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Secrets to good health?

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How can you regain control over your health? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to cure yourself of diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, hypertension or depression? What are the key components to being successful in your body? Can it be done? Absolutely yes.

These days our modern world is beset with health crises. We have an abundance of food, drinks, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and countless pleasure producing products. Yet, ironically, we have more health problems including depression, weight gain,sleeplessness, fatigue and the list goes on.

In allopathic medicine – what you get from your regular physician and doctors, the

treatments for basic health issues is with a quick fix to either suppress the symptoms of

pain and discomfort or through surgery coupled with prescription drugs. The focus is on the

body and quite divorced from your environment and certainly nothing beyond.

In many cases a patient may be taking more than one drug due to multiple health

problems. Each health organ may be viewed separately from the rest of the body.

There in lies the problem. We as humans are made up of our body, mind and life energy. It

is our total make-up. Ancient teachings of the Vedas hold the key to over 5000 years of

knowledge, practice and perfection of the human nature. Vedic knowledge views the body and

mind as tools for the eternal spirit to live life according to its true nature. The cycle

of birth, death and rebirth continue until the spirit is able to reach a state of self

realization of its true self. Once this is accomplished, the cycle is broken.

Dr. Vie's triad for health & wellness

This may be difficult for westerners -outside of the East to comprehend. People become

comfortable with what they can see and are most uncomfortable with that which they cannot

see. However, sight is only one of our 5 senses of perception. We cannot see air yet we

know it exists. We cannot see ether yet we believe. We cannot see God or the power beyond

yet we believe. Why is that? The fear of death and what lurks beyond the unknown is a

driving force for billions of people around the world to believe in a power greater


That very power is alive and functioning within each of us everyday in everything that we

do. Our very senses are not 100% reliable, hence the saying “truth is what you make of it.”

For some people a visual stimulation may produce an auditory sensation. The power of the

mind can be viewed as angelic or satanic. If you are able to take control of your mind,

destroy the selfish nature of the ego and live life as your true self vs false self, then

you are maximimizing the tool of the mind. If however, you are ruled by a false identity

then you are being controlled by the impish mischievious ego of your mind.

The first step in establishing wellness be it to lose weight, improve sleep, get rid of

depression or cure diabetes etc. is to firstly gain control over your body. Your body is

like a puppy. It needs to be trained and taught.

Secondly, you need to regain control over your mind. If you do just these steps you will

benefit from enormous rewards of great health, happiness and joy.

As my book launch gets closer, I have been interviewing some of the well respected health

authorities of our time: Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Dr.

Daniel Amen (Unleash the power of the female brain,) and Lorna Vanderhaegue (Hormones and

womens health). You will have access to my intriguing interviews with them following the

launch of my book on women’s health.

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Lots of love and good wishes,


Dr. Vie



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