Achieved it all, yet need to search for happiness? Got the good life, husband, wife, lover, kids, car, house, great job, international holidays, yet still feel like an actor on a stage? What is it that stops you from being who you really are? Let’s find out why Hector is on his search for happiness even though he is a successful psychiatrist.

Is Hector Alone In His Search For Happiness?

But Hector is not the only one in the world in such a dilemma, there are not only millions just like him, but billions around the globe. More so today than ever before in the history of humanity.  Billions of people around the world are unhappy! Welcome to the world where having multiple personalities is normal for these billions of people who are unhappy.


Search for happiness Taming the female impostor

Every day is Halloween

A simple question: Are you living life as the real you? Or do you feel like a fraud, living as if you are someone else.  Living according to the rules and demands of others?  When do you feel like the real you?

Strangely enough, you have no games to play, no masks to wear and no false smiles to put on, only when you go to sleep and finally leave the world as you know it.  Finally each and every human on our Planet Earth, FINALLY, is his or her real self. All it takes is sleep. You leave your Halloween mask behind.  Even after the best sexual intimacy, the best night out, wearing the best clothes or jewels, looking  your best, receiving the best praise…you long to go to sleep.


You find happiness during sleep

You are finally alone when you sleep, yet you are fully at rest, peaceful, not lonely, not frustrated, not helpless, not feeling like a loser, not feeling violated, not feeling burdened.  Why? Because in deep sleep you are finally who you really are and not what the crazy man made world forces onto you.


How can you find happiness when you are awake?

Take a good hard look at the world around you. Who has made it all up? Who has built it, structured it, set the rules in place, set the standards for success?  Your fellow humans each with their own agendas and grandiose plans all focused on one slogan, one tag line, one hypnotic suggestion:  You have one life to live, so make the best of it.


Know who you really are and you will find happiness in all that you do

Only the truly courageous can find it within themselves to look beyond the humdrum life (as Hector calls it in the movie Hector’s Search For Happiness ).  You have all that it takes to break free from the man made world of beliefs and conditioning and be the free being that you were created to be.

The whole world was created for you to indulge in

Nature is free, everything including  you were created out of the purist state of perfection, free.  Free to tap into your most precious asset and live out the purpose of your life. To move to higher states of being. To evolve to higher states of being.  Everything that you do impacts the entire world. For you are connected. You are ONE not separate.


Science, Education, Religion, Corporations, Institutes are  man made constructs

You existed way before any of these man made structures were made.  You have an inner code to evolve and succeed in your purpose of life, without any need for science, education, following any belief system, educating yourself to fit into man made structures.  These only keep you locked at your lower states of functioning, trapped into their schemes, living as an actor on their stage.


You need to reclaim you natural identity and live as the human you are

You have all that it takes within you to feel happy, and to bring the world back on track with where it needs to be, completely natural, evolving completely naturally, to its next higher state of existence.  The great Prophets that blessed this Earth with their profound wisdom, knew this and tried so hard to teach us about it.  From Jesus the Christ, to Buddha, to Lord Krishna, to Mohammed all said the same truth:

Live a simple live, you do not need material possessions to be human, and always know that everyone is equal, treat everyone as you would treat yourself.

These truths are universal truths, yet many who spoke of these truths like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and those whom you do not even know of, in whatever form, were persecuted and killed. Since then their sacred words and teachings have been exploited by men as means for making money, for exerting control through fear and man made rules,  and for reshaping the true purpose of life for billions.

You have the greatest power of freedom to shape humanity within you

So today we live in a man made world, where noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution  are the norm. Everywhere you look there is noise, impure air, impure water and you have no option but to live with the poisons that man made structures and products are spewing into the air and ground.  You end up working for these companies and you become part of the problem.

Until you can shake yourself up from the false dream and the false promise of “happiness” you  will never know the feeling of being your real self while you are awake. You will never experience happiness. You will always feel unsatisfied, frustrated, stressed, unfulfilled and wondering how to truly have the freedom to be your self without any pretenses. You will not have the need to spend time painting your face, painting your nails, or trying to balance yourself on heels as you walk, or to think that you need to  feel sexy.  You will have no need to keep your hair in one position. You will feel happy without all the props that are man made, created only to keep you so distracted that you have no time to even contemplate on the actual needs.  The need to be your real self.

You need to step out to look in

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With love always,

Dr. Vie
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