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Seminar Three Part One in the Dr. Vie Academy series of free workshops, introduces the final seminar on the Spirit. Learn about the fundamental Dharmas of the Vedas and how to tap into it. We explore why accomplishments and possessions are not enough to gain eternal freedom.

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Part 2 : Basic Yoga Asanas to stimulate Kundalini and prepare you for Yoga Meditation

Part 3: Basic Yoga Meditation

Part 4: Karma

Part 5: Tips for tapping into your Spirit

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  1. chris white

    I have been practicing regular meditation for several years but this is my first introduction to Dharma…my curiosity wants more. In reality, each of these seminars could be hours and hours long, and only then still only scratching the surface of such ancient knowledge. I am constantly evolving my meditation techniques, not only to calm my mind but more recently to connect to the spiritual universe that surrounds me. (perhaps an example of synchronicity ! )

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