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Does the thought of being a better human fascinate you? If it does, then you are truly a special Being. Within your body, your brain is functioning at a different level from those around you.  Your thoughts are beginning to explore higher states of consciousness. Your mind is closer to your true Self. You, the SEE, are thrilled by the latent yet vibrant magnetism of nature. But are you alone in your quest to be a better human?

Searching To Be A Better Human 

How many others are there akin to you?

How many others also want to be the best human that they possibly can be in this lifetime?

If you are surrounded by others who also are striving to be the best human possible, then you are for sure blessed. But alas, for most people, they may be the solitary one who is seeking to strive for the highest form of consciousness, which is super consciousness.


Are You The Only One In Your Group Who Wants To Be A Better Human ?

If this is the case, what happens to the seeker ?

Moreover why are those around the seeker not also seeking to evolve to higher states of existence?

These are the questions that surface time and time again as I meet hundreds of thousands of humans as I continue my adventures around our great home, Planet Earth.


Why are so many not interested in being a Better Human ?

Strangely enough, there are no tangible rewards for people who are great humans…for instance those who do good for the sake of doing good, and not for the sake of ego, namesake, recognition, money, awards, or pats on the backs, are under the radar…they themselves do not seek recognition or grandeur.

But then why are so few people on the path to being better humans?  I answered this question indirectly in a recent Super Conscious Workshop to a group of women during the Easter weekend.


How can we be Better Humans?

That was the question posed to me by one of the attendees…her eyes denoted a yearning for a better life experience…to live a fulfilling life, to experience the wonder of truly being alive.

Then as I shared the five secret steps to being a better human…all the attendees looked at me as if to say:

But that is so simple. 

Simple To Understand, But Difficult to Practice

You see even though the steps are very simple…the audience in the room on Sunday were actually not practicing any of the steps. Why? For most people, they are unaware that their lifestyles and daily actions go against the power of humanity.

Why is it so difficult to put into practice the very best of oneself? The reality is that we have become slaves to social mores, social norms, group thinking, mass indoctrination into what people should think, say and do…what I have researched and discovered to be the Impostor Syndrome.


Impostor Mind or Your Real Mind ?

On the ride after the workshop, a fellow passenger had a barrage of questions about life, for me….”why” “how” “what” …as he tried to find quick answers and fixes to life’s ardent questions…right up to the moment that I left the vehicle…alas he did not attend the workshop…if he did he would have realized that…


Until we can truly be in control of our mind, and not allow our mind to be in control of us, or for others to be in control of our minds, we can never realize that we can be something better. That our role in life is to be a better human. It is like thinking that the Planet is flat and if we walk to the horizon we will fall off…so we never ever walk to the horizon…and we never ever realize that the Planet is not flat.

So we never want to be better humans.

We Live Our Lives  At A Mediocre Level, Just Doing The Bare Minimum

For some of us we are almost unconscious of reality and truth. We do not live our own lives.

Instead the people around us dictate what we should think, what we should say and how we should live each and every nanosecond of our life. We become trapped into the rituals and false lifestyles of being untrue to our very own Selves.


When Lies Become Our Mantras

Today most humans find it very easy to “lie” and some engage in it so automatically that there is not even a moment of hesitation in their words and actions. Even their friends, colleagues, lovers, family and loved ones cannot detect when they are being lied to…

Being untruthful has become the norm within families, friendships, relationships, business, some religious centers, spiritual followers and just about anywhere…we have mastered the art of being great Impostors. 

Super Conscious Workshop How To Be A Better Human
Super Conscious Workshop How To Be A Better Human

Is There Hope To Be A Better Human?

The same attendee who had become inspired during the Super Conscious Workshop continued to ask poignant Soul searching questions…by the way this is a sign of a true seeker.

“Is there hope for us?”

My reply assured her of hope and the way to transformation…the science behind my answer and how every human can become the best human possible in this lifetime.


Let Us Strive To Be Better Humans Even If We Stand Alone

For every seeker there will be 99 people who will rise up against him/her. We have witnessed hatred, gossip, rumours, hate mongers, jealousy, spite….and even violence, abuse and more…against people who have been striving to be the best human possible.


But let the negatives not derail us from our most vital role as humans in this lifetime…which is to be our true amazing Super Conscious Selves (SEE – in my guidebook Taming The Female Impostor). 

For when we live our lives as the SEE we feel at peace even when people try to bring us down, stand against us or try to hinder our path…you have the power of the Cosmos within you…24/7 100% free of charge…just for you…do reach in and access the best of yourself even if you live with people who have no clue about what you are seeking….even if they abuse you or bore holes in your path…for it is your life after all…

Dr. Vie SuperConscious Youth Program March 2016 South Africa
Dr. Vie free SuperConscious Youth Program March 2016 South Africa


Do you want to live life as your Real Self ?

The question is what do you want to experience in this lifetime…do you want to experience a life half full, so so, doing what everyone else is doing and competing for, believing that this is as good as it gets, living as the Impostor.

Or do you want to really dive into the very best of your Self, your true Super Conscious Self and be a better human and truly experience life to its fullest?

Dr. Vie motivates youth for free
Dr. Vie motivating youth for free in Africa


Contact me to join my live workshops around our home Planet Earth and start to tap into your higher Self and experience the best of your Self. Join me on livestreams... adult talks and events fund my youth program.

Today's Youth in Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Program
Today’s African Youth in Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Program

I have a free Super Conscious Humanity Youth Program  if you are below age 27…I have been personally funding this since 2004…and do not belong to any organization or group…


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