How Long Can I Expect to Live? How can I plan to live a healthy happy life?  Training for Dr. Vie Exclusive Members only


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  1. chris white

    I am exactly half way through my life, if I live to an average age expectancy….not sure I like the “reality” check! However, I am certainly grateful I was born a Canadian as I know life expectancy is so much lower in most parts of the world.

    1. Doctor

      Chris, yes you are blessed for sure! Obesity is on the rise which affects the entire planet and age expectancy. More demand for food by those who overeat in developed nations, cause rise in prices of food around our planet – which impacts those who need it the most – in famine stricken lands. All the food that we overeat can feed half a billion people! The goal is to live a healthy life especially as we age while being fortunate to be part of developed nations – without splurging on the temptation of overeating!

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