains that surround us in the form of societal pressures, social norms and expectations we open ourselves to experiencing our true calling.  Instead of asking: “Why is this happening to me?” ask instead :” What can I do now that this is happening to me?”  As you ask these deep questions the answers will come to you in the form of riveting meetings and revelations.

We live in a world of structure as we build infrastructure.  In just the last 50 years the Planet has experienced a surge in advancements in infrastructure and technological changes.  Lifestyle as we knew of it has changed.  The question is: are we changing the Planet Earth for the better or not? If it is for the better, then we should be more healthy, more happy, more content and more at peace. Is this the case in your life? Are you more at peace today than a year ago?

Can our short term goals be detrimental to our Earth?

We live just a lifetime of 80 years on average.  In that time we focus on educating ourselves, populating the Earth and taking from Earth all that we can enjoy.  Some of us say that we want to leave the Earth a better place for our children….but is that really true?  The lands, air, water and very vibrations of Earth are changing because of what we do today – it will be worse off for our kids and their kids unless we begin to slow down our desperate desire for technological advances and plundering of Earth’s meager resources.

When we die we do not take with us the money, houses, cars, clothing, jewels, titles or loved ones with us. We die alone.

Let us instead look to our higher more intelligent human self to beyond the materialistic need for trinkets.  Let us seek to fill the Earth with love and compassion. Therein you will find your center of pure bliss. Nothing is close to the feeling of pure bliss. No medication, no sexual act, no delicious food, no thrilling moment, no drugged high, no form of accomplishment – nothing can compare with the state of pure bliss. NOTHING.

After all without the breath of life, you will be dead.  Life is a delicate string that can break at any moment. Surely you deserve to experience pure bliss while you are still alive?



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